Tricks to Easily Increase Instagram Followers and engagement

When you hear Instagram, you're likely going to hear terms such as the hashtags, outfits of the day, aesthetics, designs, and even pretty pictures. As a marketer, you're likely going to recognize that these "terms" can be used to leverage your branding, and you can capitalize on these Instagram "hot terms" to propel yourself to relevance and popularity. Just how exactly can you hope to achieve this? In this article, you'll learn how to grow your Instagram followers and get them to interact more with your brand.

Don’t you wonder how it is that some people get thousands of followers overnight on Instagram, but you are unable to grow your followers’ list by a hundred in weeks? Well, there is something you are doing wrong.

One of the main reasons why few people pay less attention to Instagram is because of a belief that you cannot generate sales from it. This is false as there are thousands of brands that owe their success to Instagram.

If you've ever considered using Instagram to up the ante on your branding - be it your personal branding or the branding of a company - then you're on the right track of tapping into a huge power base.


Statistics by Forrester show that Instagram gives a higher engagement than Facebook at 58%. The engagement is also 120 times better than Twitter's. With these numbers, how do you ensure that you increase your Instagram followers, generate more leads, and improve your sales?

Interestingly, tapping into Instagram gives you access to a huge demographic as well. Aside from teenagers and a lot of people under 35, many Instagram users appear to have a lot of money with them. In fact, it's estimated that adults below a USD30K annual salary (32-percent), within the USD30K to USD49.9K (38-percent), within the USD50K to USD74.9K (23-percent), and those above USD75K (31-percent) are a part of Instagram. Not only that, but Instagram users will most likely be Pinterest and Facebook users as well - potentially giving you access to not just one, but two other social platforms.


In terms of businesses, 80-percent of Instagram users follow a company or business they like on Instagram. In fact, 60-percent of users tend to find new offerings via the platform, with 75-percent of the platform's users usually seeing posts first before acting on them.

Instagram Dominance: Gaining More Followers & Engagement

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With the above taken into consideration, it's quite obvious that being able to tap into Instagram followers can help boost your branding's appeal - especially since Instagram in itself caters more to the aesthetic aspects of brands. Being able to tap into Instagram followers who understand the appeal of your brand design can mean slowly "developing" loyal followers who can instantly recognize your brand even outside the social media platform.

Jumpstart your follower numbers by buying them

If you have the extra budget, you may jumpstart your follower numbers by buying them from services. This is a good way for you to be able to get that head start you need while you build the rest of your Instagram campaign. Don't completely depend on follower numbers, however, and instead only use these sparingly. It won't reflect greatly on your campaign numbers if you have a lot of purchased Instagram followers but can't follow through with your other platforms. Make sure you only buy followers as support while you build towards an attractive campaign.

Maintain consistency with your branding as much as possible

If you want to maintain your relevance in the industry and to your followers, you've got to stick with your branding. This means your tone, use of colors, and overall "style" shouldn't change unless you're doing an overhaul across your platforms. Not changing your branding style allows you to be more flexible in terms of the freedom you have in choosing posts, but restrictive in the sense that you won't go overboard because you have branding principles to follow.

Even Instagram sometimes becomes a medium for discussing various trends and key topics, even remotely outside your niche. If you find a fun trend or a serious issue you think you could weigh in on, on a positive note, try to do so without jeopardizing your brand. For instance, if you're a clothing brand and you know clothes waste is a hot topic on Instagram right now, you might capitalize on this by posting something about your brand not having a lot of clothes waste. Tapping into trends and topics your followers discuss and making it your own can be an inviting way to attract followers and to engage your existing ones.

Engage your followers in their own space

If your followers are public people, try to engage them in their own space without being intrusive. If they make a post about your brand or feature your brand, a simple "thank you" comment can be a big deal for them. This is much more effective if the post is humorous or engaging and you start interacting with your follower in a civil manner. Not only that, but this gives the impression that you're a reliable and relevant brand because you actually take the time to interact with your followers. This effectively "humanizes" your branding.

