30 Best Online Jobs That Require Little or No Experience

Are you looking for some of the best online jobs that require little or no experience? If you are, you are obviously at the right place. In this article, I have listed 30 such online jobs that require minimal work experience but can pay you very handy.

Why Online Jobs?

The concepts of working from home and online jobs have gained a lot of prominence following the COVID-19 pandemic and technological trends. There are brands that are running entirely online, and such has been the impact.

The world finally witnessed how the internet is not simply a platform for entertainment. From online learning to online jobs —Internet-delivered all. However, people who wish to work at home are not necessarily looking for long-term employment.

Quite a few of them are simply interested in making some extra cash in a relatively short period. There are online jobs available for this purpose as well.

So online jobs are for everyone.

Who needs Online Jobs with little or no experience?

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Students, moms, tutors and unemployed people who haven't gathered enough experience in their resumes. Online jobs are not just for people with expertise in a certain sector.

If you have skills and you are just starting out, you try some online works that required zero experience (the list is in this article).

Plus the time lag is very negligible. In fact, there are some jobs where you can start working right after applying for them. They don’t demand too much from candidates and can be comfortably done as per your schedule. However, you need to remember that these jobs aren’t really well-paying and will not provide references for your resume either. Thus, you could have to take up more than one online job to earn your required amount of money.

In this article, I have listed some of the most recommendable entry-level online jobs that you can successfully take up even without any significant experience beforehand.

30 Best Online Jobs That Require Little or No Experience

Micro Jobs

As its name suggests, a micro job or short task is a relatively small piece of work that you can carry out to receive a correspondingly small fee. Usually, this fee amounts to just a few dollars or cents. However, such tasks can be completed in a rather short time, and thus you need to try and do as many of them as possible. You can find micro jobs by logging into a company’s website and choosing tasks from there. Good places to find such jobs include Amazon’s Clickworker, ySense, and Mechanical Turk.

Micro jobs are also available in online service marketplaces, where workers offer small services for a pre-decided fee. Buyers go through these marketplaces looking for people who offer the services they want. Apart from this, you can also consider crowdsourcing projects where companies employ a large number of people to work online as a small part of a bigger project. And, of course, do not forget the vintage work-from-home job opportunities – surveys and reward programs.

Keep in mind, though, that a lot of companies have a minimum payout. It means that you will have to wait until you have reached a certain amount in order to receive your money.

Where to find these jobs?

Data Entry

Online data entry is one of the most popular work-from-home job opportunities available today. The internet has made it convenient for companies to employ independent contractors to work on data entry projects. As a data entry operator, you can either use crowdsourcing technologies or access the company’s infrastructure remotely.

Data entry could possibly be associated with fields like basic general transcription as well. However, transcription tasks usually require a significant amount of extra experience as well. Many companies actively hire data entry workers, such as Support Ninja, Sigtrack, and Axion Data Services.

Where to find these jobs?

Online Juror (Subject to Availability)

The courtroom, as you may have witnessed in numerous films and television shows, can have a seriously heated atmosphere. While preparing for an impending trial, attorneys frequently put together a mock jury in order to get feedback from people similar to the ones they’ll have to face in the real jury. An in-person mock jury is rather expensive to arrange, and thus attorneys are going for economically priced online jurors instead. These people read the concerned material and answer questions or watch videos and listen to audio presentations.

Lawyers are on the lookout for people who are as close to real-life jurors as possible. Thus, online jury companies tend to hold pretty tough interviews featuring in-depth questions for applicants.

However, remember that you must never provide your bank information, credit card, or social security number under any circumstances. Their companies usually pay online jurors around $10 to $60. These companies typically don’t require a large number of jurors, so you should try to sign up for many companies. That will give you a much better chance of being selected for “jury duty”.

To sign up with jury companies, you will have to fill out a detailed questionnaire as well. Depending on your county, you will be required to possess certain qualifications as well.

Where to find these jobs?

