How Call Tracking can Help Your Business?

In this article, you will learn everything about call tracking and how it can help your business, especially:

  • What is Call Tracking?
  • How Does Call Tracking Work?
  • Different Types of Call Tracking
  • How Can Call Tracking Supercharge Your Business?

There are hundreds, even thousands, of strategies that can work for your company.

Each of these strategies aims to help improve your engagement with your clients and raise the people's awareness about your brand. A successful marketing campaign is essential for your business to thrive. So, how do marketers know which strategies work and which don’t? Through data as marketers know that it’s crucial for you to know if your attempts are triumphant.

If you’re utilizing pay-per-click ads and other marketing campaigns, you can measure them through online tools that can be used for analysis. But what about the leads that you get from phone calls? How do you measure them? Fortunately for you, there’s one tool that can help you with this problem: call tracking.

What Is Call Tracking?

So, what is call tracking? You may not have heard of this term before, or maybe you did, but you don’t really know what it is. You are not alone. Unfortunately, even though call tracking is not something new, most business owners and even some marketers are not aware of what it is, and because they don’t know what it is, they don’t know how to take advantage of its different benefits.

Call tracking is a simple method used to track the leads that you have collected from your phone calls, whether you use a PBX or a regular system for communication. You can do this by positioning your tracking numbers for your different online marketing strategies, such as paid ads and email marketing (such as Aweber). You can also place these numbers on your website and landing pages.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

How Does Call Tracking Work?

The way that call tracking works is by providing you with data that the software has gathered from your inbound phone calls. It gives entrepreneurs like you every single detail of the way you communicate and relate to your customers. It aids you in understanding what type of keywords your clients utilize in order to join you in a phone call or what kind of ads they respond to.

A lot of people think that it’s difficult to navigate through the call tracking software. They think that it would be difficult to track your phone calls from your different marketing efforts. However, this is untrue since most software are fairly easy to familiarize yourself with and use.

How? Well, you’ll use different numbers for your various marketing campaigns. The software used for call tracking will then make it easy for you to run different phone numbers.

Each of the specialized numbers that you will use will then be used as the referral number for your campaign, thus, making the call that your client uses a reflection of what campaign brought that lead. Then, after a period, the call tracking software will gather all the data from each of your campaigns to display which marketing strategies of yours are bringing home the bacon.

Different Types of Call Tracking

There are types of call tracking services that you may be able to utilize and can help you with making your business grow. Each of these services has their own scope and benefits that you can enjoy.

Basic Call Tracking

This service involves a single phone number that you can tie to one of your referral sources or marketing channels.

Anytime someone calls you on that phone number, you can immediately know where it comes from. It can significantly work with a business who owns a small business and receives a limited number of calls.

It can also work if you only have one or two marketing campaigns. It would be easy to manage since the reporting is pretty straightforward. The reports you’ll receive will most likely look like monthly reports showcasing the breakdown of the call volumes you receive from your campaign.

Campaign Level Call Tracking

Campaign level of call tracking is almost the same as basic call tracking. However, it involves at least two or more phone numbers that are being tied to different marketing campaigns. You get a more granular type of report since you’ll be allocating different phone numbers for various campaigns. You can assign these phone numbers to your:

This is a practical solution for you if you’re finding ways to have a simple attribution to your different marketing efforts. However, it can become counterproductive and costly in the long run since you’re going to run a lot of phone numbers as your efforts and company grow.

Session Level Call Tracking

If you want to see the dominant technology in your call tracking software, you can start with session level tracking. It has been constructed on a technology called "dynamic number insertion".

It’s an innovation that is a session-based number and is assigned to every visitor and his/her online activity/activities. This level of call tracking utilizes an automatically distinctive phone number.

Thus, your every client’s every action that has led to his/her call can be tracked. This would work well for you if you have an affiliate program or if you have several partners in the media that can refer traffic to you because the referring source of the call will be captured.This, allows your referring partners to display the traffic that they’ve delivered to you and not lose attribution.

