How to Make Your Blog Ready for 2024?

Times are changing and for your blog to rock in 2024 you need to change along with them. You need to make your blog ready for 2024 and beyond. Today it’s not about the length of your posts but their format. You also need to accept that social media and smart devices are dominating the world. Therefore, your blog has to leverage its power to reach a wider audience.

It is not that you have to change a lot, all you need to do is to add a couple of new ideas to the lot and you are good to go. Here are some tricks on how to get your blog ready for 2024.

Tips to Make Your Blog Ready in 2024

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Blogging Trends in 2024 are changing

Voice searches are one of the hottest trends in the digital world today, according to a statistical compilation published by WordStream. As the number of people who use it routinely is growing by the minute, not optimizing for voice search is a huge mistake.

See these stats for an example:

  • 53% of adults use voice technology every day.
  • Around 30% of all searches are done without a screen.
  • 28% of mobile queries are, in fact, voice.
  • 86.4 million US citizens own a smart speaker.
  • 58% of smart speaker users are Millennials.
  • The number of voice assistant users increased by 12.5% from last year.
  • Siri is the most popular voice assistant.
  • Google Assistant performed the best last year.

Bloggers are rather slow to do this for now, so it’s your chance to stand out. Never forget that people are more likely to share and like posts with useful information. Make this type of content easy for their devices to find through voice search. Google itself provides tips on how to do this.

You should also ensure that all those Internet users who find your posts through their smart speakers and smartphone assistants will be able to access your content easily. Consider making an audible version of all your articles so people can simply listen to them. You can do this by creating podcasts yourself or by using specialized text-to-speech plugins. However, the latter are rather limited in functionality, so choose well.

Considering that half of all searches online will be voice searches by the end of this year, it's important to optimize your blog to stay current with the market. Further, it's important to highlight that according to voice search stats, visual elements and voice technology are the best possible combo, confirmed by the fact that smartphones are the most popular device for voice technology. To secure your blog's top ranking, make sure you:

  • Target question words. Voice searches usually contain plenty of question words such as how, what, when, why, or where. While optimizing your blog for voice search, you should be careful to include them for maximum results.
  • Include long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords usually serve to complete a question, and that's no different while voice-searching. While optimizing your blog for voice search, make sure you include long-tail keywords.
  • Include "filler words". While optimizing your blog for voice search, you should be careful to include filler words which make the query more conversational and human. If you're unsure what filler words are, here are some examples: "I, the, of the, on the, to, for," etc. 

Due to the rapid growth of voice search over the years, when optimizing your blog, you should stick to a certain strategy. Some of the proven voice search optimization strategies include:

  • Optimizing for rich answers.  This means optimizing your content to be concise and short, and that it gives adequate information for searched therm. While doing it, make sure to use a simple language without complex sentences.
  • Restructuring content to better fit voice searches. Voice searches are far less formal than traditional searches. This is why you should look into restructuring your blog to fit a more conversational tone. The good idea is to include FAQs on your blog and website given they contain question keywords, and using pointers to break content into small pieces to make it better for voice search.

Add a vlog to your blog

The rise in popularity of video content is one of the main arguments used by the people who claim blogging is dead. However, what’s to stop you from using that insane popularity to boost your own blog? Even if text is your main content format, you can and should post an occasional vlog to connect with your audience.

To maximize your reach, you should have a YouTube channel and cross-post your videos on your website as well. As YouTube is the premier video blogging platform, this is where the majority of views will be. However, posting videos on your website will help boost its ranking.

You also shouldn’t forget about the power of live streaming. As this video format is rising in popularity, make streams a regular occurrence on your channel. There are specialized platforms and services for that, like Twitch or YouTube Live Events. If your content format doesn’t suit those kinds of streaming services, go live on Facebook.

Make social media a part of your blog

The Social Report predicts that in 2019 social media will become deeper integrated with various digital services. Get onto that trend early and merge your social media channels and your blog completely.

Make sure all your content is available through all platforms you use and stay active at all of them. Use specialized plugins to get alerts immediately so you can engage in dialog with all your followers on social media. You should also take a proactive role and launch different programs that will have your fans advertise your page on one platform. Then take it to other platforms. For example, launch a promotion on Instagram where your followers will share stories about some of your posts. Make a video of those and launch it on YouTube and Facebook, and your main website of course.

Also, be sure not to make these blogging mistakes.

By following these awesome blogging tips, you should be able to make your blog ready for not only 2024 but any year upwards.