Starting a wedding blog can be one of the most satisfying ways to enter the industry. Not only do you get to write about any facet of weddings that you want, but you can do so at your own pace, winning over amazing partners and clients along the way. And if this has been relatively new for you, then there are a few things you should consider. Check them out below:

Discover the Methodology to Great Content

If you’re going to be having a wedding blog, one of the first things you need to figure out is your methodology for developing great content. Not only is this one of the cheapest ways to start garnering leads, but also one of the most efficient. In fact, as noted by Search Engine People, content marketing costs 62 percent less than outbound marketing but generates three times as many leads. And for your wedding blog, numbers like that can be crucial to developing some success.

If you haven’t already, make a list of the different content you’re trying to promote. For example, you could write a piece talking about how to do a fitting for your bridesmaid dress with a professional tailor or choosing the best food for your budget with a caterer. Try to establish a system early that will document which posts receive the most traction and why. The sooner you can start tracking data, the better off you’ll be in reforming your content strategy, bringing on much better chances of future success.

Keep Your Content Consistent

While it’s the part about blogging a lot of us dread, working consistently is going to be a significant factor in whether or not you gain traction. As a big part of content marketing is the type of audience you can bring in from what you’re producing, being able to churn work out consistently is going to be key to developing an audience. However, while that might seem like a lot of time-consuming effort, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

A good suggestion here is to try and vary up your wedding content between different mediums. For example, if you have more talent as a photographer than as a writer, then do a visual showcase and keep the copy short. Another important aspect is how often you’re refreshing old content, which as noted by SnapApp, 55 percent of bloggers update their past articles, as it gives them fresh life. And although this all might be a little confusing at first, with enough practice, consistency will start coming in no time.

Make Social Media Your Best Friend

Social media is where the wedding industry thrives as both a primary research tool as well as a way for couples to connect with their guests. And while almost all of us have seen wedding photos on our social feeds (or even posted them ourselves), this is one aspect of the industry that you should look to capitalizing on early to maximize the growth of your audience. However, first, you need to learn which platforms are going to work best for your business.

While almost all of us have seen some social post on our feed about a wedding, knowing where to target your business can be difficult. For example, as noted by Pew Internet, with 35 percent of US adults currently on Instagram, choosing what type of messaging you’re going to provide to them as well as the specific key points you’re going to hit as well. As social is a practice that most of us are used to working with, using at a business should feel pretty intuitive, which as long as you stay consistent, will be a good route to go.

Start Implementing SEO

Finally, as one of the best digital marketing techniques out, SEO is a must for any wedding company to succeed. As noted by Search Engine Journal, 93 percent of online experiences begin with search, which is a primary place for your blog to start gaining some inbound traffic. And if SEO seems like a pretty technical strategy, it’s much more intuitive than you might think.

With SEO the goal is to maximize your efforts on keywords. For example, if your blog has a niche like “gothic weddings” or “southern weddings,” then implementing words from those communities that others would look up in planning their wedding will be clutch. Brainstorm a few qualifying words you’ve considered, as well as how they specifically fit what people are looking for in your business. Because as a process that involves a significant bit of patience, it will also serve you a huge base in the long-run.

What are you most excited about in starting your wedding business?

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