How to register as an LLC in India?

An LLC in India is registered following certain norms that are listed under certain laws of the Limited Liability Partnership Act (2008), with assistance from the Companies Act (1956) and LLC rules of 2009.

In order to cook any good dish you have to gather the proper ingredients. To register as an LLC in India, you have to know and gather the proper ingredients that you would be requiring throughout the process.

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There are mainly two steps involved with multiple substeps:

Register as an LLP first

Before registering as an LLC you have to register as an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) for which the two partners (at least) indulging in partnership, should be residents of India.

Documents Required for LLP

Certain Documents of Partners that you would be needing for registering as an LLP in India are :

  • PAN Card/ID proof of both partners
  • Address proof 
  • Two Photographs
  • Passport (for NRIs)
  • Residence proof 
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Documents must be self-attested

Steps for registering as an LLP in India

The steps involved in the registration are as an LLP are:

  • There should be two partners both having DSC and DPIN
  • They will first submit Form-7
  • In the third step, they are required to file an application for the compliance of the preferred names of the firm with Form-1 meeting the norms of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • All the requisite details regarding the firm, office, etc. are then lodged through Form-2, Form-3, and Form-4.

As soon as they are done with the procedure and it meets the rules and regulations required for the incorporation of LLP, they will be granted a Certificate of an LLP Incorporation and recognized as partners.

Register as an LLC in India

Now the next step is to get a license as an LLC. The steps involved are:

Incorporation of the company

Here is mentioned a series of protocols that you are required to follow for the incorporation of the company:

Digital Signature (DSC)

It is the most important step in the process of incorporation of the company; the digital signature of the director of the company is a crucial step in order to get the company’s name or the details regarding your company authorized. Here you can face any of the two situations  while going through this step :

A. Director Physically Present in India
  • Apply for DSC
  • DIN form with photographs attested by a Chartered Accountant (CA)
  •  ID proof with all the necessary details of the person showing DOB, father's name, etc
  • In case the father’s name is not listed some other documents of the father can also work like the DL, DOB certificate, etc.
  • Address proof attested by the CA
  • An affidavit confirming the presence of the director in India.
  • A photostat of the passport showing the arrival date 
B. Director Physically Not Present in India
  • DSC application
  • DIN form with passport size photograph attested by a Notary Public from the country where the director is residing.
  • Residence proof attested by The Notary Public for the director’s present country.
  • Address proof from the Director’s present country.

Director Identification Number (DIN)

For the creation of provisional DIN, the following mentioned requirements have to be completed:

  • Name as listed on the passport 
  • Father's name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address proof with PIN 
  • Mobile number
  • Nationality
  • ID proof

Regularization of Provisional Pin

The DIN is approved depending on whether the director is physically present in India or not requires the same documents as listed above under the heading DSC. The only difference in the authorization when the director is physically present lies in the fact that the documents or the affidavits that are submitted are duly attested by the CA if present in India and if not present in India, it is attested by the Notary Public of the Country in which the director is presently residing.

Registration of Documents Required for LLC

The following are must-know requirements that are required for the formation of the company

  • Authorized DIN
  • Address proof of the office listing all the mandatory fields like the PIN 
  • Preferred necessities of the company
  • Photographs of both directors that have filed for LLP
  • The payable amount as the fee as a part of the process of registration of the company with all the necessary details like listing the share capital of the company
  • Association article
  • The necessary affidavits from the Government after paying the fees 
  • DSC

Meeting all the needs that are listed above your company’s name would be ready for approval and you won’t face any hindrance in the process if the above things are kept in mind. Once everything goes smoothly, you will be required to complete the following extra documents:

  1. Authorized affidavits and declarations
  2. Office Address proof
  3. Subscriber sheet 
  4. Incorporation Article 

Once you have all been through these necessities, you are ready to go with an LLC license!

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