How To Use Google Maps Marketing For Your Business

Businesses everywhere are struggling to lure in customers now that social distancing guidelines have become widely embraced.

Many entrepreneurs are turning to innovative new advertising measures in an effort to drum up some business in these trying times, though few of them are aware of specific tools that can be leveraged to great effect.

Google Maps marketing, for instance, can be an extraordinarily effective advertising method for small business owners trying to bolster their financial prospects.

By focusing on bolstering your digital search rankings and making local consumers well-aware of your presence, you can use Google Maps marketing to maximize your commercial success. 

Tapping into the power of Google

Why should you use Google Maps for marketing purposes, anyway? The short and simple answer is that millions of users rely on Google for directions when they need to get around. Google Maps thus presents an ideal marketing opportunity to those businesses which are tech-savvy enough to get marked down on the map, ensuring tourists and locals will flock to your company for whatever it is they need. Local businesses in particular will want to tap into the power of Google Maps because it ensures that customers in your area will become loyal patrons of your business for years to come.

One of the reasons that local businesses benefit from Google Maps more than larger corporations is that users generally use Google Maps to identify the nearest store when they want something. If a local customer is looking to grab something to eat, they’re far more likely to visit your restaurant located 5 miles away than they are to visit the franchise store that’s 10 miles away. During these times, especially, businesses should be looking to bolster the amount of money they earn from loyal and local customers to the greatest extent possible. 

Unfortunately, getting on Google isn’t enough in and of itself. You’ll also want to ensure your company appears high up in Google search results, as research has made it clear that users almost exclusively click on those links which appear on the first page of Google search results. As Forbes illustrates, the value of search engine results can’t be overstated in the modern world, so companies that focus on Google Maps should also pay attention to their search engine rankings. Otherwise, your Google Maps marketing efforts could be in vain. 

Embracing geo-filters

What are some specific methods of local advertising that you can rely upon once you’re on Google Maps? Coupled with a location that’s easily accessible on Google Maps, local measures such as sign-spinners and geo-filters can go to great lengths to bolster the amount of traffic your business enjoys. Geo-filters are geographically distinct filters made available on popular social media platforms like Snapchat; when users in your local area take pictures of themselves and begin swiping through their various filters, they’ll see one with your company name or brand image pop up on their screens. 

Having accurate information about your business available to the public in the form of Google Maps is important, but so is relying on other local-advertising measures. Sign-spinners can usually be afforded by even the smallest of businesses, for example, and other fascinating methods for catching people’s attention as they drive through your local area shouldn’t be discounted, either. 

Proximity is important, so ensure that people near your business are being exposed to its digital presence. Paying for local search ads can ensure your search engine rankings go up, too. Keep these tips in mind as you embrace the commercial power of Google Maps marketing, and your company will be drowning in customers in no time.