We live in an increasingly digital world and you could argue that we spend more time online than ever before. Almost every activity can now be completed online (to a certain extent) but the internet can also be a highly volatile and dangerous place if not used correctly. With cybercrime at an all-time high there is a greater need than ever before to be able to verify someone’s identity so how exactly can technology help us achieve this?

Understanding Anti-Fraud Compliance

Cybercrime is no laughing matter and every day valuable data and millions of pounds are stolen by hackers from various innocent parties across the globe. Now more than ever it is essential that you are able to comply with anti-fraud legislation and this can include complying with AML and KYC regulations. Another factor may be the need for your business to verify the age of your customers or website viewers if you’re selling age-restricted content or goods.

Luckily, there are technologies available that can help you keep up to date with the all of the relevant laws with companies such as Cognito being able to offer technology to help you remain compliant and verify the identity of your customers. Being able to use cutting-edge tech to verify those would are visiting your business is an essential way to save money on various resources. These technologies can be used for the sign-up process of a website.

Identity Verification to Combat Money Laundering

More and more businesses are now being required to not only identify their customers but also verify them as well and this could be attributed to a number of factors. If your business involves finances or larger sums of money then there is the topic of money laundering. Banks, online gambling companies and financial service companies need to ensure that they are doing everything to combat money laundering and verifying who is using the service or product is essential.

Anti-money laundering protocols are now part of the law and every business needs to do their part to adhere to this legislation. Using sophisticated online tools will allow a company or business to not only identify their customer but also verify them effectively. This means that you can adhere to anti-money laundering regulations and also complete the KYC process (Know Your Customer). This will also allow you to protect your assets as well.

The Tech Does all the Hard Work!

We live in a miraculous age where a simple app or piece of software can easily do all the hard work for your business. This saves time and money – something that every business strives to achieve! As you can see, we’ve managed to highlight some of the points on why identity and verification technology is so important for a business or organization. There can be heavy fines for those that fail to deliver so do not risk it and be sure to identify and verify your customers. It’s the law!


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