How to Find Remote Web Developer Jobs?

Growing online businesses and marketing has led to an increased demand for remote web developers. Additionally, both brands and web developers are now keener to have remote web developer jobs due to COVID-19.

Since a remote web developer works on developing applications that are used online, he or she does not usually work in an office setting. This reduces not only office costs but also the unnecessary pressures.

If you are a web developer who has been planning to go remote, you must be thinking what a good place to start would be. Don't worry. There are many job boards and job sites that offer both full-time and freelance opportunities for back-end, front-end, or full-stack developers.

In this article, I have listed the best sites to find remote web developer jobs. But before that here are some inputs on how you can start finding these remote jobs in a strategic manner.

How to find remote web developer jobs?

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Finding remote jobs is now easy. There are plenty of options to choose from.

But getting a remote job is very tough.

There are literally thousands of great talents applying for the same job as yours. So, in order to have the job of your dream, you should follow specific instructions - to cover all the important bases.

First of all, in addition to these remote job portals, you should also look for other options including individual forum sites, web developer communities and social networks like Twitter. Big sites, like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Notion etc. have job sections on their own sites, so don't forget to browse those as well.

If you don't know how to find such pages, just Google or Bing Company "Jobs". Replace company by company name, like Google.

Next, you will need a resume ready. I have a guide on how to write a better resume here. Once you are handy with your resume, you will need an online portfolio. You can use any web hosting service + WordPress to create your online portfolio and use the site URL to showcase your talent on respective job boards.

Once you are done with these and you get a job interview appointment, focus on improving your skills for the specific job. You can also join a small personality development class on Udemy or LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda).

Often, looking in the right place is what makes a huge amount of difference. If you are looking for a remote web developer job in the market, you should try using one of the resources listed below to help you find it.

Best Websites to Find Web Developer Jobs

1. Indeed

This is one of the most well-known websites among people looking for jobs, and it isn’t any different for those seeking remote web developer jobs either. It is an especially good option because it does not demand you to reveal your location because the jobs happen to be remote. You can freely apply for any job that you see there.

However, you should also remember that a lot of companies continue to benchmark salaries by location. Thus, if you are interested in earning more money, you should consider looking for a company which is situated in a bigger metropolitan area. Also, you must not forget to properly go through the details and ensure that the job in question is completely remote. Some companies could require you to be in town one day a week, which may not be possible for everyone.

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This is a job website that has been specially designed to help people looking for remote job opportunities. The site lists roles for a wide variety of industries such as customer service, legal, project manager, marketing, and much more. As far as developing jobs are concerned, features listings for renowned companies like Wells Fargo, AT&T, and Python. It might be surprising to know that such high-profile organizations hire remote employees, but it’s true. If you try hard enough, you might be rewarded with a dream job of the kind you never imagined yourself doing.

3. Remote Tech Jobs

Remote Tech Jobs is a relatively new job board, but it’s already one of the biggest when it comes to tech jobs. At the time of writing, there are almost 3000 active jobs on the site in more than 30 job categories.

There are many categories for developers. Some of the more prominent ones are Back-end, Front-end, Full-stack, Java, Python, and many more. You don’t have to worry about having to wade through many inactive jobs, as all jobs get removed after 30 days on Remote Tech Jobs.

3. Skip the Drive

Skip the Drive provides a vast range of job opportunities for remote web developers, along with opportunities for several kinds of development. Some examples in this regard include CSS, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML, and J2EE.

The jobs at this platform are listed from client-side to server-side, as well as both front and back end.

The website also provides job opportunities for both entry-level employees and experienced professionals.

No matter what your personal preferences are, there will definitely be something for you in Skip the Drive’s 27 pages’ worth of remote web developer job listings.

4. LinkedIn

You must certainly have heard of LinkedIn as a networking site.

However, have you wondered what this networking in question ultimately leads to? Is it really all about connecting with friends?

At times, that indeed is the case. But the more accurate answer for most people here would be “jobs”. Many people don’t know about this, but LinkedIn also puts out several job listings.

As of now, the platform advertises over 5,000 results for “remote web developers” in the US. Like I mentioned previously, you must always remember to go through the details of every job you come across, and make sure that it is remote before applying.

5. ZipRecruiter

This is a job board that maintains your work history and resume on file. Thus, you will be able to apply to a plethora of jobs with ease, speed, and convenience.

Since this platform has been known to pull details from your resume incorrectly at times, you may be required to go in and reformat your details at times.

As of now, the website lists more than 12,000 remote web developer jobs. That’s the cue for you to sign up and start going through them as soon as possible.


Product Hunt  Hiring Now Section for web developer jobs and others

You can also look on Product Hunt and Stackexchange sidebars for the latest job opportunities.


After reading this article, you should be able to see clearly that it’s an applicant’s market out there.

Companies are in much more need of developers than developers are in need of companies. Thus, if you have been thinking of altering the channel of your life, you will have to take control of your schedule and start working remotely.

Go ahead and sign up on any of the job boards mentioned above, and keep persevering until you find the kind of job you have been looking for.Even after you find one, you must remember that a successful remote career depends on certain important qualities like proper time management, self-motivation, good communication, and discipline.

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