What to Write About on Your Travel Blog?

Do you run a travel blog but are at a loss of potential topics to write about? Maybe you’ve written about everything you think you can, from the best places to eat in different countries to sharing your personal adventures to tips on booking cheap flights and hotel rooms.

Fortunately, there are there no shortage of topics to write about on your travel blog even if you think you’ve covered them all.

If you’re still not sure about what more you can write about, here are four subjects you can write about on your travel blog:

Budgeting and Travel Expenses

Traveling isn’t exactly the cheapest endeavor to do in the world, and those with limited funds will especially be interested in knowing how to budget themselves appropriately for a trip.

Furthermore, you can open up about your own budgeting experiences and actually crunch the numbers on what you saved and spent on recent trips to different countries around the world. Many readers would likely be interested in knowing which specific countries and cities are cheaper to visit and which ones are more expensive.

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How To Transfer Money Internationally

Many people have very limited knowledge on the steps they need to take to transfer money internationally, and it’s arguably one of the most overlooked topics of traveling in general.

You can discuss the different options that are out there, from using money transfer services to credit cards to prepaid debit cards to bank wire transfers and so on, and the pros and cons of each one. You could even create an entire series of blog posts discussing each method in depth.

Advice(s) For First Time Travelers

Traveling for the first time is a very intimidating and sometimes scary experience, especially if you’re traveling all by yourself. Have you asked yourself what advice you would give to a first time traveler in that scenario?

Specifically, you can talk about the fears and concerns you had your first time traveling, the things you wish you had known, and answer some frequently asked questions that first time travelers often have.

Your Recommended Travel Apps

Travel apps are a traveler’s best friend. You can create multiple posts reviewing your favorite apps for choosing restaurants, editing photos, booking flights, and whatever other kind of travel apps are out there.

This is another subject that would be likely to appeal to a wide variety of people, because everyone who has a phone would most likely be interested in what travel apps they should download and use.

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Writing On Your Travel Blog

These are just four ideas for what you can write about on your travel blog, so don’t think that you’re only limited to the ideas that have been presented to you here. In the end, it’s your blog, and you and only you get to choose what you want to write about.