How to Get Better Energy Deals by Comparing Energy Tariffs?

Many households use energy for various applications, including cooking, audiovisuals, room temperature control, lighting, and the rest. As a result of individual needs, the rate of energy consumption in a home may differ from that of another. The amount of money you spend on energy bills depends on the amount of energy you consume and your tariff.

Nightstand with electric devices on it
Nightstand with electric devices on it

For this reason, many households seek amazing energy deals that meet their needs. By comparing energy prices and switching providers, you can save up to £200. However, this is relative to the amount of energy you use via your appliances and the tariff: standard variable tariff, fixed rate tariff, or prepaid tariff.

Can I Switch From A Prepayment Meter To A Standard Meter?

A standard meter offers better energy tariffs than a prepayment meter. Homeowners get the latter due to accrued debts from previous energy plans or problems with credit ratings. In these cases, it becomes difficult to switch to a standard meter, unless these debts are being cleared and credit ratings improved.

How Can I Compare Energy Tariffs?

Many tenants and homeowners are reluctant to switch energy providers as they believe the process is complicated - one not worth the time and effort. Contrary to these thoughts, you can easily compare energy prices and change your energy provider in a matter of minutes; although, the final process is completed by your new energy provider within 21 days. So, how does this work?

How to Better Energy Deals by Comparing Energy Tariffs?

To start with, you need to visit an energy comparison site,, to find out the energy tariff that suits your needs best. Upon commencing the process, you will be required to input your postal code, name of current energy provider, rate of consumption, and tariff. With these details, the energy consultant will furnish you with a comprehensive list of energy suppliers in your area, and their individual tariffs.

Once this stage is completed, your new energy company will notify you and your current energy provider of the switch, after which, your present provider will send you the last energy bill before the switch is completed.

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You will also be given a cooling period of 14 days to change your mind, should you decide not to continue with the process anymore.

Do I need to get my electricity and gas from a single energy provider?

Most households prefer the dual fuel tariff as it is more convenient to have an energy company handle all your utilities. A dual fuel tariff entails a household purchasing energy and gas from the same energy company. Some companies offer discounts for customers on this tariff. However, this doesn’t guarantee you a consistent cheap energy bill as it is depending on how you consume energy. You can compare individual energy utilities with dual fuel tariffs to find out which one works better for your needs.

Which Energy Supplier Offers The Cheapest Tariff?

There is no definite answer to this question, as there are several factors that determine your tariff. The amount of money you spend on energy depends on your residential location and energy consumption rate.