13 Reasons Why Blogging is a career worth having?

Blogging is one of the most exciting professions right now and also one of the easiest ones to get started with. In the last couple of years, it has grown from a hobby to a full-proof profession. By the time it has become an integral part of online marketing. Bloggers make more than half of the internet and they decide where the internet would go. So who wouldn't want to have a career like this?

As I discussed in an earlier article — blogging no longer stands upon text pieces. It is now visible in various forms like news, reports, editorials, reviews, etc. Each form is a mastery of its own. You can build a career in online journalism (as a news blogger), reporting (as an online reporter for a magazine), online editor or a reviewer, and so on. There is no limit to what a content writer or blogger can do.

If blogging is something you want to be in and want to have a future in it, you must know why it's worth taking the risk.

Thirteen Reasons Why Blogging is a career option for you!

Blogging is no longer about writing personal experiences. With time, its domain has gone beyond just publishing. Professional bloggers gain a lot of exposure and get paid a huge amount. But being a blogger is one thing and being a professional another. It's like comparing a student who writes very well versus a published author who has some great titles to his name. Professionalism comes from the hard work & experience that these bloggers put into.

Bloggers are the trendsetter

You can often see news stories getting viral, reports getting plenty of attention and titles changing the dynamics of the world. With powerful content, bloggers are powerful enough to set trends. Blogging can change the way people think. It changed the way the world used to work.

Bloggers are well heard and reputed. If a blogger reviews a product (e.g., a smartphone) as good — he makes a significant impact on its sales and even further. As a blogger you can make a company grow or an industry fall. It's all up to your capability.

To add to the list, it was no one but the bloggers who made newspapers obsolete. News is available a minute later once it happens with dynamic updates on news sites.

Even e-papers are turning obsolete as people demand more updated and more shareable content.

Hobbyist in nature

Blogging is hobbyist in nature. No matter how huge it becomes — but at the core it will always be a hobby that anyone can adapt. You can start it with or without any training. But, blog-trainings are something that you can opt to jetstart up your career.

Celebrities like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Amitabh Bachchan use blogs to communicate with their fans and to also boost their events.

Not just an office job

Blogging is not just an office job. All you need is a portable device and your imagination. Even the companies that hire bloggers don't ask them to regularly join the office. Writing can be done with a peaceful mind and blogging agencies know that. Even though you are not a freelancer or independent blogger, you can act free from the office and write whenever and wherever you want. All you need is to finish your tasks at the given deadline.

Has various forms to experiment with

Once you get into this business, you'll come to know the various styles of blogging. If one style doesn't suit your need — you can always go after the other until you find your favorite style of writing.


Blogging is an adaptive subject. As a blogger, I have seen the trends change in the last 10 years. The world went paperless in almost no time. Businesses have evolved to become totally dependent on the internet. The key element of the Internet changed from just education to more marketing — or should I say, it became a mix of both.

Bloggers adapted to these continued changes and kept them up and running.

No need for a degree

Blogging doesn't require an official degree. Anyone with a particular expertise can begin with it. Even though there are academies which provide blogging degrees, most of them are useless.

Viral in nature

As mentioned earlier, blogging is very viral in nature. A great post and you might be in the spotlight in no time.

Multiple ways of earning

As a blogger, you can earn from various resources like Ads, Sponsored articles and content writing services. You can also earn money by collaborating with named companies and by reviewing their products.

A key element of Online Marketing

Maryville University, which offers an online degree program in marketing, considers blogging the most important element of online marketing. As by the day new opportunities are emerging online — more the need for blogging is visible. As a blogger you are always needed in an Online Marketing campaign.

Highly learning in nature

Blogging is obviously highly learning in nature. With time you will get to know more about the topics you write about. Your writing skills will improve gradually and so will your confidence as a writer.

Limitless experience

In a job you can be an intern, junior, senior etc., but as a blogger you can only be a blogger. There is no such thing as a junior blogger. However, with experience you will feel more confident and be paid more. Still, there is no limit to how much experience you can gain. You can find bloggers with more than 20 years of experience now — that's since the dawn of the Internet.

Community Support

As a blogger, you will have great online community support. Everything you publish will be shared with your friends and followers who in fact will enrich your content with valuable feedback. You can ask them for suggestions and improve your writing even more. You can find solutions to your blogging problems and more from the community you built.

Long-term earnings

A piece of content is eternal. Once it's live on a website or blog — you can hope to earn from it forever. In other words, a blog article is like a fixed deposit to which you'd be able to extract recurring interest regularly.

So, these were 13 reasons I could recollect from my personal experiences. Let me know what you think about these. You can also ask your queries related to blogging in comments and I'll be pleased to revert back.