20 Best Tech Blogs That You Should Follow in 2024

There are tons of awesome places online where you can get your tech fix, and these are generally the tech blogs that we know of.

These blogs are like treasure troves for tech enthusiasts. They've got the latest news, cool gadgets, and all the techy stuff you can think of. For a guy like me, these sites really matter. I visit these to get the latest info on the tech industry, solve my tech problems, and know more about the tools that are incoming. These blogs cover everything cutting-edge: smartphones, machine learning, AI, crypto, and beyond.

Best Tech Blogs

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While there are over a hundred tech blogs that I follow on in my Feedly account, I've put together a list of 20 top tech blogs that you'll absolutely love and are considering the best in the world. They're not just informative but super interesting, too!

Each of these tech blogs has its unique flavor and approach to tech, offering something different to their readers. Whether you're looking for the latest tech news, in-depth analyses, product reviews, or a fun read, these blogs have everything.

So, without further ado, here are the best tech blogs.


Website: techcrunch.com

TechCrunch Startup and Technology News 2023 12 003609

Think of TechCrunch as your ultimate guide to the tech universe. It's not just a blog; it's a phenomenon in the tech world. This site is especially famous for covering startups. Imagine a place where you can read about innovative companies before they hit the big time. That's TechCrunch for you.

They have this unique knack for spotting trends and startups that might shape our future. Apart from news, they offer insightful analyses and interviews with key figures in the tech industry.

Their annual TechCrunch Disrupt event is a major highlight, attracting tech enthusiasts, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the globe. It's like the Olympics for tech startups!


Website: wired.com

WIRED The Latest in Technology Science Culture and Business WIRED 2023 12 003611

Wired is where technology meets storytelling. It's not just about the latest gadgets; it's about how these innovations affect our culture, politics, and even art.

Wired stories often read like a glimpse into the future, exploring topics like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and how technology is changing human interaction. They also have a knack for putting complex tech concepts into words that anyone can understand, making it a great read for tech experts and novices alike. The magazine version of Wired is equally impressive, known for its cutting-edge design and thought-provoking covers.

Ars Technica

Website: arstechnica.com

Ars Technica 2023 12 003613

This blog is a haven for tech enthusiasts who love diving into the details. Ars Technica combines detailed technical analysis with engaging storytelling. Whether it's the latest in quantum computing or a deep dive into operating systems, they cover it with an expertise that's hard to match. This site is especially great for those who love understanding the 'how' and 'why' behind technology. Ars Technica also has a vibrant community of readers, making its comment sections informative and engaging.


Website: cnet.com

CNET Product reviews advice how tos and the latest news 2023 12 003615

CNET is like your friendly neighborhood tech expert. It's one of the most accessible tech blogs out there. Their product reviews are thorough, giving you a clear idea of what to buy and what to skip. They test everything from the latest smartphones to smart home devices, giving you practical advice and tips. CNET also covers tech news, but what sets them apart is their focus on how tech can improve your everyday life. Their how-to guides are particularly useful, making technology approachable for everyone.


Website: gizmodo.com

Gizmodo The Future Is Here 2023 12 003617

Gizmodo is a blend of technology, science, and pop culture. It's a place where you can read about the latest iPhone launch and then jump straight into a piece about a new scientific discovery. Their style is witty, sometimes irreverent, but always engaging. Gizmodo doesn't just report on tech; they analyze it, poke fun at it, and examine its impact on our society. They also cover a wide range of topics, from space exploration to environmental technology, making it a diverse and interesting read.


Website: engadget.com

Engadget Technology News Reviews 2023 12 003619

Engadget is your fast track to the tech world. They are incredibly quick in reporting the latest gadgets and technological innovations. Whether it's a new smartphone launch or the latest VR technology, Engadget covers it all. What's more, they do it in a way that's both informative and easy to digest. They also feature podcasts and videos, offering a more dynamic way to stay up-to-date with tech.


Website: mashable.com

Mashable 2023 12 003621

Mashable is a delightful mix of everything digital. While it covers tech thoroughly, it also dives into digital culture, entertainment, and even social media trends. It's the perfect site for those who appreciate tech but also want to see how it intersects with other aspects of life. Mashable's articles are engaging and often have a light-hearted tone, making complex topics more approachable.

The Verge

Website: theverge.com

The Verge 2023 12 003623

The Verge stands out with its sleek design and captivating content. It's not just about reporting tech news; it's about telling stories that matter in the tech world. The Verge dives into how technology influences our lives, culture, and the environment. They also produce high-quality videos and podcasts, adding a multimedia dimension to their coverage.


Website: zdnet.com

News and Advice on the Worlds Latest Innovations ZDNET 2023 12 003625

ZDNet is a treasure trove for IT professionals and business leaders. It provides an in-depth look at technology in the business world, covering everything from enterprise tech to cybersecurity. Their content is more than just news; it's about understanding the impact of technology on businesses and industries.


