Writing a new article? Try 40 minutes timer.

You start writing at an amazing pace but then get slowed down and end up with only a couple of hundred words in hours.

Does it happen to you? Happens to me too.

Try 40 minutes timer and see the magic.


From researching and organizing to scripting in paper and editing; writing an article is way tougher than it seems.

At the same point , time management becomes the primary key as writing an article requires a lot of time in deciding on how to write, where to start and how to end. Sometimes, you might end up with only 600 words in 6 hours. So that's a big struggle!

But what if you restrict your own time of writing? And instead of spending a day, just take 40 minutes and target to write up to 1200 words.

Writing faster doesn't mean negotiating on in-depth content of your article. For this tactic, you need a strong plan and proper time management; that has been put into these six steps, which are:

Set your 40 minutes timer & plan - Entire Donut/Pie Chart

Set your 40 minutes timer & plan

Time taken: 5 minutes

Take your digital or analog clock and add a timer of 40 minutes. But wait. Don't start writing straight away.

Take at least 5 minutes to plan your article.

Scribble down your ideas

Time taken: 10 minutes

Time remaining: 25 minutes

Once you get ideas regarding your article, immediately jot them down in a notebook or a paper or in a text editor.


Write those ideas in whatever manner you can, don't worry about the mess, spelling mistakes or the structure in which you have written.

Just let your ideas come out. And at last, you will see a mini summary of your article.

This summary can help you a lot while you are writing your article.

Give Eye Catching Heading

Time taken: 5 minutes

Time remaining: 20 minutes

Headlines capture the massive attention of the readers. They are the most powerful part of an article. Also, headings play an important role in deciding whether they will go further through your article or not.

If you fail in giving a notable heading or if your headings don't interest the readers, your whole hard work will go in vain. Hence in order to draw the attention of the readers to your article, it's necessary for you to give a spectacular heading.

But make sure that you give the heading at the end, as it might happen that your content may vary as you write.

So it's better to write it only after completing the article's body.

Format Text - Use bullets and numberings

Time taken: 10 minutes

Time remaining: 10 minutes

Sometimes the best way to organize your information is in the form of bullets and numbers. As it makes complex articles much easier for the readers to understand and are visually appealing. And why not, it's very much definite that we too like a piece of information which is jotted down in point rather than going to those lengthy paragraphs. 

But while including bullets you should ensure that you don't get into a detailed clutter of sub-bullets and subtitles as it can create confusion to the readers. 

Moreover providing bullets and numberings in your article can even save a lot of time as you can present your information in simple and shorter form.


Time taken: 10 minutes

After you have completed writing your article make sure that you re-read your content, so that you can identify the wrong spellings, grammatical errors, mistakes of tenses present in your article. Correct these mistakes and re-organize your sentences. You can use Grammarly, Sapling or Prowritingaid for such needs.

Read your article after proofreading again if you can. Softwares are not perfect and may leave some errors or even overcorrect things. Reading your writing once will not take more than 5 minutes but help you identify extra mistakes if any.

As you have completed your article. Time for the images! You have unlimited time for this.

Images are a great way of conveying a message to your audience and makes your article look totally different. With the help of the correct images, you can not only attract many readers, but they can also easily get what the article is about and what it wants to say.

Even inserting quotes strengthens your article as readers can easily relate to and like, and share your article. Apart from quotes and images , the modern world is clinging more to hashtags , links and research tags as they find it cool and quickly get the message behind the article.

As we know, having fast typing skills can also reduce a lot of your time. For that you need to practice daily with your writing.

Also, there are some articles that require a lot of research and effort and require more than just 40 minutes. But completing an article in just 40 minutes in itself is an amazing achievement.