Why has Anonymous Blogging gained popularity?

With anonymous blogging, also known as ghost blogging, one gets to separate their life from blogging.

Suppose, you write a comment by using your real name & identity which may sound offensive to someone individual or a group of people. What may be the possible consequences? You may get to hear a lot of negative comments from other people. You may get threat calls or comments? It can even cause an identity threat to you!

Beautiful woman in Venetian masquerade mask - Anonymous Blogging

So, what's the best thing to do at such a time? It's something you can't expect by writing anything anonymously. Even if you talk about certain things which may be offending some community or a group of people, no one is going to catch you.

You’ll be completely safe from any negative reviewers or people making you feel bad about your thoughts. No one is going to track you or disclose your identity.

When you start making an anonymous blogging profile or a blog, you get a chance to come up with different personality aspects. You can come up with your coolest version when writing an anonymous blog.

Anonymity isn't a new thing. It has been prevailing for the past few years, and many writers are using it.

In the current scenario, when the privacy concerns and account hacking are prevailing, identity theft is definitely an issue. If you use a real name, like Gaurav Tiwari does, you will have to be more cautious with what you buy, sell or write.

Additionally, suppose you wish to support an initiative but doing that with your real identity can cause personal troubles for you – what can you do? You can't write, can't tweet or can't even like a post related to it if you are using your real identity. This is where online anonymity helps.

As an anonymous blogger, multiple doors open for you. You can safeguard your personal interests while writing for the good. You can keep your privacy intact while signing up to places and can do even more.

So why is anonymous blogging gaining so much popularity? Check out some of the reasons discussed below.

Anonymous Blogging Safeguards Your Life From the World

Without a doubt, no one wants an outsider to intrude in their lives. This is a major concern among bloggers. When someone posts about a certain content upon which people have different opinions, some readers may try to invade the privacy of the writer.

Or it could be a hacker trying to gain unauthorized access to your account by stealing your password. When entering the blogging world, one should ensure separation between their life and blogging career.

Herein, what's most suitable is anonymous blogging. With online anonymity, you can feel passionate to talk about any topic without worrying about your life.

Less government tracking

Citizens are being tracked by the government while doing any search or using the internet. In several countries, it is found that the government records all the citizen's online activities. For this purpose, they track your ISP. Are you visiting a website which doesn't open due to government violated policies? For this purpose, using an anonymous identity and browsing privately can help you.

Many times, people are worried about coming up with thoughts over the policies of any corporate agency due to any legal repercussions. Or you would feel worried about speaking up against any political topic due to government tracking. However, you can enjoy the benefit of no government tracking by using an anonymous profile. No one can track you, whether it is a high-profile person or a government identity.

Anonymous Bloggers Can Write Freely

With anonymous blogging, people get a chance to speak what is true and be honest to the readers. For instance, when creating a blog upon dating and relationships, you can describe your feelings towards it without disclosing your name. Also, you don't need to feel shy about how your parents would react to a certain subject you pick to write about. You can write about your dating experience or love life without letting the readers know about your identity.

If you want your thoughts not to be judged by any negative views or so, then it is best to rely on anonymous blogging.

Cover sensitive topics

You would like to share your views or opinions over a sensitive topic, which may be against your family or friend's advice. You may have a thought of how people at your workplace react after seeing your post. Or what if your family goes against your thoughts. What would you do? If you feel it is crucial to talk about it, you can use an anonymous profile to post the blog. 

Anonymity Can Save Money by Getting you the best deals

In different locations, you may find price discrimination upon certain online products. It is possible that the rates for an online product is lower in one country and higher in the other. Wearing a mask with online anonymity gives you a chance to select the actual location when visiting a site, costing you lower rates. This sounds like an amazing thing and also counts as a reason why people go for online anonymity!