Link building is a very effective way of improving your positioning in search engines, but some of its practices are sometimes penalized. So, why not concentrate in creating “linkable” content in order to get external links?

Link baiting or link earning are some of the names that have been proposed for obtaining external links in a natural way, by creating high-quality content that is actually interesting. In this article, we will refer to it as natural link building, because there is also the task of “link building” (when referring to the foundations of the whole thing).

Here are some important tricks you can follow in order to create content that people will link to:

Share a trick and prove that it works!

Every profession has certain tricks that don’t go through the standardized path and let you take a shortcut. SEO professionals know this more than anyone else! In this case, to share a secret trick can actually help you to generate lots of backlinks. If the trick is good, and with a bit of luck, you will be loaded with links from people eager to share this secret with their communities. But apart from talking about the trick and make it public, you will have to prove that it works.

Example: This is how I increased Google Page Rank of a New Site

Propose an experiment and expose the results

The logic is the same as in the previous tip. To let people know a procedure that works, and to also prove that it does. SEO professionals always say, “Don’t believe everything you read in blogs, try it yourself!” It’s for this reason that any content that offers empiric proof is more popular. That’s because you are saving people time, by showing them that’s it’s true, then contrasting the hypothesis with reality. If you manage to demonstrate a relevant hypothesis, you will then create a novelty in your niche. And what’s better than that for getting backlinks?

Example: WordPress URL Shortening: An Interesting Consequence

Conduct a poll

Now we’re entering the world of deluxe content. As is the case with verifiable experiments, this kind of information is great due to the huge amount of taking that’s there in the blogosphere. A survey conducted towards companies from your sector, or to the kind of clients to which your business is pointed at, is an excellent way to get backlinks. Everyone is looking for precise and real data, whether it is for making decisions that affect their businesses or sharing them with their target audience.

Example: Who is a successful blogger?

Create an infographic

A good way of creating content without much effort is to post a graphic created by others and comment on it. You have probably seen thousands of posts like that, right? Infographics are so popular in blogs and social media because they express information in a visual way. So, why not take advantage of this and create an infographics of your own? You will be amazed by how many backlinks you can get from it!

Example: Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

These are just some of the tips you can follow in order to create content that people will link to. If you’d like to go deeper into this subject, you may see this post in order to find more detailed information!


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