How & Where to Buy Instagram Followers? (6 Websites)

I have been writing a lot about Instagram lately, especially on starting, growing, and converting on Instagram. While my articles are mostly focused on the business and marketing part of Instagram marketing, my attempt has always been the same — to provide you with the methods of quicker and more effective growth.

Instagram may look a tad more personal on the outside, but in our business, it is one of the best social networks to gain attention online.

If you don't know, Instagram has the highest engagement rate amongst all major social media platforms, with only Pinterest reaching any close to it. The reason is simple. Instagram and Pinterest-like social networks are totally visual — powered by photos and videos.

Using Instagram is actually a no-brainer. But growing with Instagram requires substantial planning.

But beyond anything, one thing and only one thing is important on a social networking site: followers. With a large number of followers, you can reach a broader audience and gain more customers for your business and its products. But… it is not easy to gain these followers. You will have to work regularly for this.

This is the one way.

But there is another way.

You can buy Instagram followers.

Commercial approach, yes? But is it safe?

Well, if you buy the followers from trusted sites, it can be safer but if I am being honest — it is NOT SAFE.

If you choose to buy Instagram followers or to buy Instagram likes, you will likely put your account at risk by violating Instagram’s terms of service and breaching the system.

The majority of the new followers you gain this way will be nothing but fake accounts or bots that could likely unfollow you not long afterward.

Also, you will see no increase in conversion or engagement whatsoever.

I am not saying this on a hunch or guess. I bought some Instagram followers for my account as well. I did this a year ago.

Here is what I have learned in the last year.

  • These followers are mostly bots or inactive accounts.
  • The geography of the followers is limited to Global South (third world countries), especially India, Bangladesh, Nigeria & Pakistan.
  • They don't interact with your posts at all. Even if they do, you won't get any conversion.
  • Slowly you will start seeing a decrease in the number of followers — the rate of decrease increases over time. After a couple of years, you will reach back to a follower count from which you started.

How to Buy Real Instagram Followers, then?

Well, we have a problem here. As you can see, buying Instagram followers isn't just dangerous but also a waste of money. So how can you buy real Instagram followers?

The short answer is by choosing a trusted Instagram followers service.

Best Websites to Buy Instagram Followers

Here are 6 trusted websites from which you can buy real Instagram followers. These websites or services are currently online and are tested by thousands of buyers online. These don't require any passwords and come with 24/7 customer support.

  1. PapaSocial
  2. GetInsta
  3. Followers Gallery
  4. Leoboost
  6. Kicksta

I'll discuss these in detail.



PapaSocial is a specialist in any Instagram-related service; from likes to followers, views, and story views; you could count on these guys to give you the highest quality of services possible.


Buy Instagram Followers on GetInsta

I have already reviewed GetInsta in an earlier article. GetInsta is one of the easiest and fastest ways to buy Instagram followers and likes. It features an affordable pricing along with a better real follower count. Not just this, GetInsta also offers follow for follow, for its users. That means you can even get some real followers for free.

Buy Instagram Followers on FollowersGallery

One more service that is already reviewed on is Followers Gallery. Followers Gallery is a similar service to GetInsta. You can select packages as per your needs and get those followers delivered fast.


Buy Instagram Followers on LeoBoost

LeoBoost offers high-quality, authentic Instagram followers and likes that can boost your engagement and exposure quickly without violating any rules. With speedy delivery and secured one-time payment methods, you are free from any risks as well.

Buy Instagram Followers on Likes is one more service that offers Instagram followers and likes. They promise to offer immediate results and genuine likes/follows at cheap rates.


Buy Instagram Followers on Kicksta

Kicksta or is the most popular Instagram followers service on the list, which promises to offer genuine and authentic followers and nothing less than that. It has been recommended by top brands and influencers in the past. Unlike the other 4, this works on a subscription method.

What to Look for in a Service While Buying followers?

I recommend these 5 websites listed above. But what if you are going to use a service different than these? What should you look for? Well, you must ensure that the service you make your purchase from follows the ideal practices mentioned below:

  • Has a Secure website with an HTTPS/SSL certificate installed (required to protect your personal data)
  • Has genuine customer reviews
  • Has guarantee of getting real Instagram followers
  • Has an efficient support team
  • Offers drip-feeding the followers

What to do after buying Instagram followers?

  • After you buy a package, you should focus on keeping your Instagram account active and fresh with a wide range of diverse content.
  • You should also concentrate on building a brand image by consistently posting and interacting with followers.
  • If you want the best results, you should purchase Instagram followers from a service like the ones listed and let your account grow naturally with best-practice marketing.

If growing a sustainable brand on Instagram is a top priority for you, then instead of using these, you should consider the following measures:

  • Hire the services of a social media expert on Fiverr to plan and create posts
  • Buy a handful of monthly followers from a service listed above.
  • Go for consistent and ongoing engagement with the help of an Instagram growth service like Kicksta.
  • Use a service like Hashtagsforlikes to gain as much as possible from unique hashtags and current hashtag trends.
  • Use the best CTA captions to increase user engagements.

What is the cost of buying followers on Instagram?

Today, buying followers on Instagram is pretty cheap. Prices have been observed to range from as low as $1 for 100 followers to $100 for 100,000 followers. In addition, you can avail a fully managed service like Kicksta for a monthly fee starting at $49.