Chemistry is a strange subject and it covers a wide range of topics. The subject could start with a simple substance and then move on to subatomic particles or complex polymers. Now cracking this could turn out to be challenging. We bring you some tips on how to become a better student and score well in CBSE class 12 chemistry. Start by analyzing the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry here.

Marking Scheme for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry

To do well in class 12 chemistry, it is required that you first understand the subject and the marking scheme for it. Depending on that you can plan how to prepare for the exams efficiently. Given here is an overview of the unit-wise marks of the 2018 Question paper:

Unit – 123
Solid State
Chemical Kinetics
Surface Chemistry
Unit – 219
General Principles & Processes of Isolation of Elements
p-Block Elements
d & f-Block Elements
Coordination Compounds
Unit -328
Haloalkanes & Haloarenes
Alcohols, Phenols & Ethers
Aldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Chemistry in Everyday Life

Now, once you know which area to focus more on, you can start studying. Meanwhile, you can also find below some tips we have for you.  

Tips to Score Well In CBSE Class 12 Chemistry

To start with, first, you have to ensure that you are thorough with the syllabus. You can plan your study time, as per the marking scheme. At the same time, be sure to be thorough with the basics of the subject. Students who have a very good foundation in CBSE Class 10 Science will find the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry to be easier. This is because part of these topics is covered in class 10 science as well. Here, few tips are given:

  • Prepare a study plan as per the syllabus
  • Know your weak and strong areas and study accordingly
  • Practice a lot using previous year question papers
  • Solve NCERT solutions for class 12 chemistry
  • Solve sample papers and get acquainted taking exams
  • Revise your subject well before the exams
  • Self-assess your knowledge gap of a subject

Hope you found this article useful for your exam preparations. For more resources or interactive video lessons for your CBSE class 10 or 12, you can subscribe to BYJU’s YouTube Channel:

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