10 Best Places for Students to Visit during Summer Vacation in India

The unforgettable college days, these days are the best time for you to travel. Nowadays, it is not tough to travel anywhere you just have to make a plan. In college days many plans are pending for so wrong. Traveling to different parts of the country, seeing new things and meeting new people can go a long way in shaping your life and making you an adult.

Here are the best places for students to visit during summer vacation in India:

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Manali is at the top of our list and considered to be one of the best places for students to visit during summer vacation. Ease of access, picturesque mountains, awesome friends, and a Bollywood film as to your reference point. This destination is already a darling for the college group. The one who loves paragliding, rappelling and a visit to the Great Himalayan National Park and you just wouldn’t want to trip to end. Manali is the best destination to head up for your summer vacation. The most adventurous and interesting things can be a part of this summer vacation.

Trip to Leh

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The ride is not only for boys nowadays but for girls to enjoy it. The group of girls and boys makes this trip to Leh more interesting. It can be a memorable trip. You can enjoy the ride by renting Royal Enfields and get ready for the endurance skill to test something new. Yeah! If you’re going on a trip and you have not tried anything then that trip won’t be interesting. Make sure to fulfill your wishes. Brave streams of ice-cold water, glacial melts, and snow-capped mountains are just love. This can make your trip memorable.

The Heart of Ladakh

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Ladakh is the most mesmerizing place in India to visit. Make sure to go at least once. The cotton candy clouds and Pangong Lake over you and unblemished water at your feet. The Yak Safari is there to navigate your gang through the glacial valleys. Ladakh seems to be the best place during summer vacation.

City of Dreams, Mumbai

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As a Kid, I want to go to the city of dreams, and catching a glimpse is always what I wanted. You need to experience life on the fast lane first-hand. A day in Mumbai with a gang can make your experience more interesting. Beaches, Churches, Local Market and some of the best adventurous place that can make your day. The city of dreams will make your experience with life how fast it goes.

Skiing in Auli

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Skiing in the Himalayan mountain of Auli, Uttarakhand is a dream, and everyone loves to catch up when you talk about Auli. The place is surrounded by the magnificent Oak forests and enthralling views of the places like Mana Parbat and Neelkanth. Auli in India is considered to be the best place to visit. 

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If you are fond of mystical places then Jaipur is the place for you. The royal garden and dishes can be a special part of your vacation. Gorge on delectable local cuisine in Chokhi Dhani and make elephants your royal ride. The Jaipur Literary Fest is a must to attend if you are college students. The place in Jaipur is amazing you’ll love the traditional culture and folk style.

Mumbai-to-Goa Road Trip

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Dil Chahta Hai has always been a favorite movie to watch. Rent bikes and hit the highway together heading to Goa. The lovely environment and surroundings to move from bustling Mumbai with your friends are all you need. You can enjoy the amazing photography and nariyal pani of course if the weather gets humid.

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Canceled already the plan for Goa? Well, we all do at least once, why Goa is considered to be the best destination nobody has to tell. Goa is a dream destination for everyone. Add to all evil intentions, the Sunburn Festival and a trek to Dudhsagar waterfalls will make your summer vacation unforgettable.

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No doubt! Rishikesh is the most adventurous place to go with friends. Call up any adventure sports operators in Rishikesh there are many. Team up and make the reservation for the raft and tent on the riverside. Keep your favorite things with you and you won’t need anything else.

Bandipur Forests

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If your group has a wild streak, let it take over. Bandipur is located at the foothills of Nilgiris and expects to run into endangered Asiatic wild elephants, jungle monkeys and even the wild cats along your way. Make sure to follow the rules of jungles otherwise you might face some problems.

College life is the best life for gaining experience and traveling somewhere you always wanted to be. Traveling is the most beautiful experience and you can though learn many things along with the way. You will see new places, realize new things and makes your friendship last forever. The trips and treks make to more experienced person. You will definitely see some change in you. So stop planning just start exploring. You will never have so much time again. College life gives you the best experience and even the worst. So make sure to make it best without wasting much time on unnecessary things. 

What have you decided? Where are you travelling with your friends this summer vacation?