Website: techradar.com

TechRadar the technology experts 2023 12 003627

TechRadar excels in product reviews, offering comprehensive analyses of the latest tech gadgets. They help you understand the pros and cons of each product, making it easier for you to make informed decisions. TechRadar also covers a wide range of topics, from gaming to home entertainment systems.


Website: gigaom.com

Home Gigaom 2023 12 003629

GigaOM offers a unique perspective on how technology impacts our lives and society. They focus on emerging tech trends and how they might affect different sectors like energy, telecommunications, and media. Their analysis is insightful, making complex topics accessible to a wider audience.


Website: venturebeat.com

VentureBeat Transformative tech coverage that matters 2023 12 003631

VentureBeat is a go-to source for the business side of technology. They offer a deep dive into the world of startups, venture capital, and the tech industry at large. Their coverage is essential for anyone interested in the economics of technology.

Website: digitaltrends.com

Digital Trends Tech News Reviews Deals and How Tos 2023 12 003633

Digital Trends makes technology relatable to everyday life. They review consumer tech products and explore how these gadgets fit into our daily routines. Their approach is straightforward and practical, perfect for staying informed about lifestyle tech.

Tom's Hardware

Website: tomshardware.com

Toms Hardware For The Hardcore PC Enthusiast 2023 12 003635

Tom's Hardware is the ultimate guide for PC enthusiasts. They provide detailed reviews, benchmarks, and build guides for computer components. It's a great resource for anyone looking to build or upgrade their PC.


Website: lifehacker.com

Lifehacker Do everything better 2023 12 003637

Lifehacker is all about using technology to make life easier. They provide tips, tricks, and life hacks for productivity, software, and everyday tech challenges. Their content is practical and often includes step-by-step guides.


Website: 9to5mac.com

9to5Mac Apple News Mac Rumors Breaking All Day 2023 12 003639

9to5Mac is an essential resource for Apple enthusiasts. They cover everything from the latest Apple news to tips and tricks for using Apple devices. Their coverage is comprehensive, offering something for both casual users and tech experts.

Android Authority

Website: androidauthority.com

Android Authority Tech Reviews News Buyers Guides Deals How To 2023 12 003641

Android Authority is your one-stop shop for all things Android. From the latest smartphone reviews to app recommendations, they cover every aspect of the Android ecosystem. Their content is both informative and user-friendly.


Website: pcmag.com

The Latest Technology Product Reviews News Tips and Deals PCMag 2023 12 003643

PCMag is known for its authoritative tech product reviews. They offer in-depth analyses and ratings, helping readers make informed tech purchase decisions. Besides reviews, they also provide helpful how-to articles and tech news updates.


Website: slashdot.org

Slashdot News for nerds stuff that matters 2023 12 003645

Slashdot is unique for its community-driven content. Readers share and discuss tech news and issues, offering diverse perspectives. It's a great platform for engaging with other tech enthusiasts.


Website: readwrite.com

ReadWrite IoT and Technology News 2023 12 003647

ReadWrite takes a forward-looking approach to technology. They cover emerging tech trends and their potential impacts on our future. Their content is insightful, focusing on innovation and how technology will shape tomorrow.


Here is a summary of all the best tech blogs listed above.

Blog NameURLStarted inCovering NicheFounded by
TechCrunchtechcrunch.com2005Startups, Tech NewsMichael Arrington
Wiredwired.com1993Technology, CultureLouis Rossetto, Jane Metcalfe
Ars Technicaarstechnica.com1998Tech Analysis, ReviewsKen Fisher
CNETcnet.com1994Tech Reviews, NewsHalsey Minor, Shelby Bonnie
Gizmodogizmodo.com2002Gadgets, Tech NewsPeter Rojas
Engadgetengadget.com2004Consumer TechPeter Rojas
Mashablemashable.com2005Tech, Digital CulturePete Cashmore
The Vergetheverge.com2011Technology, CultureMultiple Founders (Vox Media)
ZDNetzdnet.com1991Business Technology NewsDan Farber
TechRadartechradar.com2008Tech Product ReviewsNick Merritt
GigaOMgigaom.com2006Tech Impact on Business, SocietyOm Malik
VentureBeatventurebeat.com2006Tech Business, StartupsMatt Marshall
Digital Trendsdigitaltrends.com2006Lifestyle TechIan Bell, Dan Gaul
Tom's Hardwaretomshardware.com1996PC HardwareThomas Pabst
Lifehackerlifehacker.com2005Tech Tips, TricksGina Trapani
9to5Mac9to5mac.com2007Apple Products, NewsSeth Weintraub
Android Authorityandroidauthority.com2007Android EcosystemUnknown
PCMagpcmag.com1982Tech Product Reviews, NewsDavid Bunnell, Cheryl Woodard
Slashdotslashdot.org1997Tech News, CommunityRob Malda
ReadWritereadwrite.com2003Emerging Tech, IoTRichard MacManus