So, you have opted for the medical stream and are all gung-ho about becoming a doctor. Clearing National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the goal you are eyeing and you are all set with your plan of action. Choosing a good coaching institute is a vital aspect of your preparation plan. But, as luck would have it, there’s no good institute in the vicinity which provides quality coaching for NEET. In a scenario like this you are left with only two choices. You either join a reputed institute which is far off and waste long hours of time and large amount of money commuting or you simply join an inferior coaching institute putting your dream at stake. I know that you know, that in both the scenarios, you are on the losing end. But don’t you worry, my friend. I won’t let distance come in between you and your dreams and this is how. Read on.

Why NEET Online Coaching?

student with tablet in hand

Luckily, there is technology to fall back on. Along with its impact on various other sectors, technology has also affected the education system today with e-Learning, mobile learning, Tablet-based learning, etc.

While Instagram and Facebook are your preferred means of staying connected with friends miles away, why not take advantage of technology in the education system as well? With several students stuck with the dilemma of less time in hand, online courses have become one of the most sought after options. Many reputed coaching institutes like Aakash, have introduced online coaching classes, making it convenient for students to study from the comforts of home. For instance, Aakash iTutor from the house of Aakash Educational Services Private Limited, one of the most reputed names for NEET and AIIMS coaching, offers various packages covering modules for medical entrance, course curriculum, practice tests and International and National Olympiad preparation. These packages come with video lectures, e books, test series, quizzes, assessments etc. You have the option of choosing NEET online coaching, which come with many benefits and here are a few listed below.

Get access to good faculty

Good faculty makes for a good coaching institute. With online coaching options, now you have the access to the best faculty of the best coaching institute, and that too sitting at home. Thus, you do not need to compromise on the quality of coaching with the online modules.

Save time and money on transportation

The major benefit of online coaching is that you save time and money on commutation. So, even if a reputed institute is situated miles away, you may not worry. You can get access to quality coaching sitting at home without burning a hole in your pocket.

Study at home

By taking online coaching for NEET preparations, you can easily attend coaching classes at home as per your convenience and schedule. You have the option of switching to USB learning, tablet learning or learning online. You can access the video lectures or other electronic material anytime of the day.

Study at your own pace

The online coaching options for NEET help you to study at your own convenient pace and study as per your ability. In case you miss something, you have the flexibility to go back and forth with video lectures.

Get access to in-depth study material

If you feel insecure about the course material or textbooks provided with online coaching, then rest assured, the institute will provide comprehensive study material to you. Most of the notes are detailed and presented in innovative and comprehensible style. You may also opt for a set of tests which you can take online. Another benefit is that you can easily revise the lessons as many times as you like.

Pick chapters or buy the whole course

Many online NEET coaching institutes allow you the flexibility of either picking and choosing the entire course or just selective chapters. So, if you are confident about the entire course sans a few chapters you may opt for them through NEET online coaching.

Doubt resolution by experts

The online modules also give you sessions of doubt resolution from the experts. Well known coaching institutes like Aakash through Aakash iTutor give you the opportunity of doubt resolution online by the experienced faculty. So online doesn’t mean you are all on your own, struggling with your doubts. The online coaching modules do give you the access to expert faculty.

Financially viable

Online NEET coaching is much more reasonable than the regular class room coaching. In fact, there’s considerable difference of fee structure between the classroom and online medium of coaching. You can opt for various modules in the online medium as per your convenience. So, not just distance, don’t even let money come in between you and your dreams.

Thus, online learning systems have not only simplified our lives but also provide a useful learning tool that suits the new age busy lifestyle. So why let problems of distance, finance and time come between you and your dream, when you have an option of online coaching.

Happy learning!


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