The world of business has always been ruthless and cutthroat but has taken on a new edge of hyper-competitiveness among businesses and ever-increasing expectations from customers in recent times. Any business which wants to rise to the top of the pack in such circumstances needs to understand the importance of customer feedback. The fact that your customers, the source of your revenue and therefore your lifeblood, can so easily provide you with detailed feedback about your business and your performance as an individual, is a powerful tool for businesses, but one that is overlooked all too often.

While customer feedback is a very powerful tool, like all tools, it can only be used to its full effectiveness when it is being used properly. For businesses who are willing to put in the time and effort to properly collect and analyze data from customer feedback, they will find that that data offers them perhaps their best chance at increasing customer satisfaction.

Collecting Feedback

Many businesses ask their customers for feedback at some point. Whether it is in the form of product reviews, surveys conducted in store, or data gathered from outside agencies who specialize in collecting customer feedback, it can often feel like every entity that we do business with is begging us for feedback. However, despite the massive volume of feedback that is being handed over to businesses from their customers, if that data hasn’t been collected in the right way then it is as good as useless to the business in question.

Savvy businesses will combine the feedback that they ask customers for with objective data points that are immune from the usual biases (mainly the Hawthorne effect) that exist when asking customers for their feedback. Customers who are asked for feedback, and perhaps even offered an incentive, may not be answering the same way they would if they didn’t know that their answers would be relayed to the business.

In order to be effective, feedback should be collected passively and without the customer’s knowledge. Obviously, if you intend to collect personally identifiable information, you must inform the customer.

Analyzing Feedback

The most effective way of ensuring that customer feedback is collected and used to its fullest extent is to hire a customer service manager. A customer service manager will be trained in all aspects of managing customer relations, so having one individual who is qualified to do this is more effective than having a whole department who doesn’t know what they’re doing. See this website for more information on customer service managers and how to look after them.

Implementing Feedback

Implementing the lessons that you learn from customer feedback is a specialized skill in and of itself. You might think that feedback will make it obvious what needs to be done to improve your business’s performance, but it actually requires some careful consideration. This is another reason why hiring a qualified customer service manager is a worthwhile investment for any business.

Customer feedback is a vital tool for any business. After all, it is your customers that put money into your business and are responsible for keeping you afloat. Understanding what they do and don’t like about your business will allow you to tailor your approach in order to maximize profits.


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