Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Travel agencies have always been a savior when it comes to planning your vacations in the finest possible manner. Their eminent troop of travel experts and notable experience in this field make them a favorite of millions.

Planning a trip on your own could turn out to be a hassle-filled and chaotic task if you aren't accompanied by proper guidance. Thus, every traveler needs assistance from the best travel agency.

These top 10 travel agencies in India have the ability to transform your harrowing travel plans into an easier one! 

If we see from a single aspect of solo traveling, we can think of planning it on our own. But, when it comes to planning a memorable vacation for your whole family, it can be a complicated affair. Thus, you should avoid preparing it on your own and instead take some help from the finest travel agency in India. Are you looking forward to getting your trip planned by someone who is extra-reliable and knowledgeable about the twists and turns of traveling?

If yes, then you can look at the list of top 10 travel agencies in India that we have showcased.

Read on further to learn more about each one of them:

Cox and Kings

cox and kings Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Cox and Kings is notably the oldest travel company in the world, and it was established in 1758. While being associated with Cox and Kings for planning out your vacation, you are going to get a plethora of options when it comes to itineraries. This travel is considered to be the best in India since it not only caters to personal travels but also professional tours. Whether you are an individual traveler or with your whole family and friends, it has the perfect travel plans for you.  



SOTC has been marking its notable existence in this highly competitive market for over 70 years. With its innovative travel plans and an aim to satisfy customers with its customized touring options, you will always be left awestruck.

SOTC gives flexibility to its customers for customizing and co-creating travel plans. Also, it always welcomes suggestions as well as feedback from esteemed customers so that they can attain a magical vacation. 

Thomas Cook

thomas cook

Thomas Cook has managed its position amongst the best travel agencies in India, especially because of its unique factor. This feature is none other than its foreign exchange facility.

Such a facility is not prevalent in the majority of travel companies in India. Also, do not forget about the affordable traveling options brought up by Thomas Cook that would not at all put pressure on your pockets. The team is most known for curating the list of itineraries as per the preferences of its customers. 

Club Mahindra Holidays

Screen Shot 2020 03 18 at 20.09.38

It is one of the most prominent travel agencies in India and is known exclusively for amazing family vacations. Club Mahindra has always intended to make time with your family worthy of being remembered for a lifetime.

Its hotels and resorts are continually expanding all across the country. Thus, none of the travelers associated with it have faced any shortcomings when it comes to getting facilitated with the accommodation. Irrespective of the destination that you want to visit, it always has the perfectly suitable accommodation for you. 

Kesari Tours

Screen Shot 2020 03 18 at 20.12.36

Kesari Tours is amongst those travel agencies which are acting as a sheath for plenty of group tours. These touring options are best suited for those globetrotters who are exploring in rather large groups. You are going to get quite confused while choosing the best sightseeing options under Kesari tours since they are innumerable. Also, it's highly noteworthy that the entire staff, tour guides, and customer support system of Kesari tours are top-notch.


Screen Shot 2020 03 18 at 20.11.52

While searching for the best travel agencies in India, Yatra has always been on the list. The most important and beneficial feature that you would enjoy while traveling with Yatra is that you'll save much! It's because Yatra is known to stay connected with many credit cards, and thus, it’s loaded with deals providing you huge savings while booking your travel packages. Well, these benefits are more prominent for frequent Yatra travelers. 


Screen Shot 2020 03 18 at 20.13.49

Are you stuck in the dilemma of last-minute traveling? If yes, then you don't have to worry since Expedia can serve as a great help for you! Expedia is majorly known for planning out the trips, which are thought of at the last moment. Whether it's a need for car rentals, elaborate trips, weekend getaways, or cottages, Expedia will serve your purpose efficiently. It is a renowned name in the market that hails with salient features worthy of being known and tried out. 


Screen Shot 2020 03 18 at 20.14.45

Time for you to enjoy a good number of traveling as well as booking benefits while planning out your tours with MakeMyTrip. Notably, MakeMyTrip is associated with a good number of banks, and so its frequent travelers are always facilitated with an array of booking benefits. If you want a combined package of travel and accommodation, then MakeMyTrip serves as the finest help. 


Screen Shot 2020 03 18 at 20.16.17

Goibibo is a perfect stoppage for anyone who wants to enjoy heavy rain of discounts as well offers all through the year. This travel agency is known to work on various packages, especially the international ones. Also, you would get the best accommodation facilities since it has been in talks with a chain of hotels lately! With its notable reputation in the market, you are always going to have the best vacation like nothing else.


Screen Shot 2020 03 18 at 20.17.52

Anyone who is extensively searching for a whole database of Indian hotels should wait no longer and communicate with Travelguru. It would provide the best plans and discounts when it comes to hotel bookings.

On having a look at the aforementioned 10 best travel agencies in India, you would have attained a fair idea about who to choose for your vacation plans! They hail with a specialty, and you would have to choose the best and most suited out of these.