Effective Tips to Prepare for NEET Exam and Class 11 or 12 together

Before the coronavirus outbreak, the class 12th Board used to take place in March every year in India. Also, class 11 exams were conducted in more or less the same months. On the other hand, the NEET exam is conducted in the month of May.

As both the exams are held more or less in close time-space, it gets challenging for the students to balance their board exam preparation along with the NEET preparation.

Juggling between the class 12 exam preparation and the medical entrance exam is not an easy task, and very few can successfully manage it.

While the class 12 Board exam is conducted to test the intellect of students, NEET exam on the other demands thorough preparation as the difficulty level is way too high. To successfully crack the NEET exam along with the 12th Boards, you need a perfectly planned preparation strategy supported by hard work and dedication.

So, here are a few important tips to help you study effectively and manage both medical entrance and board exam preparation together.

Preparing for NEET exam

Plan your Study Routine for the Next Few Months 

From this moment till the time you finish both your class 12 board and NEET exam, study with a well-planned schedule. Allocate a fixed time slot for the preparation of each exam and follow the routine properly. Do not try to overburden yourself with too many topics in one day. Focus on one topic at a time and try to understand and learn important definitions, concepts and answers of that topic.

More importantly, along with your preparation, keep on revising the topics that you have studied to further enhance your preparation for both NEET exam and board exams.

Utilize your school time well

To successfully manage NEET and class 12th board exam, you should utilize your school time to the fullest. The class 12 board exam question paper is based on the textbook syllabus of class 12. So, focus on understanding and learning every Physics, Chemistry or Biology concept that is taught in the class. Moreover, you can rely on unit tests and pre-board exams to check the level of your board exam preparation. Therefore, you should approach these exams seriously and study with full concentration to score good marks. By following this approach, you will surely be able to score well in your board exams and give enough time to NEET exam preparation.

Master the Common Topics

The syllabus of class 12 and NEET exam has many topics in common that overlap. So, in order to ace your preparation for both NEET and 12th board exam, you should identify these topics and prepare them adequately at once. Master these topics of the syllabus in such a way that you can easily attempt different types of questions based on common topics in an effective manner. While preparing such topics, try and solve long answer type questions asked in class 12 board exam. Besides, give equal importance to solving Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) that are asked in the medical entrance exam.

Attempt Mock Tests and Previous year Papers

Be it the engineering entrance exam or National Eligibility Entrance Test, the key to preparing effectively for the exam is by attempting mock tests. Previous year class 12 board papers and NEET mock tests can help you analyze your preparation level, identify weak areas and formulate a proper time management strategy. More importantly, when you solve NEET 2022 mock tests and PCB previous year papers of class 12, you get a proper idea of the exam pattern. Thus, by solving NEET mock tests and previous year papers, you can do a comparative analysis of your exam preparation and work on your weaknesses to score better the next time.

Utilize the time after Board to prepare for NEET

Once you have appeared for the board exam, it is important that you make the best use of your time left for the NEET 2022. Usually, the majority of students get relaxed after their board exam. And, they continue to prepare for the NEET with the same strategy that they had been following the entire year. In particular, taking long breaks post the board exam can affect your preparation for the NEET resulting in lack of concentration and flow.

Of course, you can take a short break of a few days after your board exam, but you should not lose your focus and study flow. Try and make the best use of the time after your board exam to prepare effectively for the NEET. Focus on studying at least 10-12 hours a day, do in-depth revision and clear your doubts. This way, you will surely be able to better your NEET 2022 preparation and score good marks.

Final Words

By keeping these points in mind, it would get easier for you to strike the right balance between your class 12 board exam and NEET preparation. Apart from following these tips, always try and stay positive of your exam preparation and focus on achieving small goals. Every little progress will help you focus on your goal and clear the exam with ease.

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