The world of eCommerce can be a competitive space. And with so many different aspects to keep up with in running your shop, it can be difficult to take a step back and look at how you can improve. However, that’s why I’m bringing you a few pointers to look out for when trying to increase your sales.

  • Simplify your design
  • Think about revising your brand
  • Introduce new products
  • Up your email marketing
  • Get social with it.

Let’s see these in detail.

Simplify Your Design

If you’ve been having trouble with abandoned carts or your user experience flow, then it might not be a bad idea to consider simplifying your design a bit. This is a strategy that could help you drive traffic more efficiently, leading to an increase in sales and signups. However, before you go cutting away at your current vision, it’s best to take a step back and see what else is happening in the industry.

Whether it be some of the biggest names in eCommerce or a small independent store you really love, start compiling a list of sites you like, as well as why you like them. This will help you point out commonalities in design schemes, giving you pointers on how to implement them into your website as well. For example, let’s say my main goal for my homepage is to drive sales for an automated home security system, a relatively new product to my store. By being able to set a “hero” (I.E.: designs that stretch the entire homepage) that I could swap out, then those items have a higher chance of engagement. Overall, the tools you can use web design for in eCommerce are endless, and definitely something to consider if you’re trying to up your sales.


Think About Revising Your Brand

Although it’s not always fun to hear, with how competitive the world of eCommerce can be, it might be time to step your branding up a bit. As there are so many different shops competing for the same business you’re after, a solid online identity is everything. For most of your customers, you’re getting them to buy from someplace new without ever having an in-store experience, which involves building a lot of trust.

If you feel as though it’s hard to be objective about your brand, then contacting a design company might be a good route to go. Companies like these are able to take a look and decipher where you might need improvement, as well as different aspects to include, like a color scheme that matches your brand’s mantra. For example, Juul is a vape company that utilizes color schemes to accentuate their flavors. And while it might require a little bit of an investment, hiring a firm to take care of it could be the most advantageous route to go.

Introduce New Products

While I understand coming up with product ideas can be tough, it’s also one of the best ways to start driving more traffic to your website. After all, the more popular items that you’re able to bring in, the more of a chance you have of landing that sale. Granted, I’m not suggesting you necessarily go out and spend a tremendous amount on new inventory, however, perhaps adding some up-and-coming brands or trending products in your industry might help give you a boost.


Up Your Email Marketing

If there’s one thing that eCommerce stores absolutely thrive off of, it has to be email marketing. In fact, according to ConstantContact, for every dollar you put into email, an average return of $38 is seen. Which, if you want to see numbers like that, then I highly suggest you start honing in some of your efforts towards email.

Start trying to garner leads wherever you can on your site, including possibly offering discount codes for signups. Additionally, get in the habit of sending blasts at least weekly, providing incentives and sales. While sometimes overlooked, email marketing is an excellent strategy for gaining more traction.

Get Social With It

Finally, although most of us are on social media, there’s a big difference between marketing a product on there. This is an area you really need to know the in’s and out’s on, especially if you want to garner more leads. Start studying best strategies that will gain more engagement. For example, as noted by Twitter, posts that have photo gain a 35 percent increase in retweets.

Keep a calendar of when and what to posts per each platform, as well as become more actively involved with who you follow/who follows you. Social is perhaps the most powerful way for you to both engage with your fans while gaining valuable feedback and insights. All-in-all, this is something that should become second nature in your day-to-day as a way of building a community around your brand.

What are some ways you’ve been able to increase sales with your eCommerce shop? Comment with your insights below!


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