App or website testing

Do you have good knowledge or experience regarding the features of a website that works, and which don’t?

If yes, then you could consider going for a job in website testing. User testers can take up more work from mobile applications that are under development or work reviewing websites. Quite a few developers are simply looking for a newcomer’s perspective, and thus you don’t really need to have deep knowledge about the internet.

Based on their demographic profiles, usability testers will have to perform various tests like age, education, social media use, and web knowledge. After that, they will be given relatively simple tasks to perform (like signing up on a website) or questions to address, and provide online feedback thereafter.

On average, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to do a review, for which you can be paid around $10. However, testers only receive their payment for the review after the client accepts their feedback. There is always the risk of your work being rejected and unpaid due to various issues determined by the client, such as inadequate details or technical grouses.

You will generally find these jobs in companies dealing with eCommerce and carrying out commercial transactions online, such as PayPal, eBay, and Amazon.

Where to find these jobs?

Search Evaluator

The job of search evaluation is known by many names, like ad quality rater, internet assessor, internet judge, and (quite obviously) search evaluator. As a search engine evaluator, you will have to inspect internet search results and provide feedback about their relevance, accuracy, and cleanliness from spam. For that purpose, you need to have a good understanding of the internet and present culture and efficient communication skills.

Although direct experience is not a prerequisite, a college degree is sometimes either required or appreciated. Since this field demands a certain level of experience, it helps you earn a higher income. Bilingual people are usually preferred for a search engine evaluator's position, though there are some positions for people who know only English as well. A few companies offer jobs in this field, such as Workforce Logiq, Lionbridge, Appen, and Google.

Where to find such jobs?


Proofreading is an excellent entry-level remote job as long as you are prepared to scan incredible amounts of text for spelling and grammatical errors. If you want a proofreading job, then being competent with the rules of grammar will be very helpful. It also helps if you have a keen eye for spotting the tiniest of typos or spelling mistakes.

The content you’ll be proofreading is wholly dependent on the role; for example, you could be reading student essays, press releases, newsletters, medical transcriptions, or the next bestselling novel. Since the list is so diverse, it makes the job much more interesting.

However, this is a job for which you may have to enroll in a proofreading course or have some first-hand experience of the same. You may also be required to take a test before you get the job. Depending on what your client wants, they might request you to perform certain basic editing tasks, such as improvising the layout or improving portions of the text.

That said, proofreading is a very flexible job that does not mandate you to have a desktop computer or superfast internet connection. You can do well with a tablet or laptop and a non-wired DSL internet connection as well.

Proofreading jobs can be found on:

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants, usually referred to as VAs, serve as administrative assistants from a home office. You can do these kinds of jobs for individuals, teams, departments, or even companies. As a virtual assistant, you need to be highly dependable, efficient, and organized, although you will be working from home.

A virtual assistant is expected to provide support for big and small businesses and, occasionally, individuals struggling to manage a huge workload. You will usually be asked to perform tasks that they don’t want to, or lack time to attend to. These include duties like answering phones, scheduling events and appointments, and filing and maintaining records, accounting, sales-related support, and word processing. If agreed with, you may get the opportunity to take up some more specific and one-off jobs as well.

There are a number of virtual assistant jobs that don’t mandate you to have any prior experience or specific skills to be eligible to apply. Thus, it is a highly recommendable entry-level remote job. If you are an avid learner, are ready to follow instructions, and are not bothered by doing a few tedious tasks every now and then, then you can gain tremendous success as a virtual assistant.

Soft skills, like the ability to work independently, problem-solving, and multitasking can give you an edge as well. Usually, you will get to decide your time and place of work. As long as you maintain the standard of work and meet deadlines on time, you can even go ahead and work from an outdoor pool resort if you want.

