Today, Twitter has become one of the most effective tools for businesses and marketers. It can help you reach out to new customers, boost engagement, generate leads, build brand awareness and drive conversions for your company. However, you wouldn’t stand to experience all these benefits, if you don’t have followers.Remember, having a long list of followers on Twitter is going to do nothing more than creating a loud noise in an ever louder marketplace. It’s about effectively communicating your brand message and driving more customers through your doors. But getting a long list of followers on Twitter is easier said than done. So, how will you increase your Twitter followers? Simply skim through this article to find top 10 best tips to increase your Twitter followers.

Follow People to Get followed

Follow more people on Twitter. Try maintaining a healthy balance between the number of followers and the people you’re following. In addition, be an active participant in Twitter chats. It’s a great way to connect with customers and prospects. Follow people you meet in chat and ask them to follow you back.

Ensure Professional Twitter Profile

A well-thought Twitter page design is one of the best ways to summon apt attention and interest from Twitteratis. In addition, do well to make sure that your Twitter bio looks professional and is optimized with relevant keywords. Focus on local keywords in your Twitter bio to target the local users.

It is important to use relevant links in your tweets as Tweets with links are retweeted more than those without links. The more you’re retweeted, the more visibility you’ll get and the more visibility you’ll get, the more you’ll be able to attract followers.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags to your advantage. Tweets with hashtags get 2 times more engagement. So use relevant hashtags to lure in Twitteratis searching for those keywords.

Request for Retweets

Remember, the rule of Twitter. You don’t get it till you ask for it. So, it makes sense to request for retweets. Remember, tweets with “request for retweets” in their text stand to get 4 times more retweets. But no one will retweet your posts, if you don’t retweet. So, be a generous retweeter. Remember, the more you’ll retweet, the more your tweets will stand the chances of getting retweeted. And this will help you get visibility and attract more followers too.

Use Relevant Images

One thing that increases the visual appeal of your tweets is images. So, make sure of using relevant images with your profile photo. Logos remain the common choice for profile photos, but you may select any photo that best conveys your brand personality. Tweets with images get 18% more engagement than tweets without images. So do well to use images with your tweets. But remember to use images that appeal to the emotions of your existing and potential followers.

Cross Promote Your Twitter Account

Yet another brilliant way to attract more followers is to cross promote your Twitter account on your business cards, brochures, website and blogs. Don’t forget to ensure a follow button on your website and blog. This will help you get your Twitter account maximum visibility and drive your website visitors to your Twitter account helping you get more followers.

Respond Publicly & Offer Discounts

The golden rule to increase your followers on Twitter is to respond to queries, mentions or tweets in a timely fashion. If you believe that your response may prove useful for others too, then go ahead and respond publicly, instead of sending a direct message. It is also important to regularly offer promotions and discounts in order to attract new followers.

Listen to Conversations

If you’re serious to increase your Twitter followers, it’s important to find out what Twitter users are talking about your business, brand, or industry. So, do well to relevant conversations and actively respond wherever needed.

Retweet Influencers

Find thought leaders and industry experts with high following counts who regularly publish answers to your audience’s problems on Twitter and retweet them. Eventually, they will notice you and follow you. Then, form a relationship with them and eventually request them to retweet your content to reach many more new followers.

mutual follow

So if you’re looking forward to add a batch of happy followers on Twitter, now’s your chance. Follow these easy tips to get the most clicks, retweets and followers. It’s never too late to get your Twitter presence and following back on track. Is any there any important tip that can help increase Twitter followers? Do let us know in the comments below.


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