A Customer Relationship Management or CRM software has nowadays become the most important tool for online businesses.

From generating conversations, converting them to leads, data onboarding, keeping track of your expanding customer base, clients and suppliers – CRM softwares manage everything that is required for business growth.

Best CRM Software for Online Businesses

See, the thing is that it was not very easy to manage customer data before the CRM apps came into play. But likewise there was a very less competition among companies to get hold of customer data.

Time has changed and technology has now become an integral part of businesses. Every brand is competing with the other businesses. That’s why you can’t choose wrong tools if you want to win the competition. Choosing the right CRM software is very very important.

In this article, I have briefly analyzed 15 of the best CRM softwares (also known as Business CRM apps) that you can use. These are trusted by premier brands, are easy to work with and are also cost efficient. Most of these are free to start (as they offer trials), so if you are uncertain about investing too early, feel free to explore the trial period first and decide whether or not it’s worth paying.

Remark: This list was not sponsored by any of the CRM companies listed below. If an app is in the list, that means the app is worth being here.

Without further ado, let us take a look at the 15 best CRM applications for online business (more options to be added soon).

Best CRM Software for Online Businesses in 2020

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is the most-recommended app on this list. Why? They deliver some of the best email services and CRM tools for small businesses. It’s designed to help companies attract, engage, and satisfy customers. Plus, it is free to start and if you


  • Zia, the AI-powered sales assistant which learns about business and predicts trends, conversions, and anomalies.
  • Smooth integration with Google apps and Zoho Apps.
  • Realtime data.
  • Live online training.
  • You can link Zoho CRM to your customer’s social media accounts and pages and also send invitations to connect with them.
  • Detailed analytics.


Free for teams upto 3 users. For businesses, it offers 15 days free trial, then $12/user/month.

Hubspot CRM

Whenever you search for management tools, you may see that Hubspot will appear at the top. Because it has some of the best features and offers you everything you need to track and organize customer leads for mostly free of cost.


  • Up to 1 million contacts, users and storage free of cost.
  • More deals with less work involved.
  • Effectively track your deals
  • Offers a single, detailed dashboard view.
  • It allows you to link it to all locations of your sales processes, such as websites, email service providers, and social media profiles.


Free to start. $50 to $5000 per month for different plans.


Freshsales CRM is specially developed to help your sales team keep track of leads and solve their queries. It provides a straightforward and easy to use interface which allows you to manage thousands of leads very effectively.


  • The setup procedure is effortless and straightforward, and you can also integrate it with other business apps.
  • It offers a wide range of features such as affiliate management, call recording, auto-dialers, and many more.
  • It enables you to track user management with the website.
  • It effectively helps you identify where your leads are coming from, which gives your sales team a great advantage.


21 days of free trial, then $12/user/month.

Agile CRM

Agile is an easy to use CRM application with all-in-one automation, primarily focused on marketing, sales, and service. It offers services such as helpdesk, two-way email, gamification, and many more.


  • It’s useful in speeding up the sales, which makes the customer experience more satisfying.
  • It has a smooth integration with the social media channels to connect with customers, which makes it more efficient.
  • It has an online scheduling feature that makes a date for appointment and meeting.


Free plan: 0$; Premium: $14.99/month


Salesforce brands itself as the #1 used CRM application for small businesses. It assures hassle-free contact management by enabling you to see all your customer information and interaction history in one place. It also offers various integrations, such as the one for Power dialer, Linkedin, JIRA and many others.


  • It integrates with your Gmail and synchronizes your emails so that users can have a complete view of customers.
  • It gives you a complete analysis of how your business is performing in the market.
  • It runs various campaigns across multiple social media channels to captivate the audience.
  • The Salesforce Mobile app allows users to view meetings, events, and account updates at fingertips.




Salesflare is a CRM application that is designed and built for B2B companies. It has a neat and straightforward interface that shows you a clear view of your customer’s activities.


  • It’s easy to setup. It takes only a few clicks before it gets up and starts running.
  • It has a customer conversation feature, which helps your team members to follow customer conversation without having to be involved in direct messages.
  • It has a better document management system.
  • It boosts the productivity of your sales team by enabling them to perform sales related tasks instead of spending significant time on data entry.




Pipedrive is a leading CRM application with some of the easiest sales tools for small businesses. You can add up to 100 apps to Pipedrive, which helps you set up and manage client dashboards.


  • More reliable as it introduces a wide range of features to automate the important information about the costumers.
  • It helps your sales team to visualize the complex process and increases sales productivity.
  • It does better forecasting and reporting.
  • It comes with goal tracking and revenue forecasting features to use existing data to monitor your progress and performance in the market.



