How to do remote hiring the best way?

COVID-19 has moved us in the midst of the 'Remote Hiring' era.

Today companies are hiring remote workers so that they save money and can increase their businesses' productivity and also cope with the COVID-19 like pandemics.

Before discussing the proper ways to do remote hiring; let's first discuss a few essential things about remote hiring.

Remote Hiring and Interview

What exactly is remote hiring and how does it work?

Remote hiring is a process of recruiting workers who are miles away from the business or office.

The hiring is not only restricted within a particular radius but involves an approach to global talent; which means that companies focus to recruit skilled and professional developers & engineers from any part of the world who are eager to work for half of the price.

Moreover, employees are isolated from all kinds of distractions and stress which take place in the office and in turn feel more productive.

Benefits of Remote Hiring

Remote hiring has not only turned out to be advantageous for the companies but has also proved to be beneficial for the remote workers too. Some benefits of remote hiring are as follows:

Benefits For Employees

  • Saves money
  • Insulated with stress and distraction
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increasing flexibility and happiness

Benefits for Businesses

  • Limitless talent from all across the world
  • Decrease in employee turnover
  • Saves money
  • Pre-trained employees

How to do Remote Hiring?

It's very important for a company to adopt appropriate means of remote hiring so that they can choose the right candidate for the well-being of their company.

Remote hiring is conducted by a remote hiring agency that manages a sequence of procedures which includes identifying, screening, and testing functions. Remote hiring can be done efficiently by following a step-by-step procedure. Here are the useful methods through which one can do Remote Hiring in a proper way.

Figure out the qualities & skills needed that are needed in an employee

It is important for the company to figure out the essential qualities and skills that are required in an employee so that they perform a certain role with full responsibility and dedication.

The qualities that a company should look for in an employee before hiring them are:

  • Focused & dedicated
  • Good communication skills
  • Confident
  • Responsible
  • Time management

Mention the details and qualification needed in the job description

A perfect job description can play a key role in attracting more remote employees to your company. So make sure that the description you provide should define specialties of your company like:-

  • Company mission,vision & core values
  • Benefits for remote employees

Details & Qualification

Outline all the possible details of the job position for the employee consisting of Salary to be given, scheduled time, is the job part-time or full- Time and do they have to visit the office on a regular basis or not.

Also, specify the skills and the qualifications which you expect from the employee for that position. This must include:-

  • Job related skills
  • Past experience
  • Good education
  • Soft skills

Post remote jobs on various platforms

There is a wide variety of online sites like FlexJobs, WeWorkRemotely, and which offer more than 50 remote job options with advanced search and job search resources for employees. These also provide resources for remote employers to uphold the growth of remote careers.

Companies can use these sites to enhance their remote job. Moreover, they should use keywords so that an employee doesn't find it difficult to search for the company's job posting online.

Companies can also use famous social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedln, and can make use of hashtags, campaigns, videos to post jobs in order to attract more candidates.

Use appropriate Tools & Resources

Employers should use different types of tools and resources for screening remote applicants for hire.

1. Video conferencing software:- To conduct remote interviews use software such as zoom, skype for business, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, etc.

2. Recruiting software: Tools such as BambooHR, FreshTeam, Zoho Recruit, etc. allow screening and sharing of job posts with remote job employees.

3. Project management tools: For tracking remote applicants, discussing & communicating with them. These tools include Asana, Wrike, Jira,, etc. Wrike is my personal favorite. Learn more about Wrike pricing and what option would work best for you.

Apart from the above-given tools employers should use proper templates to describe the job description, interview questions in a well-organized manner.

Take interview for the best applicants

After you have completed the selection of the best applicants, start preparing for the interview process along with a hiring group. Each person of the hiring group should have a key role as to who will take the interview of the employee, who will manage and work with them.

After that go through the candidate's resume and carefully examine the employee with relevant questions as well as check if he/she is capable of the given position.

You can then conduct a small meeting after the interview for the decision-making process. Discuss all the candidates with every one of the hiring team and check out their main skills & qualifications. You can then take the final opinion of all the team members if they want the employee to be hired or not.

Select only the deserving candidate

Once you have taken your final decision of which employee will be going further in the hiring process. You can inform all the members of the hiring team and can connect with the employee with an offer letter. Also, send all the important details to the employee and introduce them to the benefits which they will be getting.

You can then recommend your new employee with the entire hiring team and make them aware of all the necessary do's & don'ts.

Hence in this way you can effectively hire a remote employee in a perfect manner.