What’s Serprobot and is it worth?

Many tools can help you look for the site’s search engine ranking positions. One of such tools that most of you might not be aware of is Serprobot.

What is Serprobot?

Serprobot as the name suggests is a Google SERP checker. It is a good tool that works even better for the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Many things make Serprobot stand out from other tools including astounding reviews from its premium users.

Is Serprobot free?

Serprobot is basically a free Google SERP checker. Plus, it offers various paid options starting with a 14-day free trial. It is just to make sure that you are satisfied afterward, you might not have seen the cheapest option that it offers you.

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Features that Serprobot Offers

 You can check the list below to know what exactly the tools offer:

  1. Google Ranking Checker 
  2. Real-time Results
  3. Paid SERP Checker
  4. Organic SERP Checker
  5. Contextual SERP Checker
  6. Multi-keyword Support

Organic SERP Ranking

Serprobot has multiple factors to be able to generate the most accurate results. These factors include but are not limited to the number of searches you are doing like keywords, original body content, etc.

Paid SERP Ranking

These are the paid once that is paid by the site owners and provides the easy way to jump the natural selection process that has become more prominent to the searcher. There are certain changes for every click that the advertiser receives and the site willing to pay the most as per the clicks will be ranked higher in position.

Contextual SERP Ranking

This is generated by the context that the keywords provide that comes in many forms like maps, for a local search, hotel reviews for booking queries, any type queries related to the business.

How to use Serprobot?

Here are a few steps for using the Serprobot:

  1. Go to https://www.serprobot.com/
  2. Click on Free SERP Check
  3. You will have to choose your region
  4. Enter the blog URL without HTTP
  5. Target the keywords that you want to see ranked on Google
  6. Click on verification, i.e., “I am not a robot”.
  7. Click on Check SERP now.

The tool will scan up to Google’s top 10 pages to find out if you’re there or not. Many trackers just check 3 pages but this tool will check up to 10 pages. 

Serprobot Pricing

Serprobot Pricing is based on the per bot structure. The rates start from $9.99 per bot, per month or $59.88 per bot, per year. The bot here can do 300 searches a day. Users have a right to purchase up to 10 SERP bots per billing period.

MonthlyStarts from $9.99/bot/per month
YearlyStarts from $59.88/bot/per year

There are various other occasions when Seprobot offers a discounted price. Interested users can check the website regularly for regular updates on pricing.

Can users cancel their subscription at any time?

The subscription plans whether monthly or yearly. Serprobot users can opt to cancel at any time. The program will continue until your subscription gets over. If in case you opt out earlier before the expiration then no refunds will be given.

Serprobot is an advanced analytics tool that allows you to get a detailed graphical report on keywords that you are using. This tool manages and monitors organic, paid, and contextual SERPs. This tool works amazingly with major three elements i.e., region menu, domain field, and keyword fields. This application doesn’t require an account if you’re using it for free. However, a paid account would be useful since it grants unlimited keywords, SERP history data, automatic reports, etc. 

Therefore, if you’re going with SERPROBOT then it would be a smart choice for your blog. Make sure that you go with the paid account where you can search for unlimited keywords.

Gaurav Tiwari

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