Best Unlimited Web Hosting Services in India in 2021

When you need web hosting there are many different types that you’ll have to choose from. Two of those types are limited and unlimited web hosting. So what are the differences? And why would you choose “limited” anything when an unlimited option is also available? In this article I will list and review the best unlimited web hosting services in India.

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Limited versus Unlimited Web Hosting

When web hosts offer limited or unlimited web hosting, they’re referring to the number of resources you’ll have available to you. Those resources might come in the form of bandwidth, storage space, email accounts, or a number of other features offered with the account. Generally, though, they’ll refer to the first two – bandwidth and storage space. While you’ll find many web hosts that offer both of these with unlimited amounts, it will pay for you to look at the fine print and see just how “unlimited” the option really is.

It’s difficult if not impossible for any web host to offer unlimited bandwidth and storage space because they only have a certain amount of resources on their server to offer you. Those resources can eventually run out, and so they can’t possibly offer you unlimited amounts of bandwidth or storage space. However, web hosts are able to get around this and still make the “unlimited” claim because a number of resources one website uses will never be able to outweigh a number of total resources on the server.

Many web hosts that claim to offer unlimited resources will often clarify what they mean by that in their Terms of Service. It is within that document where you’ll find outlined just how many resources you actually have available to you and what you’ll be charged should you surpass that maximum amount.

So should you use a web host that claims to give you unlimited resources? This is a highly debatable issue in the world of web hosting. While some say that this is false advertising, it is true that it’s unlikely the resources will ever run out.

It is also true that many, many web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth and resources with the assumption that you’ll check the Terms of Service to find out how much that will actually give you. If you need to know that everything is said upfront and you know right away, you might be better off choosing a limited web host. But choosing an unlimited web hosting will still likely bring you all the honesty and integrity you need from your web hosting company.

Top Unlimited Web Hosting Services in India

Why Use this?Star RatingMore Information
hostarmadaBest Unlimited Hosting4.9Get HostArmada
hostgatorBest Web Hosting for Beginners4.8Get HostGator
bluehostBest for Small usage and Bloggers4.8Get BlueHost
a2hosting-logo-e1512106960314Best Shared Hosting Provider4.8Get A2 Hosting
rocketnetBest New Hosting4.8Get Rocket
greengeeksThe Best Green/Environment Friendly Hosting4.6Try GreenGeeks
wordpresscomBest in Customer Support and Uptime4.6Get
cloudwaysBest Cloud Based hosting4.5Get Cloudways
mileswebEconomical and Fast Hosting4.4Get MileWeb
namecheapThe Cheapest Unlimited Hosting3.9Get Namecheap

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