Visitor Level Call Tracking

This level of call tracking is by far the most potent and forceful. Why? It’s influential and dominant since among the different types of call tracking, this one addresses the actuality of the complexity of the world.

How does this call tracking differ from others? It does not easily flag the visits that you receive as a direct visit. The service allows you to see what your client has gone through in order to arrive at his/her final destination.

It gives credit to every single participant in the process; thus you won’t be tempted to discount any of your efforts.

Visitor level call tracking, unlike other methods of call tracking, captures every single point of your client’s interaction with your different campaigns. Thus, you’ll be able to see the whole picture.

How Can Call Tracking Help Your Business?

If you haven’t started using call tracking for your business yet, these benefits might convince you right away to start doing so.

You can track different calls back to your client’s keyword searches.

If you are using keyword call tracking, you’ll be able to see what kind of keyword/keywords lead to the call.

You’ll be able to check what your clients use when searching for you, even if the search they’ve utilized is paid or organic. If you can monitor which keywords are popular and can drive traffic to you and your website, then you can be able to create marketing strategies that target more efficiently.

You can measure the influence of your content.

If you can track the activities of your callers while they’re on your company’s website, you’ll be able to gain an insight into what pages are highly visited and which are not. You can also check what pages they’ve visited before they made contact with you. This will allow you to see which of your web pages drive you leads and which don’t. You’ll also see how much time your clients spend on your website.

You can go further than the last click attribution.

If you go further than last click attribution, you’ll be able to measure the different activities that end up in a conversion. It does not only show which of your campaigns your client last interacted with, but also the other campaigns that have been involved all throughout your client’s interaction with you.

This can be helpful to you since most marketers only give credit to the last click of the client. But with this, you’ll gain a deeper insight of the different processes involved in each of your conversions. Thus, you’ll be provided with a better picture of your campaign’s effectiveness.

You can easily integrate call tracking with other web applications.

Most of the call tracking softwares can be integrated with other web applications; therefore, you’ll be able to perform tasks that will help you increase your efforts’ productivity. You can:

You can check every detail of the call history.

Your call tracking software will give a detailed call history. This will allow you to connect with:

  1. People who have missed a call
  2. Previous prospects that have stopped contacting you
  3. Probable opportunities that your company can work with
  4. Approach and offer potential customers your products and services

Through this, it would be easy for you to gain a lead since most of these people already have knowledge of your business. They’ll mostly convert rather than become a cold call.

You can inquire about a geographical location for possible business expansion.

The focus of any company, big or small, is to keep growing and reaching more and more people. With call tracking, you’ll be able to look for any geographical location that has provided a lot of leads. You’ll be able to find out where most people who call your company are from. This way, you’ll be able to evaluate which areas you’re getting the most earnings from and help you identify where can you possibly expand your business.

You can check if there are improvements to your return on investment.

It’s crucial for anyone who is in the field of business to calculate their return on investment (ROI). Why? It’s essential because it shows you what efforts are working and what efforts of your are not. Thus, you’ll be able to allocate your time, effort, and money more efficiently. Call tracking will show you how much traffic you’re getting on your site from all of your marketing campaigns.

You can be aided in finding out if there are improvements in your operational standards.

If you have a call tracking software, you’ll be able to record every single one of your phone calls. You’re also able to play back every single one of them. Thus, you’ll be able to construct a precise picture of your clients. You’ll be able to see what they like and what they don’t want, which will allow you to create the right products and services for them.

You can easily improve your staff management.

Because you have the power to record and playback all of the phone calls you’re getting, and you’re gaining an insight of your clients, it would be easy to check on your employees’ performance. This can be very beneficial in helping you ensure that your employees are giving their best at work. It would also help you create different elements of training and programs that can improve your staff’s performance.

If, before reading this article, you were not aware of the different benefits of utilizing call-tracking software, then we hope you are now.