Today, emailing has become one of the best ways of conveying information about products, services or special offers. But, for a while now, companies have been facing a lot of problems that endanger their email marketing. When sending large amounts of emails to a messy list, many marketers discover they get lots of hard and soft bounces or are being marked as spam senders.

To overcome this problem, companies have started to use reliable email verification softwares. A software like that is especially designed to check bulk email addresses and to identify whether or not they are valid. The process is also known as “email list cleaning” or “maintaining the hygiene of an email list.”

Most of the time, apart from valid addresses, an email list contains many inaccurate or dead accounts that simply don’t serve you anymore. Actually, they can seriously harm you and your reputation. If you send marketing emails to an unclean list, you risk getting a high bounce rate and you will lose the trust of your email provider. This can result in your sending IP being blacklisted. That’s why email validation has become so important.

Why you should keep a clean email list

If you want to maintain a long term relationship with your customers and third parties, the validation of your database is critical. It will improve your reputation and will have positive effects on your email deliverability. Following are some of the reasons that will clear your doubts related to keeping a clean email list:

  • It cuts unnecessary costs of email marketing and also reduces your bounce rates
  • Your campaigns will achieve better results, because your emails are not reaching dead inboxes, but actual people.
  • It protects your reputation and also improves the sending score of your domain and IPs.
  • It improves your your deliverability rates and email open rate.
  • It improves your return of investment (ROI).

What are the features of email verification software?

A good email verifier will not only identify the invalid email addresses in your list, but it will also provide a bundle of other benefits, as well. It can eliminate duplicate email addresses, spam traps, toxic and catch-all domains, and reveal relevant information about your subscribers, like their name, gender and location. This data is very useful for those who want to segment their list according to demographics. Having segmented email lists will help you target your campaigns more easily and reach the right people.

Email validation systems are easy to use: you just upload your email list into the system, and you get it back clean. Once your database has been validated, you can start sending out your marketing campaigns and communicate safely and effectively.

Following are some other salient features of verification software:

  • Minimize the usage of website bandwidth by focusing on targeted audience.
  • Flexible and fast cleaning of email list providing 100% accurate result.
  • Restore and backup because of which data can be transferred easily from one computer to another.
  • Export email address to XML, text file or other external point.
  • Manage contact list by eliminating invalid address from the given list.
  • Receive detail reports of each operation and save bad and good emails in form of text files.
  • Get verification mail and accurate result within no time.

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