As writers, we all write thousands of words each day. Creating latest and unique content is what makes us the best in our industries. In this rush to be better each day we tend to miss out on the basics of content creation. Ever wondered what happens to the blog that you wrote a year ago? Have you wondered how it can contribute to traffic generation? Not all the topics that you cover go out of trend with time. They are supposed to make sense to a reader no matter at when he/she reads it. That is what makes your content evergreen and gains you reader loyalty. This is what makes it one of the most efficient internet marketing strategies we should be keeping in our minds as bloggers.

It is wise to rework on an old content instead of having 2 similar looking topics on your website.

Updating your old content is actually a very time and cost efficient way of generating traffic to your website. Your old content is a lot like a yesteryear version of yourself. Similarly, the old blogs need to be updated with the recent trends or related topics for readers to be interested in them. While the basics or the foundations of the blog remain the same to maintain authenticity, newer elements are added to create value. The trick here is to taking help of a synchronized content calendar and making the best of your content available to your readers.

Which old blogs to refurbish?

You know your readers the best and understand what appeals them the most. Use your skills well before deciding blogs to work on.You are smart enough to understand why it is important to do selective work. It will save you time and a lot of effort. All the blogs that you have written in the past are not of the same quality. While some of them have ranked really well on search engines some have the least reader interaction. It is wise to consider points like sharability and virality while considering blogs to refurbish. This shows that your readers were interested in the topic. There is absolutely no reason to work and refurbish a topic that your readers didn’t like in the past.

How to refurbish your old blogs to gain more traffic?

Look into your best performing posts in the past

While doing this consider points like:

  • Inbound links gives a clear idea about the search authority.
  • See which old blogs are still getting you better traffic than the others.
  • Note which old blogs were shared on social media platforms the most.
  • Check if you have any keywords that rank high for search. See if you can use this opportunity to rank them even higher with the use of an old blog.
  • Modify your old blog and insert points that hold relevance to the present reader demand.

See if there’s a topic that you want to cover presently with all the latest updates of features and all. It is wise to rework on an old content instead of having 2 similar looking topics on your website.

Make use of the updated Graphics to make it for visually appealing to your readers.

Graphics make your content look fresh. Using the right templates make the content more readable for the reader. There are chances that the images you used in the past are no longer in sync with your present posts. Make use of this opportunity to give your reader a much richer experience.

Pay attention to your Writing style and length of the blog.

This is a golden opportunity to work on your writing style if you have changed it since you started. As writers, we evolve with time and experience. There are excellent new blogging styles that you can try. There could be new things that you have learned about and your readers could use that extra information. Make use of this opportunity to make your old blogs more meaningful for your readers. Longer and heavier blog posts are what makes google fall in love with you.

Make it social media friendly.

You might have missed social media platforms when you first wrote your blogs. There are many updated and newer features that make social media even more useful today. Keep in mind the latest features like image specifications and latest plugins in the market. Make it possible for your readers to share your post on social media platforms.

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Things have changed with time. The links that you had included in your blog posts in the past might not be functional and lead to nowhere. This could be very frustrating for the reader, so remove them from your old blogs. You should wisely add links to your newer content that will add value to the old content.

Change is the only constant in life. Everything needs to be changed with time, for its own good. Be it your old blogs or your old wardrobe. You should keep learning permanently in life to be updated with changing times.

Tell us what strategies you used to refurbish your old blogs, in the comment section.


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