Getting your website ranked on top of the SERP is the dream of every website owner. However, with all the large numbers of factors that need to be controlled to get this it becomes much more complex most of the times. Even with the most expensive SEO agency you might find it difficult to see results as you expected.

So, what do we do? Well, there are several simple options that most times are ignored for one reason or the other. Sometimes it takes only a few easy-to-do steps and get remarkable results when it comes to improving SEO ranking.

One of the most convenient and, you can say ‘readymade,’ efficient source for improving SEO ranking is focusing on creating effective back links. Backlinks work like a reference to your website, product or content on another website. These links (terms) connect the user to the content on your website when the user clicks on the link. It makes it much easier for attracting user traffic to your website without significant effort.

I realize that we are not experts at the back-end processes of the SEO and other internet processes. However, you need to understand that the intense advance in IT and internet technology now allows general internet users to take a peek into the actual workings of any website. My advice to clients for easy and better SEO ranking through back link building is to seek out competing websites that are ranked higher than theirs and emulate their strategy into yours.

There is this “1-2-3” like simple-to-do checklist to ensure best backlink building efforts:

Step 1: Finding the Competition

Use your chosen keywords in a search engine to see the top-ranked websites who are using the same keyword to get a higher ranking.


Using the Site Explorer tool (paid, or try Open Site Explorer as free alternative), you can easily access the analysis report of the functioning of your and any website. This lets you see how many websites are providing backlinks to any particular website.

Simply click on the ‘Reference Domains’ options in the menu on the left-hand side of the Site Explorer. Click on the ‘DR’ (Domain Rating) option on the top of the list from a list of rating that shows the backlink profile strength of the website in a descending manner (highest to lowest).

The website with the highest Domain Rating (DR) is the elite choice with the most numbers of effective back links.

Search Console by Google is the best way to manage link sources and understand how search rankings are working for you and which domains are linking to your pages. There is more where Search Console can help you around.


The main aim of this step is to replicate the back links from reference websites that have the most power for attracting user traffic.

To do this, simply check the anchor text for the back link to the actual content on the website. This lets you see how the website has integrated the anchor text into the content. Next, you can integrate the link into your own website by:

  • Joining the website community
  • Provide guest blog posts
  • Contact the Webmaster
  • Reach the author for future reference to your website directly

Creating effective and efficient back links is not a strictly guided process, and you should take liberty with the creative end of the process. Using common sense and understanding your exact requirements can help you in the best way to improve SEO ranking with high-quality backlinks.


Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
  1. This is quite awesome, I really enjoyed this wonderful post. The strategy for stealing the backlinks from competitors is quite ultimate. Thanks for sharing the list.

  2. yes thanks for sharing, we are using same method you mentioned. although ahrefs is costly but does the work on seo part to the extreme level.

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