Capsule CRM

CapsuleCRM is an easy-to-use application to get organized with your business and make more sales. It can easily handle your sales pipeline, monitor deals, bids, and organize your emails, documents, and conversations in a single place.


  • It enables you to get a wide range of contact management strategies by sorting important information about your clients.
  • Business owners can get an easy summary of their business’s growth opportunities by using the Capsule dashboard.
  • Capsule’s servers ensure the safety of your business data.
  • You can create customized categories of various information related to your customers.
  • It has a comprehensive contact management tool that saves and sorts your clients, contacts, vendors, and categorizes them accordingly.
  • Capsule makes it easier to monitor conversations and business with organizations and business owners.
  • Using the Capsule dashboard, business owners can get the growth summary of their business with ease.
  • It can also be integrated with other software like Xero, Zendesk, and many more.


30 days free trial, then $12/user/month.


Zengine is a comprehensive management application specially designed for organizations like foundations, nonprofits, and universities. It provides useful application tools such as the submission portal, which offers an easy-to-follow experience with apps and helps manage the entire lifecycle of scholarships, grants, and many more.


  • It has secure submission portals for the applicants of grants and review portals for the reviewers.
  • Forms, dashboards, and reports can be created very quickly using this application.
  • It is a cloud-based system, so there is no need for paper-based forms to be submitted.
  • The system’s automated emails help your team manage grants and scholarships with ease.


Price varies based on the number of programs and features required.


Nimble is a simple application for small businesses that integrates social media platforms with its CRM system for customer service and communication. It’s designed to streamline your business process and allow you to manage all incoming messages and tasks from a single interface that can be accessed on any device.


  • Nimble CRM integrates with your social media platforms, and it not only engages with your customers but also gathers more data and improves relationships with the existing client base.
  • It includes analytic tools that divide you costumers based on various parameters.
  • It is built from the start, and it dictates the rules of the game and helps small businesses to proliferate and establish brand awareness.


14-day free trial, then $12/user/month


Insightly is one of the top choices for business owners when it comes to the best CRM for small businesses. It combines various business functions such as sales, marketing, and contact management into one integrated platform and helps you increase productivity.


  • Using this app, you can reduce the amount of time spent on manual data entry tasks and increase your efficiency.
  • It delivers a great customer experience, increases customer satisfaction loyalty, and supercharges business growth.
  • It has tracking and analyzing metrics that help the business identify the strategies that are producing the results and discard the ones which are not.




Liondesk is a CRM that is specially designed for real estate professionals. It serves as an all-in-one solution for agents, teams, and brokers who can use their platform to boost campaigns and increase client interaction.


  • It has some unique features, such as video emails and video texting.
  • Video emails and video texts can be automatically created in the application using a built-in video recorder.
  • It enables users to import their leads from third party sources.
  • It has excellent task management capability.


Free trial, then $25/month.


Vtiger is an all-in-one CRM software designed for small businesses. It’s been built to meet clients’ needs based on the feedback provided by the customer base. The app comes with a unique set of tools that help improve interaction with potential customers.


  • It offers excellent sales automation capabilities, such as email marketing tools, project management, and many more.
  • It helps users maintain contacts and automate repetitive tasks.
  • It allows customers to search through past issues and to customize the database to make proper future operations.


15 days free trial, then $10/month


Bitrix24 is a collaborative application designed to automate the communication and management procedures in small and large scale businesses. This app offers a wide range of tools for managing your contacts, messages, emails, tasks, and projects, which helps you elevate your sales with ease.


  • It offers a free version for up to 12 members with 5GB of storage space.
  • It allows you to manage both internal and external communications with secured models.
  • It includes a wide array of tools like task reporting, tracking, planning, check/in-out, and many more.
  • With this tool, uploading and sharing files with your co-workers is possible.


Free plan: $0; Premium: $39/month

Salesmate CRM

Salesmate CRM is designed in such a way that it can speed up the sales process and your customers a very great experience. This application is perfect for sending out emails, managing your contacts and keeping track of all the sales very effectively.


  • It drives more sales and can keep track of all the sales in its sales pipeline.
  • It automatically monitors email conversations to get your prospects attention.
  • It offers a separate database to keep your data secure.
  • Salesmate has a virtual phone system which ensures you to keep in touch with the customers.




A CRM software enables a company to align its strategy & interests with its customers and clients to meet their needs ensuring their long term loyalty.

If you are business and you really want to grow, you must switch to an online CRM app from the list above.


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