Create posts with opportunities for interaction in mind

When you do marketing, you’ve most likely heard of call-to-actions or CTAs. In marketing, CTAs are designed to invite people and potential clients into doing something - such as subscribing to an email, availing a promo, or even buying a product.

Simple words such as Buy now! or Click here to learn more are some examples of CTAs, which, if you think about it, can be subtly used in your posts. Simple inclusions of, What do you think...? or Check out or Tell us in the comments can be inviting enough. While this may not immediately work at the beginning, doing this enough may eventually have a user brave enough to start conversing with you. When this happens, it's only a matter of time before people start to talk with you and with each other in your brand space.

Make sure your followers get to interact with you even outside Instagram

Perhaps one of the most efficient tools to secure followers that interact with you is through making sure your social media platforms remain intertwined. Make sure the level you pay attention to Instagram is the same as with other platforms, and make sure you share posts across these platforms.

For instance, try to make sure you have plans for users on your other platforms to engage with one another, the same way you have your plans to have people interact on Instagram. This at least ensures that your goal is to have followers interact and remain consistent throughout your campaign is a success.

If you want to grow your Instagram followers and get them to interact more, you've got to give them a reason to interact with you in the first place.

A lot of marketers tend to forget that before they can get to the status they want, they need to establish relevance in their respective niche and slowly build relationships with their followers. All of this can't be done overnight, and certainly can’t be done in one swoop. Consider the above factors, consider choosing the right moments and approaches to meet these factors, and then you can truly apply these methods to gain Instagram dominance.

To help get better results from your Instagram marketing tactics, you need to take steps to improve the number of followers you have. There are quite a few hacks to try and here are a few things to get you started on the right foot. Using these tricks you can easily increase Instagram followers and engagement.

Build a Specific Niche

When it comes to creating and posting content, you have to take calculated steps to ensure you are consistent. This is because the type of content you post significantly influences how people view you as a brand and the type of users you engage with. By settling on a particular area, your viewers will regard you more as an authority. This boosts chances of regular engagement.

When choosing a niche, be sure to settle on something that genuinely intrigues you. This will ensure that what you post is authentic and appeals to your audience.

Engage with Your Audience

To create an online community of like-minded people, you need to engage with your audience. This allows them to discuss your content, as well as the culture encompassing your niche. As an influencer, it enables you to determine the content that resonates most with your audience. Make use of Instagram as a social platform and get “social’ with your followers.

For example, having more comments on an Instagram post will increase the likelihood of your next post being seen by a wider audience. You can buy Instagram comments to boost your engagement statistics and put yourself in a better position as a brand influencer.

Why buy Instagram Comments?

There are several reasons why you should buy Instagram comments, a couple of which include:

  1. To build an engaging Instagram profiles
  2. To be able to reach the people you want to target
  3. To impress brands and work your way to become an influencer

To build an engaging Instagram profile

If you are planning to find a way to monetize your account on Instagram, it will be hard to do so if you have not built your number of followers. Even if you have good content, there are still many followers who want to see more than that. If you are trying to advertise a certain product, unless you have established yourself as an influencer, people will still look at comments to see that the product is something that can be trusted, or that you can be trusted as an influencer.

To be able to reach the people you want to target

It’s not enough to just have followers. You need to have followers that you are actually targeting. You may want followers from a certain age group or any other demographic instead of just random people following you. This is better when you want to present yourself to a sponsor. Even if you have thousands of followers, if these are not the people your potential sponsor can sell something to, they will not think about sponsoring you. You want to be able to show them that you can reach their own target audience. Getting organic Instagram comments can help with this.

With quality comments, you can reach more people, and not just anyone, but the people you really want to reach.

To impress brands and work your way to become an influencer

When brands and companies see that you, aside from having a lot of followers, are able to engage your followers, that can be very impressive for them.

If your goal is to be a brand influencer, it’s not enough to just have thousands of followers.

