Being a freelancer can often feel lonely and overwhelming and trying to grow your business can be even more so. But there is hope! If you want to learn how to market yourself as a freelance makeup artist, we have some ideas for you.

Without any formal presentations, let’s just skip to main matter – ‘how to market yourself as a makeup artist’.

Wear Your Worth.

Makeup is all about looking beautiful for events, photos, makeovers, whatever the case may be – therefore it only makes sense that you yourself need to look poised, pretty and put-together.

Do you your makeup whenever you go out and when you don’t do full makeup, still make sure your skin is clear, your lips look plump and your eyes are bright.

But Why?

Because if you walk into the mall or shops or salon portraying a well-groomed, aesthetically pleasing professional you will impress nearly everyone you come in contact with, this includes potential clients or promoters.

You are your best (and cheapest) advertisement – wear it well.

Get Yourself Business Cards.


Business cards may seem old hat but they are still very much necessary for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their business. Makeup artists are no exception to the rule.

In fact, a properly designed business card can mean opening doors to your future just as easily as the absence of one can cause those doors to unceremoniously slam shut in your face.

Think of a simple scenario: You do make up for a bridal party and it’s spectacular in fact it’s probably your best work yet. And the bridal party is all hyped up but the attention for that day is certainly (and understandably) not on growing your business. Good news though – one of the bridesmaids is impressed and she liked your work! But the thing is – in all the animation flurrying around, probably only of them can locate their phones in the moment that you’re ready to leave, and that one girl is probably not the bride-to-be.

You could give your number to some distant the friend and sure, and the bride has your info but after this there’s the honeymoon for her. So when she gets back all the feel-good wedding vibes have died down for the bride-to-be and she likely won’t think about you again until she needs to find her vendors, but does she remember your name?

A simple solution: a good old-fashioned business card or business cards, rather. Bring a whole stack along and pass them out, display them on your table, hand one to the events coordinator when he or she comes sniffing around.


Because it’s so, so simple and it works.

Have business cards printed, and always have some with you wherever you go.

Set your Business Online.

Unfortunately it’s a basic requirement for you to be online because if you’re not there you will not be seen and being seen translates to more clients, a greater income and it adds instant credibility.

It can appear daunting at first but it’s not that big of a deal. Actually, it now has only two elements: a website & few social media accounts.  Let’s see the basics of each:

1. Make use of Websites


Is it really that important? Isn’t that really excessive and expensive?

Important, definitely. Expensive? Not necessarily.

And if done right, there is no limit to how much an online presence can help to grow your business.

Think of a website as the beating heart of your online presence, it directs the flow of attention to your blog, social media and even your mailing list whilst also being pretty darn impressive on its own.

Without a heart your social media presence will die. Don’t let it die. If your budget is tight it doesn’t mean that you forfeit this game, it only means getting creative. Very literally.

There are so many, mostly free, drag and drop website builders that make it easy (and fun) to build your own website.

A key point however, is making sure to personalize that domain name (website address). Of course a website called is better than nothing at all but you want to be branded as a professional, right? A personalized domain name will do that for you.

2. Take full profit of social media

The best social media for makeup artists will be anything that can visually display your work. But it’s one thing for people to be able to find you, but showing them your style and quality of work is another thing entirely and it’s important to do so for many reasons.

First, any type of content that includes visuals i.e. good quality photos and/or videos will draw 94% more attention than content without photo or video.

That’s 94% more attention to your work!

Second any potential clients or promoters can see your work and decide whether or not you could possibly be a good fit for them – this is also why the quality of your content is so important.

So post before and afters of your work on your blog, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

  • Start your own YouTube channel where you do tutorials and tips, skin care advice and product reviews.
  • With marketing you need to give more to receive more.
  • Share others’ relevant, good quality content along with your. Comment and engage on said content.

And once you’ve built a bit of following you can approach influencers, people with a larger social media following, to potentially share some of your content.

  • You can and should also engage with other relevant professionals in the industry like hairdressers, photographers, caterers, dress makers, and event-coordinators.

You will find many of them will be able and more than happy to bring up your name in conversation.

A glowing recommendation (in the form of a business card, maybe?) from someone that a bride or potential client knows can go a long way to secure you more work.

This is why it’s important to mingle.

Social Media makes it so easy.

You can also meet new clients or promoters at wedding or fashion shows – after all, these are the kind of places where people are just dying to get to know you.

And that is exactly what marketing is all about.


Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
  1. I want to thank you! I’ve been having a hard time with, branding myself and figuring out how to make myself known and Ect. The information that’s in your arcticle is very helpful and I will apply them moving forward!!!
    Kennisha aka @kenniclay_mua

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