Over the past few years, cloud computing has become an effective tool that contributes to smarter, better, and more efficient business operations. Today, this computing technology is almost indispensable, irrespective of the size and domain of the business. Furthermore, with more stringent competition, the increasing need for advanced systems, cloud computing is constantly vying for new innovations that supersede its previous ones but are cheap and secure nevertheless. The current industry scenario displays a remarkable evolution in cloud architecture with new trends and technologies that will take computing practices to a whole new level.

Here are the top few of them:

Automation for automation

It’s no news that automation is the future and is already evident from the widespread adoption of cloud technology. This also means that enterprises will have more data and more information to be computed and more application resources to be managed. With an increased and overwhelming amount of data and computing resources, businesses will seek more automation in their processes and save valuable man-hours of cloud admins.

Quantum Computing

One of the latest and the most talked-about trends, Quantum computing integrates various theories of mathematics, statistics, material science, and computer science for real outcomes. This is said to be a breakthrough in the world of computing technology and will entirely transform cloud computing. It will bring groundbreaking computing paradigms for various industry spaces and organizations like finance, healthcare, and entertainment, where human-like interaction will be made possible through advanced and more refined computing methodologies.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

While this cloud solution has been in practice for quite some time, it is yet to be adopted widely and become a common practice. But with enterprises seeking reduced costs but secure computing operations using optimal resources, a hybrid cloud will soon become the next-best thing in computing practices. With a hybrid cloud hosting solution, the environment can offer dynamic, cost-efficient, and secure work environment which makes for the perfect platform for organizations striving to meet market demands while facing constant challenges from competitions.

Evolution of current services and solutions

While we can expect new products and practices, the existing ones will also go through a transformation. Performance-driven cloud platforms like Saas, PaaS, and IaaS are already popular for their flexibility of operations and easy-to-use interface. Going forward, enterprises would harness every possible benefit and feature of these platforms and try to adapt to the changing practices. Supported by reliable, advanced, and efficient Cloud Hosting Services, these cloud platforms can go a long way in boosting operational efficiency and make enterprises future ready.

Advanced security and compliance

Data security has always been a concern for users. More often than not, enterprises overlook compliance guidelines and security protocols when adopting cloud computing services. While many enterprises take the onus of protecting client data using the most advanced security measures, there is a large percentage of businesses which are yet to consider security as a computing priority. With the recent mandate of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), both cloud providers and their enterprise clients would start implementing tighter controls on their computing resources through tools like identity access management, built-in security applications, data encryption, serverless computing, containers etc.

To sum up…

The market is constantly evolving and disruptive as ever, inviting new trends in technology to be adopted by businesses and evolve. With these path-breaking trends and more yet to come, business operations are sure to hit the next level!

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