Writing is magic and the ones who write better are magicians. In online business, content is written by professionals known as content writers. These content writers are are the one who engage you into stuffs like call to action, news clips, press releases and even the blogs. Content writing is good option for anyone who wish to make money online by just writing stuffs. But it’s not that easy. To earn better and to be more impactful to the digital world, you have to be a better content writer. Here’s a 10-points checklist to help, in case you are looking for improvements in your content writing abilities.

Know English better than anyone else

Nobody is perfect – take a note of it and keep improving by time. Read books and article. Make notes and always experiment with grammar and stuffs. Better English helps your thought process making content writing very easy.

Strong Vocabulary

Know words and their synonyms as well as antonyms. It will help you play with the words in anyway you like.

Know a bit of every type of English

There are hundreds of types English spoken and written in the world. Master the major ones like American English, British English, Australian English and European English. This will help you write for different types of clients.

Read, learn and repeat

Good writers are great learners. Make sure that you never get detached from your favorite books. Read what you love and learn from those. Repeat such process till perfection.

Give your knowledge a depth

A good content writer knows a lot of things. He/she should be aware of general facts of the world. Like, he should know where Bulgaria is or what bitcoins are. His/her knowledge should have depth and his/her mind should be diverged to every important piece of information. Such things bring stability and will become an important part of the content writer. Know how to write various kind of articles: whether that be a simple to-do list or a full fledge review.

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Know how and what to research

Content writers know from where they can find a certain set of information. A good content writer should be proficient with Google, Wikipedia, Stackexchange and Quora like services. This saves both time and the trouble to remember everything.

Be innovative

Innovation is important. You can’t just write anything and hope that to be published. A good content writer understands how well researched content can change everything.

Be clear

Content should be well written and with a clear message. If it does not have convey any messages – then it’s going to be rejected. Be clear with your conscience and know what you are writing.

Be open

Be open to changes. Don’t just pretend that whatever you have written is 100% true. Your client may ask for changes – from a bit to the complete work. In either cases you should be ready to do the required changes.

Don’t just pick any random topic to write

Be specific to what you are going to write you can not just write anything you want. A good content writer is also a great story teller. Plan the story and then write.


1. Know HTML and CSS to some extent.

2. Know how to create great headlines

3. Know a little of SEO and Social Media marketing

4. Build a personal blog

5. Have accounts on major social media platforms so that the readers and alike-minded people could connect with you.


Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
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