There are a number of companies that hire virtual assistants. Servcorp, founded in 1978 in Sydney, Australia, is one of the oldest and most well-known firms that provide services and virtual offices worldwide. Similarly, Timeetc is another reputable company that provides virtual assistants to help customers with accomplishing their objectives. You can also across virtual assistant jobs through placement agencies like Zirtual or individual companies like Boldly, Cisco, or Equivity, Inc. which have been hiring for these positions. 

Check out these sites for such jobs:

Online teaching

As an online tutor, you will have to work one-on-one with a student and help them with a particular subject or topic they face difficulties with. You can reach out and impart knowledge to students of all age groups – both children and adults, in fact. If you feel that you are talented in a particular field, you should definitely try to put those skills to good use and pass them on to students eager to learn. By becoming an online tutor, you can get a respectable income and still get to lead a relaxed and flexible lifestyle. Thus, it is an excellent online job that doesn’t demand any previous teaching experience from you.

The subjects you can take up for online tutoring are pretty much infinite. Some popular subjects include maths, science, literature, musical instruments, business, social media, writing, languages, and much more.

If you are creative enough, you can teach pretty much any skill you have on an online platform. All you need to do is to choose your area of expertise, decide your fees for every hour of tutoring and put up a teaching schedule according to your convenience. To get a job in this field, you can try creating a profile on any of the numerous tutoring websites on the internet, such as Preply.

Find more jobs on:

Social media manager

Social media platforms are gaining huge popularity all across the globe currently by providing a massive role in the success of a business.

Businesses are blooming and getting popular with just social media marketing. So, if you have even the slightest bit of experience in social media management and marketing, you could easily become a social media manager.

This job does not need much experience, and even newcomers and inexperienced people can apply for this position. As a manager, you can promote brands and their products through popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. This job deals with growing their community, managing comments, and improving their overall engagement. All you have to do to retain this job is add your creativity to posts and properly monitor the account by creating trendy videos, images, and even funny GIFs.

You can find social media manager jobs on:


Do you like keeping records and maintaining budgets and finance? If so, this is the right job for you! Booking is similar to maintaining a personal budget, but the only difference is that it is for books! A bookkeeper records income and expenses, invoicing clients, and financial reports. Their pay mainly varies between $25 to $50 per hour for this type of job and is easily accessible online.

Bookkeeping jobs can be found on:

Personal trainer

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Want to earn some money through your passion? Then being an online personal trainer is an excellent job for you. You can easily earn around $25 to $70 per hour for this job. But only consider this job if you have good knowledge of proper exercise techniques; otherwise, it might be risky for the trainee. Also, you can easily teach people via Zoom, Skype or Gmeet in both group or one-on-one settings. Thus you can help a lot of people while also earning some money.

Use these sites to find a job:

Online Beauty Advisor

Beauty and makeup have never been so popular. Nowadays, there is an increasing trend around makeup and beauty across social media throughout the world. Beauty channels on youtube and beauty content creators like that on TikTok or blogs are quite trending as of late.

If you have proper knowledge of beauty, makeup and lifestyle, you can easily earn $45+ per hour of content. Sharing your expertise in skincare and beauty routines can improve your client's confidence. As an online beauty advisor, you can cater to clients globally, depending on your skills. It will also help you create your brand image. 

Find such jobs on:

Online Recruiter

Nowadays, recruiters can also work as online recruiters from home. The work of a recruiter is quite easy. All you have to do is post about vacancies and look for potential employees who would suit the company you work for. You may also take part in phone interviews and applicant screening. You can easily earn $20 - $40 per hour as an online recruiter.

Try finding these jobs on:


A transcriptionist is a person who listens to an audio or video recording and then types everything that is said and accurately provides a clean document of the audio that is supposedly free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

It is quite an easy job to say. The most important factor in the job is your attention to detail. You cannot miss single punctuation here. You should also be incredibly fast at typing. Unfortunately, it is not such a popular job due to its low hourly pay. On average, people only earn $15 to $30 per hour with this job.

