When you have a brand you want to set sail into the “top” one-percent of companies within your niche, you’ve got to make sure you have enough firepower to back your progress. This is best done by establishing dominance and relevance in your niche, which you can do carefully and properly through the right digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, while this is the goal we’re all aiming for, it’s easier declared than fulfilled – and this is because a lot of marketers tend to think “strategy” in digital marketing is just about getting yourself the most returns. This article will explain just how this isn’t exactly the case.

Let’s get a few statistics out first before we get just how we can build an effective digital marketing strategy for your enterprise. Desktop still dominates the gadgets scene by far, with both tablets and smartphones trailing a bit behind in terms of consumer usage – which means it’s very likely that your customers will be using both a desktop and a mobile device. In fact, you should make sure you at least make your site as best as possible, as more than two (2) seconds of load time can risk users leaving your site by 50-percent – which is relevant, given 93-percent of all site traffic is driven by search engines, and 72-percent of searchers who find stores within five (5) miles will most likely go there.

Meanwhile, social media has also evolved to be more than “just” a place to place content. Rather, it’s actually become the most popular content marketing tool used by nine (9) out of ten (10) businesses – with photography, online newsletters, videos, and blogs trailing behind.

And imagine, tapping into all these numbers at the same time with a strategy that gets to “unite” these principles in one swoop. That’s the ideal digital marketing strategy.

Creating A Bomber Digital Marketing Strategy

With the above taken into consideration, it’s important to consider just how many advantages you can get when you choose the right digital marketing strategy for your brand. Thing is, you can only ever get to the “right” strategy when you understand the essential components that make up your digital marketing goals – and by extension, your branding goals – first, and then building upon those goals to formulate the “best” strategy that might work for you. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Remember to be consistent with your branding: If you want to form a good digital marketing strategy, don’t forget about your branding. Aside from remembering the elements of your branding such as your color scheme and iconography, don’t forget about your voice and your branding’s vision. These elements mesh together to form a “personality” your brand shows to your audience, so make sure it’s consistent throughout your campaign. Do you want to be authoritative, informative, funny, or friendly? You’re not limited to these tones, but remember that the one you choose should be in line with your company’s principles, desires, and objectives.
  • Research on recent trends and statistics, both in your industry and in sectors related to it: When you start building out a digital marketing campaign, make sure you’re aware of just what’s happening in both your industry and related sectors. What are the current trends in products, technologies, and consumer interests? Try as much as possible to stay updated with the recent highlights of your industries, so you know just what keywords, concepts, phenomenon, and circumstances you can bank on to generate interest from your readers and audiences.
  • Focus on providing relevance and meaning: When you make a digital marketing campaign, your message comes first before everything else. Just what is the point of your strategy? What value or meaning do you want your brand to be remembered for at the end of this campaign? Do you want to sell a service or a product? Do you want to make sure people remember you for a funny story or a trend? Do you want to make sure people are knowledgeable about a certain trend? Make sure this is clear before you choose the strategy you want to pursue.
  • Choose a channel that can send the kind of message you want your brand to tell: Digital marketing campaigns work a lot of times not just because people hit the right trends at the right time, but because they chose the right campaign to send the message with. There are a ton of channels available to build upon your digital marketing needs, which may include search marketing, content marketing, and even more intricate ones such as search engine optimization (SEO). Choose one that represents your message best, or choose multiple campaigns to hit the kinds of needs you want. Focus on a content marketing campaign to always have a means to send out content on a strategic manner, and then go for SEO in order to make sure you get your website and other releases optimized for your campaign’s needs.
  • Make sure you create a system that assesses and monitors your progress: One of the biggest mistakes digital marketers make is that they stop monitoring their progress in the slightest signs of improvement or success. Don’t make that mistake – always make sure systems are in place that allow you to regularly check the performance of your campaigns, especially on successes. This can be in the form of a program that gives reports, weekly meetings, or even status checks integrated into the pipeline. This also always makes sure you’re in a position to improve or adjust the parameters of your campaigns should you really need to make certain adjustments.

With the points above, it’s important to consider how you can actually leverage on various aspects of your industry to create a digital marketing campaign that not only emphasizes on your brand but on how you can contribute to the industry. Invest on what customers need and want to see from brands today, and use the top trends in your niche in order to establish your relevance as a brand. If you establish these very early on, and when you start aligning these to your primary business goals, then you can create much more powerful digital marketing strategies regardless of the channels and methods you choose.


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