There are already many Instagram users who actually buy their followers. But if most of these accounts are not really attributed to real people, your targeted brands may still not want to get you because you are not really influencing real people so to speak. But if they see your posts getting engagement and comments, they will know that you are really able to connect with your followers.

Once you are done with these you can also try these tips on quickly increasing Instagram followers and engagement.

Evolve and Adapt

With the constantly-changing social media landscape, it is important to come up with ways to stay updated with emerging trends. This means that you have to leverage on new features developed by Instagram, as well as find ways to integrate your Instagram profile with other existing and new social media platforms. This will help you gain attention and strengthen your online presence.

For example, if you focus heavily on video content, make use of the new IGTV or existing platforms such as YouTube. This ensures you have the ability to adapt your brand aesthetic to fit the needs of users on different platforms.

Create Relationships Offline

The purpose of social media is to make people more social, interact with each, and develop new relationships. Dedicating time to meet fellow influencers and members of your online community in real life is a great way to connect with them. Creating these strong interpersonal relationships online will boost your engagement online. So, do not be afraid to go for that meet and greet, or better yet, host your own!

Take Advantage of Productivity Apps

These are apps designed to simplify your use of Instagram. Such apps help with post scheduling, content optimization, managing followers, as well as picture and video editing. Having all these apps at your disposal will make you a better influencer. This is because they will streamline your posting process and help collect user-generated data that can be used to analyze the impact of each campaign. Such blogging apps include Layout, Later, HootSuite, Boomerang, and many more.

Content is king

This is a cliché in the digital marketing world, but you need to have the right content to win more followers. Note that the kind of content on Instagram is different from what you post on Facebook or Twitter.

To get you started, spy on your competitors. Do you note that their pictures are of a higher quality than yours? Which theme is predominant among your competition? You need to create content that gleams to win over new followers.

Creating excellent content is work. So, plan your time and work on creating exceptional content. You may also have to buy high-quality photos.

What about videos? Learn all the video editing techniques known to man to create edgy and captivating videos.

Use relevant hashtags

When you want to write about a popular topic on a blog, the tendency is to find a keyword that's used by a lot of searchers, right? You can use the same principle in writing your posts, and you can also take it up a notch by using popular # hashtags to "categorize" your posts into sections that users will most likely find popular. By tapping into both useful keywords and popular hashtags, you instantly give your posts exposure and as such may even instantly attract consumers.

Even with no followers, a catchy and relevant hashtag will get you followers. If you don't know where and how to create hashtags, there are tools explicitly created just for that.

Create a daily schedule

You need to post daily to get new followers. Posting between one and three images is a good place to get started. Scheduling is the best way for you to ensure that your new, existing, and prospective followers see your content. Look out for scheduling tools like Later to post your photos. Before you run out to post a photo as you didn’t post yesterday, remember that you must post the best pictures only!

Instagram Bots

While you can manually follow, like, or comment on other people’s photos manually, you can take off that pain of scanning and go through all those accounts by having a bot do the work for you.

What the bot does is to like posts with the hashtags you specify. But, it will avoid the posts with hashtags you don’t want to follow. You can also have the bot engage with your competitors and their followers.


If you run a travel blog, include a geotag for that location in the photo.  This will help in keeping conversations around those locations. However, you should never add a geotag to your home location or office.

Long Captions

Have you noticed that Instagram is slowly becoming a platform for microblogging? So, why aren’t you using the platform for the same?

Creating long captions makes it easy to create connections with your followers. It also adds value to your feed. So, instead of writing two words about that picture, share useful information alongside that photo.

Line breaks

You don’t want to scare off your readers with the long blocks of text, do you? Use line breaks to caption those photos. You need to use the Return Key.


Starting conversations on Instagram is as easy as asking questions and getting results. That is how simple Call-To-Actions work. They are effective as they show that you care about your clients.

Other tips

  • Always tag the brand and people in your caption
  • Be part of the comment pod and always reply to your comments
  • Share your Instagram posts on other social media platforms.

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