Such jobs can be found on:

Email Marketer

Do you feel confident enough with your writing skills that can mend people's minds? Are you capable enough to write emails that make people read and interested in them? If yes, this is a perfect job for you.

You can help as an email marketer to contact businesses and make money online by managing their email campaigns. If you can prove your skills, this may become a long-term job. You can easily earn up to $45 per hour with consistent work. It is even better to successfully attract viewers / potential customers with your marketing and make them regular.

Email marketing jobs can be found on:

Freelance Writer

It is a very well-paid as well as a flexible job. A freelance writer is one of the most sought professionals, especially during the pandemic. As a freelancer, you can work directly with brands on a contract basis or write individually for blogs, magazines, and journals that publish their original content online. This only job pays very well because there is a huge demand for writers.

You can easily earn around $15 to $100 per hour with freelancing writing. Apart from fantastic writing skills, you will need a passion to thrive harder and be flexible enough to write for various topics like technology, fashion, medicine, nature etc.

Sites: Get Writing Jobs Online on These 30 Freelance Writing Websites

Website Designer

Being a website designer is great if you like designing and are especially interested in UI / UX. Many brands - be it small scale or large scale, want to have their unique identity and create authentic websites for their stores or blogs or such. So, many refrain from using stuff like WordPress or go daddy.

You can give them exactly what they are looking for as a website designer. It would be best if you had a bit of HTML, CC, JS and quite a lot of knowledge in adobe illustrator, Figma or such designing platforms with basic knowledge of how UI/ UX works. You can easily earn up to $50 per hour with a good skill set.

You can find such tasks and jobs at:

Instagram Influencer

It is one of the most popular online jobs of 2024 and there are reasons. Instagram influencing and marketing have a huge influence on the current generation. The best age to be an Instagram influencer is 15 to 28. It is a great part-time job, especially for teens, as they can do it in the comfort of their homes.

Nowadays, Almost all businesses partner with Instagram influencers to promote their brand or products. It is so as it has proved to be quite effective for product sales. If you can use yourself and Instagram as a place to influence your audience to buy something or use a service, then surely go ahead and try this profession, as you can earn quite a few bucks with this.

While there's no direct job platform for this, one usually builds their own brand on Instagram. Once you have a significant following, platforms like AspireIQ, Upfluence, and Influenz can help connect influencers with brands.

Voiceover Artist

A Voiceover artist might be quite a fun profession with a good amount of money. You are suitable for the job if you have clear and smooth pronunciation. Online voiceover artists need to work for scenes related to movie/series dubbing, cartoon character voice over and much more. A decent computer with a good internet connection and good audio software with a decent mic is all you need for the job.

Find such jobs on:

SEO Expert

Nowadays, due to immense competition and many brands selling the same products online, many companies are looking for SEO experts.

Two of the primary requirements for an SEO Expert are to be excellent at building backlinks and enhancing the existing content of a website. As a search engine optimization expert, these two are the basic needs. Many companies only take people with degrees for the job, but as long as you have the perfect skill set, you can work anywhere.

SEO jobs can be found on:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting businesses. An affiliate marketer is usually a seller under a company who might sell courses, products or services - be it anything. You can be an affiliate for hundreds of companies at once.

It's like a freelancer seller where you are not bound to any particular company and can take up work from various brands simultaneously. Companies also may give you a tracking link to use in your promotions so that you can promote their brand. The only requirement to do this from home is registering as a seller with the company.

See: Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for handling visual effects. They are needed for a variety of reasons. They help you communicate the idea of the website visually; they can create good marketing banners and posters, make interactive social media posts, design products, and so much more.

Every good company needs to keep a team of graphic designers at hand. Visual advertisement and representation are very crucial for any brand/company. You can learn tools like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk sketchbook, Figma and even essential tools like Canva, PicMonkey and PicsArt. Every company requirement is not the same.

