How to land a Job as a Blogger?

It’s difficult to land a job these days and even harder if you’re a blogger looking for full-time paid work but know that it’s not impossible.

All you need to do is follow a few steps that will get you started in the right direction, and before you know it, you’ll be working your dream job.

While it may be a difficult road ahead, it’s important to stay positive and allow your passion to keep you going strong. Visualize how great it’s going to feel once you officially land your first job as a blogger and can say you did it.

Job as a blogger

Set Goals

You should start your journey to professional success by outlining a few goals you have in mind for yourself. For example, consider if you want to work a corporate job or in more of a startup environment because they are two completely different atmospheres.

Come up with ways for how you’re going to exactly land your desired position and tasks you’ll have to complete to get there.

While getting a new job should be the main focus, remember to also set goals that revolve around you taking care of your health and wellbeing so you can be your best self as you tackle this big undertaking. Setting goals will help you stay on track and focused on the final objective, which is to start working in your field of choice as a writer.

Educate Yourself

You may have heard that blogging is a fun and exciting job, but don’t even know what it all entails. This is the part where you have to educate yourself and better understand the job description and what a blogger does each day. Talk to someone who’s working as a writer and can offer you a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

Go online and check out various resources that will help you learn more about the blogging profession and the daily responsibilities that come with this role. It’s better to get a grasp on what your future job might look like now then it is to work hard to land a position, only to find out you don’t like what you’re doing once you get going.

Pick an Area of Expertise

It’s best to find your niche right away before you even go out hunting for jobs so you can market yourself appropriately. You need to come across as qualified for the role and prove that you know how to produce fresh, timely and engaging content readers will enjoy. Figure out if you want to be a technical writer or more creative and a free spirit in your topics. Get to know yourself and your style before you approach companies with your skills and show interest in a job. Once you start exploring your options, you’re going to realize there are a lot of different ways you can go with this profession, so you’ll want to make sure you’re heading in a direction that plays to your strengths.

Produce Writing Samples

Most importantly, hiring directors are going to want to see your skills presented in an actual blog post or writing sample. Make sure you have a wide variety of articles you can highlight, so they get a good idea of how you write. Comb through them ahead of time and find out which pieces are your best and make those the ones you give to employers for review.

It’s a good idea to be constantly writing or even interning as a blogger in your downtime. Stay busy and practice your blogging skills while you’re working on landing a full-time job, so you don’t get rusty. Continuing to perfect your abilities is only going to help you in the long run and hopefully help you get a new position that much quicker.

Present your Credentials in an Organized Fashion

Think of blogging like any other job or profession and have a polished resume ready to go for potential employers. Use a resume guide to help you create a solid resume that includes the right components and catches the eye of those in charge of hiring. Let your credentials do the talking for you initially and allow you to get your foot in the door for an interview. It’s not a good idea to slop your skills on a piece of paper and hope they get noticed. Show you can add value to a company, by having an organized and informative resume that’s easy to read and portrays you as a talented blogger. Be prepared to hand over any writing samples at this time so they can truly understand for themselves your abilities.

Start Your Own Blog

It’s a good idea to launch your own blog even before you start job searching, so you have an actual website to show for while you’re interviewing. This is a great way for you to learn how to blog better and improve your writing skills. What you should do is create a personal blog on a topic you feel passionate about and will allow you to naturally showcase your talents. In addition to writing content for your blog, dabble in the marketing side to make yourself even more appealing to a potential employer. Understand all the components and the ins and outs of blogging if you want to make this type of work your full-time job. This is a great opportunity to learn and fumble without any consequences.

Make a Name for Yourself Online

Spend time creating and growing a social media presence for yourself and your blog. Social media will play a big role in marketing any blog, so it’s important you understand how it works and the importance of engaging with your target audience online. Create accounts on the platforms that interest you and start growing your following. Share your blog posts through social media to draw users back to your website and increase traffic. Companies looking to hire you will see your social media experience as a positive and you’ll likely be a more attractive candidate for the position in their eyes. Social media is also a great place to start networking with other bloggers and sharing advice with one another.

Network & Connect with those in the Industry

Don’t feel like you need to land a job as a blogger all on your own. Put yourself out there and find people who are in the business already or who are also looking to enter the industry. Help each other out by swapping advice and editing each other’s work. Go out of your way to meet people who you know can introduce you to those in the field who may have job openings and would be interested in meeting with you to discuss the position further. Although blogging is mostly about your ability to write, sitting behind a computer all day isn’t what’s ultimately going to help you land a blogging job. You have to be willing to network with others and let them know you’re looking for a new role as a writer.

Start Job Searching & Interviewing

After you’ve gone through a lot of the preparation work it takes to land a new job; you should start your actual job search and interview for various positions. Review the website, job description, and company for each role that you’re interested in applying for carefully before submitting your resume, so you don’t waste your time. However, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to accept opportunities to speak with employers even if it’s not the exact job you had in mind. This will give you practice interviewing, and you never know what the job will all entail until you sit down and discuss it. It’s also possible there will be room for advancement or moving into different roles once you start with the company. Be on your toes because these types of jobs go fast and you want to make sure you’re first to the punch.

Refuse to Give up

If one fact is for certain, it’s that you can’t give up when the road to finding a blogger job becomes difficult. Know you’re going to run into roadblocks and it may take more time than you initially planned to land a full-time job writing. You have to be so set on the idea that you want to be a blogger for a living that you refuse to give up when you’re feeling frustrated. Have fun whilst managing your blog and take other temporary writing positions in the meantime to keep your skills polished. Don’t let others talk you out of going for it if this is what you truly want to do with your life. Stay patient and keep hope alive by continuing to visualize you landing that perfect position one day.


Securing your ideal job as a blogger isn’t going to happen overnight. There is hard work you must put in, and you have to be strong and not quit if you want it all to work out. Once you do get the job, enjoy learning and growing as a professional blogger and writer.