How to Get Readers on your New Blog the right way?

Probably you have been working overtime on your blog. You have been writing articles all along, waiting for people to read and share the content. You have done your part and you are waiting to reap the results and the fruit of it. However, it’s never been any easy for you. Each time you try, there seems to be something missing. Your website traffic is not as good as you would expect. People are just not reading your content. This is not just your problem.

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It happens to almost everyone who starts afresh. Growing blog traffic and follower-base is a peculiar task. It requires proper planning and utter dedication. If you are looking to grow your blog’s reach and traffic, there are some ideas that you should know or follow. We have already discussed many of those in earlier articles. In this post, we will begin with a summary of what we have dealt with and then will indulge with some better ideas that can help you attract more traffic to your blog or website.

“Content is the king” – Remember this

Always remember that the entirety of your website or blog lies around the content. Content is king and you must submit to it. Write the best content you can and hope for the best. Stay highly strategic about your content. Do not just publish an article on your website for the sake. It won’t work. You could, in fact, cause quite some damage to your website as the search engines will easily punish you. You should create content that is relevant to your blog and indeed for your business. Have pictures, videos and all other items that can help attract reliable and serious traffic to your website. Understand that only the content that meets the needs of your readers will perform well. You should know and understand what your readers would love to read.

Once you have decided what to post, you must figure out how to post? There are mainly two ways of presenting content. Either you can write posts in a funny way or change the flow to be educational and informative. First of all, try either of the ways and do a comparative analysis – the one that performed better should be the way you’d be writing your content. Understanding that better content isn’t just about the quality, but is also about how strategically that’s presented.

Once you decide which is the proper way to write the content, ensure that the supplements are used in the way as well. Here by the word, supplements, I mean the graphics, links and infographics that you’d be inserting in your blog content. Make sure that graphics and infographics are beautiful and compliment the content. If possible, add alarming statistics and try storytelling with the help of videos. The more you write, the more you get discovered. In the start you may need to invest some time and money towards the promotion of your content but sooner you will not need anything like that. If you want to know a good way to increase your blog traffic, try this.

Now, once you have created the article – you should make sure that the content stays accurate all the time. By the time trends may change – facts may get altered, so it is your responsibility to handle the content at every turn of events and make sure that your content never gets outdated. In short, your content must always stay fresh so that not only the current readers but also the one coming after a season could get benefited by your work.

For example, if you post something on the current year’s Oscar nominations, after a few months it would become irrelevant. You’ll need to update that all the time. But if you post about all-time classic movies, it will be read by readers time and time again.

Since you are a blogger, your priority should be towards creating some irresistible headlines or headings. We have already published an article on how to write incredible headlines.

You need to understand how it’s important for the headlines to be impactful. It’s the headline that a visitor will first get either attracted towards or might even deter. Thus, you need to frame ones that are attractive, smart and eventful.

In our article, we have discussed how good headings can be formulated to attract readers towards the main matter and to increase the conversion rate. This article is a must read, if you are any serious towards blogging. Experts believe that headlines tend to be even more important than the actual post. If you have a great piece of content, but the headline is shabby and drab, it will not take much time to die or whiter out. Hence, understanding that headlines that are lackluster is a total turnoff for visitors. So go ahead and do not compromise on feeling worried about experimenting with new, wacky headlines! You never know what you could click for your visitors. Ensure that you do share your post several times with different headlines. This way you will gain an idea about what works best for your blogs.

Do SEO the right way, and keep doing

Now once you have done well with your content, it is time to identify the keywords that can attract visitors. These keywords are very important and help you plan your entire blogging career at once. These are the terms for which you will have to rank your blog among the best in the search results to get organic traffic. Website/blog traffic is formulated by proper SEO. Install SEO plugins if possible and try various SEO techniques to make sure that people find your content. If you are new to SEO, you can start with our guide on SEO. It will give you proper details about what SEO is and how you can do it. It’s important that you don’t just do your SEO for once but also keep monitoring your website performance to ensure that your strategies are working. Understand your keyword rankings and if your efforts are not paying off, then make improvements where necessary. Dive into your analytics and determine the kind of “buyer” keywords that you need to target more. Think about the links. One of the best ways to ensure you rank highly is by getting more backlinks.

With your blog ranking better, you’d be able to attract more readers than usual and become a successful blogger in the near future. Once you are up and going you can try various other strategies to boost your site’s traffic, build backlinks and much more.

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