Get Writing Jobs Online on These 30 Freelance Writing Websites

If you’re good at writing or are a writing enthusiast looking to earn some decent income in the field, many websites can help you get writing jobs online. These writing jobs will earn you lots of money and help you exhibit your writing prowess.

It can, however, be difficult for you as a beginner to find your way around choosing one of the online writing jobs.

Best Websites for Writing Jobs Online

The 30 websites in this article are definitely the most suitable for newbies in the writing field. They are divided into freelance writing jobs and conventional writing jobs.

Here are some of the best websites where you can get writing jobs online, categorized by freelance and conventional writing jobs.

I will be categorizing these in 4 different parts:

Freelance Marketplaces

A freelance marketplace is an online platform that helps to facilitate connection and business transactions between freelancers and clients. It gives a freelance writer the freedom to bid on any job and to also set his or her price.

Freelance Marketplaces are ideal for beginners in freelance writing as they ensure that such writers are able to secure consistent writing assignments to grow their portfolios. Here are a few popular freelance marketplaces that offer job opportunities for new writers.


This ranks as perhaps the biggest freelance marketplace on the internet. It provides a consistent stream of freelance jobs in fields like writing, web design, digital marketing, and graphic design, etc. It also takes a commission that ranges between 5%-20% of each earning.


This is another top freelance marketplace that helps to bring freelance experts and clients together. It also charges by the commission on each successfully completed work and allows clients to drop reviews for freelance experts.


To get accepted to this platform, you must exhibit a level of proficiency that is above average, even if you’re a beginner in the writing field. Its ratio of client-freelancer is better compared to the two popular alternatives. This increases your chances of securing a freelance writing job.


This site allows you to create job requests, which are also known as hourlies. With these, you can let prospective clients know that you offer particular freelance services. PPH is certainly one of the best online for beginners looking for writing jobs.


This is a new online marketplace that provides ample opportunity for new freelance writers looking to earn some money. Because it is still new, the site is yet to be crowded; hence, beginners have a shot at getting hired.


This popular freelance marketplace also offers various writing contests that allow writers to earn extra money along with the writing jobs it provides.

Content Factories

Content factories or content mills aren’t really ideal for writing jobs simply because the pay is at times atrocious. As a beginner, though, your options are quite limited because you don’t have the portfolio to back your expertise. This is where a content factory becomes valuable. You can use it to gain experience, improve your portfolio, and earn consistent income.

Despite the negativity that surrounds them, there are many established writers who are satisfied with the amount they earn on such platforms.


In this content factory, you are placed in any of the five grades based on the quality of the sample you write for the website. You can earn up to 5 cents per word, depending on the grade you belong to. There is also a plethora of articles for you to choose from, so you will not be lacking financially.

Hire Writers

You can earn up to $20 for an article on this site though it depends on the word count of the article. The rate is also dependent on your prowess as a writer. Payment is carried out at least once every week.

Writer Access

With this content factory, you can earn as high as 7 cents for each word. This is, however, dependent on your star rating. Payment orders are executed once every two weeks.

Content Hourlies

If you’re looking for a content factory that guarantees a continuous stream of freelance work, then this site is the answer for you. You have to commit to completing up to 10 writing tasks weekly if you want to be accepted by the platform.

Online Writing Jobs

The pay rate of this content factory is dependent on a lot of interwoven factors, including the difficulty of the writing task, word count, and the field of the task. Ideally, though, you are likely to earn between $14 and $50 per article.


If you want a content factory with a very practical user interface, then ClearVoice should be top of your list. Unlike most content factories, this platform actually gives writers some authority to select the prices they are willing to work for.

Great Content

For a 500-word task, you can earn up to $30 depending on the writer category you belong to.


This content factory has a standard payment plan of $1 per 100 words for its writers.

Article Document

Article Document pays its writers based on the quality of their output, though some writing assignments do offer bylines to writers.


If your writing skill is more tailored to craft blog posts, then this blog-centered content factory is the right choice for you. Its rates are quite competitive, and the site also allows you to negotiate directly with clients.

Job Boards

Job Boards are another avenue that can be used to find freelance writing jobs online. They often contain job ad posts from content writing agencies, other freelance writers, and corporate bodies themselves. Job boards give writers the freedom to pick their writing schedule as well as their rates.

Here are a few freelance job boards for you to find writing work online.


This is arguably the best online job board for beginners looking to secure freelance writing work. Its listings are updated daily, ensuring that you always find a new job ad to apply to.

Blogging Pro

This is another popular blogging site that regularly updates its listings and offers an array of writing opportunities to beginners.


This popular listing site is also a great place for new writers to find freelance writing jobs that are certain to bring in lots of income.


This job listing site is quite valuable to freelance writers looking for steady work. You, however, need to have the expertise and vast experience to qualify for most of the listed jobs. See Review

Freelance Writing Gigs

Numerous writing job ads are placed on this website, and the listing is regularly updated so that you always have a stream of work to handle.

Work from Home Happiness

This is a blog that posts freelance writing opportunities for its readers. It is regularly updated, and the jobs are high-paying.

Work at Home Adventures

Since freelance writing is one of the few jobs that can be carried out remotely, you’re re guaranteed to find writing jobs on this website.

General Websites that Pay for Freelance Writers


This top-rated lifestyle site pays up to $100 per article. You must, however, prove that you have the expertise to deliver incredible written pieces.


If you’re good at writing listicles (articles with lists), then this is the site for you. It pays about $100 for one list article.

Income Diary

This is a more flexible site that is willing to negotiate with writers for the ideal rate. You must, however, be able to write on a variety of subjects.

Money Pantry

You must be capable of writing top-notch articles about money and savings. The payment rate ranges between $30 and up to $120 per article. You don’t need any experience to be hired, as long as you’re able to prove your competence.

Perceptive Travel

If you love the travel niches and want to earn as much as $100 for a 1200-word article, then this is definitely for you.

Ashtray Blog

This blog is run by an e-cigarette website, which pays writers $50 to write an article that is related to vaping. The article must be positive, so if you don’t like the niche, this may not be for you.

eCommerce Insiders

This site is always looking to hire writers that can craft how-to articles as well as write tips for its numerous visitors. You can earn up to $130 writing for the site