10 Best Hashtag Analytics Tools to Powerup Your Social Media

The use of hashtags and hashtag analytics tools has grown quite a lot across various social media platforms over the past few years. Influencers or small to large-scale brands create custom #hashtags for specific campaigns and marketing, making it easier to keep all related posts and topics grouped in one place.

Why Hashtag Analytics Tools?

Hashtags are particularly very important on the social media platforms - Instagram and Twitter, as it provides a straightforward way to group similar content in a specific place.

The hashtags are also great as they help you reach new and relevant audiences. With the appropriate hashtags, one can cater to the right audience on these platforms, thus making your schedule known to interested people.

So, You can use hashtag analytics Tools to make sure that you use the best hashtags and come across only content of your choice. These tools help you to discover popular and relevant hashtags and, in turn, relevant content too.

They can also display the popularity of specific hashtags over time and suggest hashtags accordingly.

Best Hashtag Analytics Tools in 2024

Although unfortunately, most of the best hashtag analytics tools are not entirely free, most do have limited access to features for free. But paid ones are worth the price, only if you choose a good hashtag analytics tool.

Here we will discuss the top 10 hashtag analytics tools in 2024.


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Keyhole is one of the best tools to help you analyze your social media platforms. It can be considered an all-in-one solution, which may be why it is the best tool available. It allows you to completely track all of your company’s campaigns’ and provide high reach and impact in real-time. You can also monitor the brand relevant to the industry you are working in to see what your competitors are up to.

With keyhole, you also get consumer insights like demographics and sentiment, and you will also get notified about both the positive and negative aspects of your brand. It allows you to see the areas where you can improve. It also helps you to keep track of all of the latest trends.

Keyhole Pricing starts at $79 per month. Overall, the tools let you do almost everything with the least effort. It is very easy to use and is highly efficient.


Hashtagify is not only an analytics tool but is also a hashtag tracking tool. You can use this tool to find relevant hashtags for your photos, reels and videos. It helps you find the best possible hashtags for your posts to reach the appropriate audience.

You can also measure the performance of the hashtags you use with it. It has options to find important hashtags for Instagram and Twitter separately. It comes as a huge advantage as hashtags for both platforms vary a lot from time to time.

Hastagify also provides you with automatic CSV downloads of your hashtag performance results along with the feature to get customized reports. Hashtagify starting kit is priced at $29 per month.


AgoraPulse is a social media presence manager, but you can also use it to track your social media performance. Thus, it can also be used as a hashtag analytics tool.

Another great feature of AgoraPulse is that it shows its users all the conversations connected to your profile and pages on various social media platforms in a single dashboard. It makes it easy for the users to keep track of everything all in one place. Thus, it becomes very easy for you to follow or react to every comment and Mention.

Additionally, It gives you a detailed list of the number of times your content has been shared, along with its statistics like reach and interaction. Along with all this, it will also help you find the influencers that would be best suited for your brand. AgoraPulse starting kit is priced at $79 per month.

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Brand24 is yet another great social media monitoring and tracking tool that lets you track and analyze all the activities related to your profile. It helps you keep track of mentions of your dedicated hashtags throughout various websites, blogs and forums. It is both a hashtag tracking tool and a hashtag analytics tool.

Brand24 also helps you find top influencers and determine your social media reach. You can also count the number of tweets/posts for a specific hashtag. Thus you can easily figure out a hashtag’s popularity and performance.

Brand24 is a good tool overall, and it comes with a 14 day free trial with paid plans starting at just $49 per month.


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RiteTag lets you see real-time hashtag suggestions. With this tool, you can get hashtag suggestions for all your photos, videos and reels based on real-time hashtag analytics. Additionally, it provides separate suggestions for both text and images.

RiteTag can also be used to make dedicated groups of hashtags that can be used together (i.e., hashtags which have similar demographic targets on a similar topic/brand) and can be added directly to any post or reel. This tool can also be integrated with any other social media marketing tool that you already use, and you can use it from any similar platform. RiteTag plans start at just $49 per month.


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SproutSocial is a highly popular social media management tool. It promises to help refine communication among businesses to offer better solutions. It is one of the popular tools as it provides a better connection with audiences and streamlines workflows.

SproutSocial also lets you collaborate in real-time and turn social data into meaningful insights which you can monitor later. It works mainly with data and intelligence and employee advocacy. The service might be a bit pricey, starting at $99 per month, but the quality of service justifies the price.

Display Purposes

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Foremost, Display Purposes is a free tool. Thus, it does not provide the same facilities as a hashtag tracking tool that may analyze your social media statistics and campaigns and, in turn, provides its users with extensive reports on the effect of specific hashtags used by them. Being a free tool, its functionalities are limited, but it will surely help you find the best hashtags for your photos, videos and reels free of cost. This tool is very easy to use, and it provides excellent results. It filters out all the unnecessary and generic hashtags and provides you with only the best ones that give your post a great chance to discover newer audiences.


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Socialert is primarily a hashtag tracking tool, but it also does a pretty good job as a hashtag analytics tool. It helps you find relevant hashtags that would suit your posts the best. You can also see the stats and performance of any particular hashtag for yourself. 

Along with these features, it also has a competitor analysis function that lets you track hashtags and keywords that your competitors are using. This way, you get to monitor the competitors closely and, in turn, benefit from them.

Overall, it helps you target your post to the audience interested in similar stuff, thus skyrocketing your profile’s engagement. You can subscribe to their plans starting at $24.95 per month only.


Mention is a great tool to track your business competitors across social media platforms.

One advantage of using Mention is that it collects data and information in over 40 different languages and uses that data to create segmented and easily accessible reports. It also monitors mentions and hashtags across multiple social media platforms and lets you track users and all of their activities. This feature is beneficial as it allows you to find potential accounts that might help you widen your audience.

Mention pricing plans start at $49 per month.


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Talkwalker is an excellent consumer marketing and branding tool that lets users inspect and analyze their performance on multiple social media platforms. It scans websites in real-time and keeps track of trends to use that information later to optimize performance.

Like Mention, Talkwalker has a considerable advantage, as it also uses 185 languages to collect data. Thus, its sample data is well distributed across the globe. It also has a text and image recognition feature that allows users to get brief insights based on the position of their logo across social media platforms.

Talkwalker pricing starts at a hefty $9000 per year and but it is a highly effective tool. Results are guaranteed with it. (They do offer two free tools for starters.)

Which one to pick?

Thus, it concludes our top 10 picks on Hashtag Analytics Tools in 2024. We have briefed about both free and paid tools in this article. Most have similar features, but the more minor details at their respective prices matter.

If you are an individual, we suggest you use free tools, but if the tools are needed for any enterprise, Keyhole, Mention or Hashtagify would be our primary choice.

You may check out other similar tools like TweetBinder, Twubs, Pixlee and brand mentions. We hope that this list will be of some help to you.