Best Travel Bloggers in India

A huge chunk of the worldwide population dreams of ditching everything to travel! But how many out of these are able to make their career in the field of touring? It takes a lot of determination and a notable will to travel with no limits and restrictions. Highly prominent travel bloggers have always inspired the majority of the people who dream of traveling. These social-media-savvy travelers have entailed everyone about the art of journeying into the unknown! These travel bloggers are continually indulged in traveling, and it's because they have always been happy to do that. 

Top Travel Bloggers in India

Are you searching for some motivation so that you get guts to travel all across the world with no fear? If yes, then then you need to give a glance at the list of top travel bloggers in India that we have showcased just for you. We have not listed them according to any rank from the best to the least! Each one of these wanderers is amazing, and thus, you can follow any out of them. 

Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath is one of the most renowned & one of the best travel bloggers in India, and thus, if you need some travel inspiration, then she has to be the one! Her journey commenced as a media professional, and as time passed by, she passed on her liking to being a traveler, photographer, and travel writer. She is known for actively sharing her travel experiences through her highly engaging blog named as A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker. 

Neelima Vallangi

If you are extensively searching out for a brilliant travel photographer, feel free to count on the best wanderer, Neelima Vallangi. She is undoubtedly the epitome of a true traveler. Her Instagram profile is just flooded with some refreshing images from her recent journeys! Scrolling down through her social media profiles will bring a wide smile to your face and give you the best day.

Archana Singh

Archana has got the finest knack for storytelling as well as photography. Her photography skills would truly leave you awestruck. She has been felicitated with many accreditations and awards for her perfection in travel speaking and writing.  Readout her travel experiences via her amazing blog Travel See Write. The way she writes would make you feel like she is directly communicating to you, entailing her travelogues!

Shivya Nath 

Shivya Nath is continually setting the perfect example for every travel buff out there! She loves to be a part of the nomadic life. You can even get to know about that from her Instagram bio that entails, 'with a home nowhere; I belong everywhere.' Her captivating travel stories would make your eyes go wide open, and heart skip a beat! She runs a travel blog, namely The Shooting Star that grabs the attention of every budding traveler. 

Mridula Dwivedi 

'A face with an evergreen sweet smile,' that's what explains Mridula in the best way! She is an Indian travel writer who always hails from an array of interesting tales about her tours. Her career started with her job as a professor, but later on, her travel instinct made her quit that and wander the whole world. So far, she has been to 18 countries, including India. You can know more about what all she has to share about traveling via her blog Travel Tales from India & Abroad

Ajay Sood

Ajay Sood is one of those rare Indians who has got the guts to transform his passion for travel photography into a passion. The list of the ‘Top travel bloggers in India’ goes unfulfilled if it doesn’t have Ajay Sood present in it. While having a look at his Instagram feed, you are going to witness a plethora of incredible landscapes, architectures, streets, and people. It’s quite notable that he has till now traveled and explored every bit of the majority of the continents. You can follow his wonderful blog, Travelure, for more updates about what he is up to! 

Venkat Ganesh 

Aren’t you just bored of the monotonous journeys via buses, trains, and flights? If you are now thinking of a change in the way you travel, you should follow Venkat Ganesh. He is going to tell you about the best ways to measure every corner of this world. Venkat believes road trips on a bike and his blog will leave you amazed. He started marking his existence amongst other travel bloggers out there through his solo bike trip in 2011. His blog India Backpack Motorbike would help you out in learning more about his travel experiences on a bike. 

Abhinav Singh

So far, Abhinav Singh has traveled to more than 200 destinations and that too in just a tenure of 10 years. He had a corporate job, but due to his extensive traveling, he got fired! Since then, he has started traveling since it has always made him feel satisfied and happy in no time. It's quite noteworthy that Abhinav Singh has once been a victim of anxiety and depression, but he was able to overcome it by traveling. Follow his ‘asoulwindow’ blog and Instagram profile if you want to know more about his travel tales. 

Indrani Ghose

You cannot consider Indrani Ghose as an ordinary traveler, because she has got that vibe and extraordinary spark in her for traveling! She is funny and courageous, and thus, her travel stories would keep you engaged no matter what. Indrani served as an Indian Air Force employee for many years, and she is now traveling the world. She has covered over 21 countries and more than 250 cities accompanied by road trips across Europe.

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Siddhartha Joshi 

While reading out the travel diaries brought to you by Siddhartha Joshi, you are going to notice something different in it! It's because he rather explains every important experience associated with his journeys in a detailed manner. He commenced his blog simply with the intention of penning down her traveling encounters, but it became a huge hit! He writes in his majorly prominent blog ‘the Wanderer', and presently, it has thousands of followers.


If you really want some travel inspiration, feel free to follow the blogs of the aforementioned top travel bloggers in India. They would fill your mind with a refreshing aura and give a smile on your face with their amazing travel stories and photographs.

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