Jobs can be found on:

Watchings ads

Watching video advertisements online can be a good source of income. It may sound a bit unreal, but you can earn real money watching ads. And the best is that you do not have to make any initial investment to get started with this gig. All you need is your smartphone and a good data connection, and you are good to go. You can earn up to $20 per hour for watching advertisements.

It's not a lot of money but quite satisfying for teenagers who need a little extra money to spend. In addition, various companies like Swagbucks and Mypoints pay you for the same reason.

Try these sites:

Customer Service Rep

Many companies are ring customer service representatives nowadays. It is to handle customer queries remotely. It eases the company's workload and provides customers with a good experience.

You can work from the comfort of your home and even enjoy a variety of shifts. It provides huge flexibility with your work hours. Just remember that you will need a quiet space to work. It is the only requirement. This job also puts your communication skills to the test.

You can find such jobs on:

Music Reviewer

It is one of the most fun and entertaining online jobs that you can get. It is you getting paid for just listening to your favorite music. There are many companies out there that hire people to review tracks, test them out, and review samples, shorts, and new unreleased albums to get proper feedback.

Your feedback helps artists, bands and record labels to understand their target audience and make last-minute changes to their music before its release. It also ensures lesser chances of flop albums and also the fact that the masses get to enjoy good music.

Such jobs can be found on:

Chat Agent

Chat agent is a job more suited for introverts. In this job, you need to communicate with people, not on calls or video calls. If you are willing to help people with their problems, you can work online as a chat agent in the comfort of your home.

Chat agents offer customer support for any particular brand or company through a text-based chatting system. Chat agents are also expected to take on multiple queries at once. It is a great job to start as a person who wants to work from home but has no experience. Anyone without any special skills can do this job.

These jobs can be found on:

Online Moderator

On most online groups and forums, few people always maintain the peace of the groups. You must have noticed this, especially in Facebook groups where certain people are marled as moderators by group admins. They have a slight bit more rights in the group than you.

A moderator's daily work includes - answering negative comments, enforcing rules and guidelines, categorizing queries, and settling disputes. It is the same work as volunteers in any social event. You can easily earn around $15 to $40 per hour being a moderator in any online group or forum. You need to be strict and take necessary precautions against people who disobey any rules.

You can find these jobs on:

 Financial consultant

It is another excellent job if you are interested in finances and do love to keep track of personal income and expenditure. A financial consultant's responsibilities include forecasting, conducting risk analyses for financial plans, costs and revenues, and evaluating capital expansion options (e.g., funding or loans).

Your job is to ensure that your client does not have to worry about their finances, and you can ultimately ensure that the client faces no loss. It needs you to be diligent, active and, most importantly, good with finance. It is one of the higher pay jobs for online jobs.

Search for these jobs on:

Online translator

A translator is quite in demand irrespective of the period. It might be an excellent online job if you know one or two additional languages. You can do this job in the comfort of your home. With globalization, more and more people are interacting interracially and internationally. This way, companies collaborate, and businesses flourish. As an online translator, you have to be the bridge between two people who cannot connect on their own. It is quite an easy job if you already know the desired languages and hunt for clients who need your services.

You can find online translation jobs on:

Online video editing

There is a big demand for video editors because of the rapid growth of video content on the Internet. Video editing is also great and hassle-free as one can do it easily from home or anywhere.

Most video editors work online from home and make an excellent income from editing videos. It may become a full-time profession for some people from a side gig. You can earn as much as $10 per minute editing a video depending on your skill and experience. It would be best if you learned various video editing techniques to earn money from this easy online job to do this job. It is one of the most popular online jobs of 2024.

These are the sites for jobs in online video editing:


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There are a lot of advantages of working from home; most notably, you will not have to commute to an office in order to make your ends meet. The biggest challenge is finding a satisfactory job that is both entry-level and remote. Also, you must be aware that the internet is heavily infested with convincing-looking job scams hosted by frauds and con artists. Once you overcome these challenges and find a job that is secure and well-paying, you will certainly find the experience to be most rewarding.