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Stuck on the Followers Count? Here Are 9 Things That Will Help You Discover the Horizon on YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel is easy but growing it enough to start making money off of it is a steep curve. If you’ve ever wondered what the prominent YouTubers have in common and how do they make it, we’ve got you covered.

There’s a point where you can grow your subscribers organically. Buying subscribers is not a good strategy. But if you learn a few acceptable practices, you can skyrocket your organic growth. If you find yourself stuck on the subscriber count and your numbers don’t seem to budge, here’s what you can do. 

Collaborate with Similar YouTubers

Videos that involve collaborations are an excellent way to grow your YouTube channel. These are well-received by the community and tend to do well. When you collaborate with a Youtuber, you help each other get more exposure.

Collaboration videos are also a lot more fun and dynamic than traditional videos.

Work on Your SEO

Maybe you’re not growing anymore because of poor YouTube SEO practices? Using a keyword research tool like TubeBuddy will help. The critical thing here is to use keywords that rank high and make videos around them.

Most YouTubers just make videos and tag them with random keywords. You won’t grow that way. In order to keep growing, you have to give your audience what they want. 

Ask via comments on your new videos what they want to see next and respond to them. When it comes to SEO, avoid stuffing keywords in your video descriptions.

Look for keywords that have low competition and have a high ranking. These are the ones that get your videos to the top of the YouTube search engine. 

Don’t Break the Terms of Services

YouTube is very strict about its guidelines when it comes to publishing content. If you post anything triggering, illegal, or discussions that aren’t allowed on the platform, you risk getting flagged. 

However, the YouTube algorithm sometimes accidentally flags accounts. This ends up taking down your videos even if they meet the ToS criteria

Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Although it’s true that the more videos you put, the greater the chances of ranking high by the algorithm – however if all your videos are low-quality and don’t offer anything valuable, they’ll get ignored. Even the algorithm can’t help you then.

So, focus on quality. Get good lights, a camera, and equipment. Make sure you spend the time doing research on your subject before making videos about it. If you’re making gameplay videos, think about if you want to do commentaries or long plays. 

Likewise, if you’re making content in the reaction or cooking niche, look at the popular YouTubers in those categories and see what’s working and what’s not. 

Regarding your upload schedule, if you can put out one quality video a week, do that. Don’t compromise on the quality in an effort to appeal to viewers. 

Use Professional Video Editing Software

Good video editing software makes a world of difference when it comes to making videos. If you’re trying to produce videos fast, cutting down on the editing time is smart. 

Professional video editing suites pack templates for your lower-thirds and typography. You can just edit and use them to make your videos engaging.

VideoCreek is a good example of this, and it’s free. You can visit the official website to learn more. They even have a slideshow maker, which you can use to embed animated content in your blogs and videos.

Make Longer Videos

If your content is spot on, the community loves what you’re doing, but your channel is still not growing – here’s what you can do. Go to your YouTube channel analytics and see at what part of your videos your viewers stop watching. 

Maybe they stop at the 3-minute mark or after the intro. This will give you insights into what you’re doing right and wrong. 

The biggest reason why channels don’t grow is that they don’t post long videos. Viewers love watching videos longer than 10 minutes that provide good value. If your videos are less than 10 minutes in duration, it could be why. 

Comment on Others’ Videos

YouTube is a community. If you simply keep uploading videos without engaging on the platform, you’ll get ignored. Take the comment on others’ videos. 

Find a few YouTube channels you like, watch their comment, and leave comments. The reason is that if those channels grow and your comments are left early on, the viewers will notice.

Also, when it comes to your own YouTube channel, get a cool name. A username that’s memorable will also do well. 

Hide Your Subscriber Count

Go to your YouTube settings and hide your subscriber. If you’re a small YouTube channel, you don’t want to reveal it. This is because viewers tend not to like small or upcoming YouTube channels. 

You can reveal it later after you’ve grown a bit. Will Tennyson, who is a popular fitness YouTuber, uses this strategy, and his channel has been exploding in subscribers and viewership. 

Add Intros, CTAs, and Music to your Videos

If your videos so far have involved just recording on a camera and hitting publish – it’s time to level up. Create an intro for your videos and make them look good. YouTube creators started using this website and advised beginners to use templates for making intros. 

Your intro should have a logo, a basic soundtrack, and animated content. Using an intro maker or a video editor with intro making templates will save you time. 

Don’t forget to add a CTA at the end of your videos. Show two of your video thumbnails and link them to the content. If you have any upcoming releases, talk about them briefly in a few seconds and ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. 

Finally, the type of music you use for your videos matters. Don’t use soundtracks that are distracting but ones that work with your content. 


Growing on YouTube takes time, work, and patience. It’s not going to happen overnight, but if you’re stuck with your subscriber count, these tips will help. 

Focus on providing value to your viewers, and they will keep coming back for more. Try to retain your viewership because that way, the algorithm will recommend your videos on the platform.

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