5 Most Convenient and Useful Email Finders in 2022

Email marketing is the backbone of all online businesses right now. Quality email marketing takes plenty of tools for a business to succeed. And among these, there are tools like email finders that can be very helpful in growing an email marketing campaign online.

95% revenue goals are achieved only by sales teams who bring leads and opportunities regularly every month. Such a situation is possible only when you use the correct tools for doing the proper prospecting. Unless you do this, your sales can drop to 25%.

Using a modern email finder tool provides users with a massive amount of contacts in several seconds. Thus, you will get many new prospects and make your campaign more effective.

If you haven’t had any luck with email finder tools before, there is a point in trying something new. We created a list of modern email finder tools that will make your prospecting more accurate.

Why use Email Finder Tools?

Email finder tools

Email finder tools, also known as email hunters, are SaaS products that can be used to find emails publicly available and related to a specific website. An email finder tool searches the web for all instances of emails attached to a website. These tools can be used as browser extensions or web-apps to find email address of prospects in no-time.

Email finder tools are basically search engines for email addresses. All you need is to enter your query and they deliver email addresses instead of search results.

Coming back to question, there are several reasons why salespeople use email finders, the first one being — to save time.

As a salesperson, you don’t need to visit every site and wrangle various pages to find an email address. Just open an email finder tool, enter the website address, and voila! There you have. All the email addresses that exist for that certain site.

Most importantly, these email results are most of the time correct and up to date.

What Email Finder tools are usually used for?

Email finder tools are, as said earlier, used for discovering the prospects in quick time. Additionally, these come in handy when you are:

  • Looking for marketing qualified leads
  • Building high-value email lists
  • Already in possession of an email list and now want to check if the emails are up to date.
  • Trying to reduce bounce rates.

Looking for marketing qualified leads

Leads who are already interested in your products or services are often called marketing qualified leads (MQLs). The odds of selling something to people who have already shown interest in some of your products are quite high. Having direct email contacts is extremely important if you wish to be successful in the B2B or B2C marketing sphere.

Building lists of high-value

Before starting a sales campaign, it is necessary to have a high-value list of contacts because it will always result in higher revenue. When you deal with an account-based marketing strategy, generating good revenue is highly important. Try to get as many high-value contacts as you can to boost your marketing efforts.

Reducing bounce rates

High bounce rates can signal you that something is wrong with your marketing campaign. Many different issues can cause high bounce rates, such as invalid addresses, spam filters, technical issues with servers, or low sender reputation. Tracing such matters can take time. Email finder tools can be beneficial, for that matter. They can show you the real reason for getting so many bouncing emails.

Pros And Cons of Using Email Finding Tools


People like getting things for free. Most mail finder websites offer a free trial period to their customers. This feature will allow you to try the tools and find out how it works, giving insight into the tool’s accuracy, speed, and efficiency. Also, some companies can provide you with initial lists of contacts that you can use in your campaigns. Such offers can be beneficial when getting started with marketing.


B2B email finder tool makers appreciate the time, money, and effort spent on prospecting activity. The process of creating and maintaining such tools is complicated and quite expensive. One can hardly imagine the effort when developing such software from scratch. Expect a learning curve when using email finders. Also, even the most well-designed tools can have their flaws and errors. Remember that no software is perfect.

The Most Effective Email Finder Tools

Anymail Finder


Looking for a specific lead is challenging if you do not know a person’s name. However, Anymail Finder can lend you a helping hand as you only need a job title to get started with your search. It verifies all email addresses against a number of websites and chooses those with the most negligible chances of getting bounced. The single thing you need to do is upload a list of leads and find out what number of verified emails are available for free.

As with any other email finder, this tool requires you to get a paid subscription. However, if you want to upload only one file, you can pay a certain amount of money for single use of this tool. The pricing is quite reasonable and starts at around $49 per month.



This email finder is one of the most convenient tools for sales outreach and marketing campaigns. It searches for contacts across various sites, providing very detailed info on each lead. Such a tool is beneficial when you have minimum information about contacts you wish to find because SignalHire takes care of all the heavy lifting. The paid subscription costs $49 per month. For this money, you will get 350 email credits. Mind, however, that by the end of the month, all unused credits expire.


Wwwlusha com lusha extension

Lusha extension is one of the most popular email finders that has a good reputation for delivering correct phone numbers, email addresses, headquarter revenues, etc. One of the features that make Lusha so outstanding is that it works in real-time. When combined with really high accuracy, this email finder can help you build high-value lists. Pricing for using Lusha is quite adequate and will cost you something about $79 per month. Even though prices there may seem higher than on other similar resources, Lusha offers you the quality that is definitely worth paying for. The free version only has five credits, though.



If you want to find decision-makers by their names, think about using Hunter.io. In return, you will get the person’s job title, photo, and contact details. This app also comes with a high accuracy rate of at least 90%. Also, this extension can be installed into Chrome or Google Sheets and will cost you $49 per month. As a bonus, you get 25 free searches from the start. Or, you can try a good Hunter.io alternative.

Snov.io Email Finder

Image 37

If you want to add B2B contacts to the CRM system, try the Snov Email finder. This email finder is both convenient and effective. The software can save a lot of time (and thus money) as it performs an advanced search in several minutes. Also, Snov Email finder is suitable for those companies who want to reconnect with past leads.

Bottom line, email finders are beneficial and convenient tools that help with B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. They save time and help acquire new contacts without extra hassle. If you want to bring your marketing campaigns to a new level and boost your conversion rates, try one of the tools mentioned above.

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