Pay per Call (PPCall) is an integral and much beneficial kind of online advertising where the publishers are getting paid only when someone will call on the number shared on the ad display. PPCall is one of the highly targeted sources of the marketing plan where chances of the conversion are quite big and hence provide excellent ROI on the campaigns.

Now as business advertise in many places and so it becomes an ingredient to know the source of the call so that the publisher will be paid. For this, we use something called Pay Per Call Tracking software and there are various products available for the same.

Also, don’t mix with the traditional call marketing as here users won’t have to pay for the call. Instead here for every call made will be paid by the company. Usually, they share the toll-free number and the company will be charged for the calls made their customers. Companies like Ringba provide everything you need to start running Pay Per Call campaigns.

Now let’s see how you can get started with PPcall in easy steps!

3 steps to getting started with Pay Per Call

Here are the three simple steps using which you can get started with the pay per call advertising. If done properly, it will be a huge benefit for you. Also, this mode of advertisement is beneficial for both advertiser and publisher.

The advertiser gets targeted leads which have huge potential to get converted and at the same time publisher receive a higher payout. If you will look for the average payout, it will look like below-

If you will compare this rate with any other PPC or PPD offers, you will find how better PPcall is for the publisher. And the same applies to the advertisers as well and their conversion rate is high.

#1 Choose the advertising source

Being a business, you should think of where you want to promote your business online. For this, you can take help of some affiliate networks, or Google AdWords, or Bing ads etc. Depending on the nature of your product and service, you can select the advertisement network.

Also, before starting make sure you have all the basic things in place like:

  • Get the advertising materials like a banner, text ads, GIFs etc. ready
  • Get the toll-free and tracking number for the proper utilization of the campaign
  • Ensure that the sale scripts and texts on the images and catchy. For this, you may take help of experts.
  • Fix your advertising budget and the payout for each valid call

#2 Choose PPcall Tracking partner

Once you are done with the above step, it’s time to work on the next important thing tracking. You need to subscribe to any call tracking software and what can be better than the Ringba. Sign up for Ringba and get started with the amazing world of complete inbound call management and marketing. You will get the following features while working with Ringba:

#3 Launch the campaign and start getting leads

Once everything is in place, it’s time to launch your campaign and start getting inbound leads. People will call you for the service/products you are offering. Once you start getting the calls, with the help of Ringba real-time dashboard, start getting the real-time stats, sources, and many other details. Based on these details, you can optimize and scale your campaigns easily.


This was all about the initial steps to get started with the Pay Per Call advertising for any company. If you are in serious business, you should definitely explore pay per call ads for the quality leads which converts to the sales.


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