Are You Using Fiber Optics Internet For Business Yet?

What’s a business without an internet connection in today’s world? Well, we don’t want to answer that question. 99.9% of business enterprises have access to the internet one way or another. Even if they don’t sell their products online, they could be using payment apps that need an internet connection to make the transaction.

For enterprises that rely exclusively on the internet to run the business, it is essential to have not just any internet connection but something that is fast, secure, inexpensive, and reliable. This means that enterprises will have to use the latest fiber internet network if they want to stay ahead in the market and compete with other businesses.

From a bootstrap startup business to a global enterprise, around 90% of them are already using cloud services. And to connect to the cloud platform, enterprises need a fiber optics network that provides high-speed internet with continuous connectivity. Though copper cables can be used for smaller distances and light data transfers, the same network cannot sustain the sharing of data in huge amounts.

Fiber Optics Internet For Business

Fiber Optics Internet For Business

Fiber optics Internet has changed the way enterprises have been running the business. From expanding into newer markets to improving customer service, changing the internet network has boosted the growth and development of many enterprises.

Slow internet connection, fluctuating signal strength, high latency, and uncertain connectivity are no longer a cause for concern when using fiber optics networks.

If you are still using DSL or copper cables, here are some reasons why you should upgrade your internet network and start using fiber optics internet for business and other entities.

Don’t Wait for Downloads

Are your employees waiting for huge files to be downloaded so that they can work on them? Do you find them irritable or muttering to themselves while the downloading takes minutes and hours? It’s time to increase the speed of your internet connection and improve the bandwidth so that all your employees can work without having their office hours wasted.

Reliable Network Connectivity

There might have been times when you lost network connectivity due to bad weather. Didn’t you have to wait until the conditions were favorable again for the internet connection to resume? With fiber optics, no such issue will arise. A fiber-optic network is highly reliable and works even in extreme climatic conditions over long distances. You can trust your network to improve your business and not cause delays.

Seamless Cloud Connectivity

Whether you are using SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS, or storing data on a cloud server, you are connecting your business system directly to a cloud platform for everyday work. To sustain the workload and avoid loss of crucial data during transfers, the fiber optics network is the best choice. The high-speed connection will allow employees to work efficiently.

VoIP is Yours to Use

Voice over Internet Protocol can save your enterprise a lot of money, especially if you make regular calls locally, nationally, and internationally to various customers, suppliers, vendors, and associates. Use the same fiber optics network for internet connection and telephone communication.

HD Video Conferences - Any Time, Any Day

Do your employees need to travel regularly to attend meetings in different locations? Is your work getting delayed because you aren’t able to schedule a travel timetable? Many enterprises now use HD video conferencing and live streaming for meetings instead of personally traveling to the required locations. While some cannot be avoided, you can cut travel costs to a major extent by switching over to video conferences using a reliable network connection.

Team Collaborations

Your employees can easily communicate with each other through the network. They can form teams, share work, discuss and research projects, and generate new ideas without having to meet personally.

Cyber Security is Essential

While you may have the most advanced antivirus protection to safeguard the system, it is equally important to keep the network safe from attacks. A fiber-optic network cannot be easily tampered with or disrupted. Data transferred through the network is safe from hackers in most instances.

Low Latency and Symmetric Speed

There is no need to worry about network fluctuations or irregular upload and download times. A fiber optics network provides symmetric speed so that downloads and uploads take equal time and can be done parallel without affecting the speed.

Network Durability

Fiber Optics Internet For Business can last for a long time. It can be extended to suit the growing business needs without having to take another connection. Fiber optic cables are strong and durable with resistance to the electromagnetic field.

Enterprises can contact the service providers for more details about the service packages and customization of services to match the requirements of the business. From installation to complete maintenance, the service providers take care of everything related to the network.

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