How to Get More Sales with Conversion Ready Pages?

Have you ever wondered what went wrong as you planned & worked hard to optimize your website in every aspect of web designing & SEO?

The conversion rate now you notice is nothing compared to what you put together in your plan.

Go to your site stats and check how many pages on average, a unique visitor views?

1 or 2 or more?

If the number is less than 2, your site has a bad conversion ratio.

This amount of views per visitor means that your visitors just enter and… leave!


But why do they go away?

You say you have everything a consumer will need. Then why aren’t people clicking through?

In this guide, we will learn about the essentials of conversion-ready pages and how to make one such perfect page and get more sales.

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How can more conversion be achieved?

There isn’t a single answer to this question. There are several elements that affect clicks & engagement.

Reports tell that if properly designed, 45% of readers landing on an internal page of your website always return to your homepage. There, on the homepage, you can engage them in other site activities by showing a perfect homepage. A perfect homepage also called a landing page in internet marketing and blogging courses can convert your reader into a subscriber or even a buyer.

Also, it can be daunting to get more customers without conversions. Most business owners tend to focus on different aspects of digital marketing such as social media and SEO but invest little effort in their web design.

Your design is the first thing that prospective customers will notice once they visit your website. They can use it to ascertain your degree of credibility. A good UX will encourage them to take the desired action.

Leverage white space

There is no need to fill up empty space with text and other elements. In fact, this is distracting and will only make your web pages appear cluttered. Leaving some space around graphical elements is the key to making your content readable.

More so, negative spaces will allow online visitors to focus on your CTA, which is essential for conversion.

Simplicity is the key

Ensure that you maintain simplicity in your web design to drive more conversion. The best websites adhere to this principle. It’s advisable to look for ways to make things less complicated whether you hire an expert or handle the design project on your own. Web visitors rarely want to be distracted as they search for information. They will likely choose a site with a clean interface. In view of this, eliminate any irrelevant elements and use minimal text.

Powerful CTA buttons

Powerful CTA buttons are one of the essential elements that can’t be underestimated. They are useful for increasing the conversion rate. Users visit your site because they believe you can meet their needs. The process of finding information should be fast and straightforward.

Try to make the area around your CTA buttons clutter-free. A conversion rate audit will reveal issues and you can fix them easily.

Use the right colors

The colors you choose can make or break your website design. They also influence how online visitors perceive your brand and their purchasing decisions. Opt for an appealing color scheme that suits the type of image you want to portray to your target audience.

How to tackle decreasing conversion rate?

Nothing can make a website/blog owner feel worse than seeing the conversion decrease. For them, some things must have definitely gone wrong during the business planning and web design. Dozens of aspects are there for you to contemplate to yield the conversion exhilaration on the site you’re operating on. Many tricks and methods are known to lift the converting rate on the site in case you have faced such an irritating dispute with your site. So, don’t worry things are easy to improve, just check all the viable schemes to improve the miss.

Popups can be the healing pills for your web page in the mission of lifting your site’s converting rates. The great range of popup types and components are there to assist you in such cases. The utmost pieces of components will quickly revamp your web page’s conversion.

Enforce the popups in a clever manner and the outcome will markedly surprise you! Keep some handy crafts of popup usage in your thoughts and get the maximal output on your site.

Your web page will develop at a rapid speed and your sales growth will amaze you with the high level.

First Blush

You can never repeat the first blush. If you’re ruling a web page, think about the presentation carefully and consider all the littlest aspects to make a finest first blush. Make your web page look as welcoming as possible. The components of the total look and impression may include the web page colors, the structure of the site – make it as clear as possible.

One of the most fascinating tools to provide a fine first blush on your site newcomers are the popups. The finest way to deliver your word to your site newcomers. Include anything you wish in the popup window to make your word as powerful as possible.

Construct and implement a popup on your site to share your ideal first blush and charm your site comers in one blow.

Add a welcoming image to the popup, it can be the image of your team members or a cartoon-like one. The main requirement, in this case, is to have a positive effect on the viewer.

Besides the image, you should add a creative and motivational text to allure your users at once. Just tell them you’re happy to welcome them on your site, this is enough.


Know your audience well and you’ll achieve better heights in your path to success.

Website owners very often lose their positions being less informed about their audience. Especially in the case of online shops, familiarity is a very vital point to consider.

The conversion ratings can fall at a rapid speed if you’re not concerned about your site shoppers.

A perfect solution is separating your stuff into categories according to age groups, sex, and seasons. It’s a very much welcomed practice, and the shoppers do like seeing products divided into categories.

Use analytics for each category page on the site and use the statistics to display targeted offers to your shoppers.

For instance, if you see that the statistics of the visits of ladies’ summer collection is higher than the rest of the categories, you can make a super attractive proposal on your site for the specific groups of your shop.

Take a very popular summer clothing item, a crop-top, for instance, and offer a discount for that one item.

Discount offers can be shown in months like September to provide guaranteed sales in November's Black Friday. This is the perfect time for making sales on summer items. Just make sure the discount is enough convincing for the shoppers to make them buy the crop-top in autumn. 🙂

Once again, a great way of showing the discount offer would definitely be a beautifully constructed popup, shown on shopping pages, for once per shopper.

Mobile Responsiveness

Web page owners sometimes forget about the view on mobile of the sites. You must contemplate all the aspects of your site to make it as responsive as possible. It should fit any screen size and don’t lose the look in resizing. On the mobile screens, the site should be easy to regulate and should be as clear as possible.

When it comes to the usage of the popups on mobile devices, it’s vital to contemplate a lot more not to irritate the visitors. As, on a mobile screen it’s much harder to access the page when a huge popup shows up and you can’t seem to close it. This is why you must encounter such tiny aspects to have an appropriate web page for any screen view.

A couple of crafts will help you to apply proper and not irritating popups on your site, for mobile gadgets.

  1. Set up some opening delays for your popup on mobile devices. Users will like the idea of not seeing a popup just after settling on your site.
  2. Use popup dimensions that will cover no more than the 50% of the screen. The viewers should be able to see the web page stuff when the popup opens.
  3. Add a popup that will surface when the visitor clicks on a button. This is the best praxis, actually. If they wish to observe your proposal in the popup, they will open in themselves.
  4. Make sure the close button is visible and functional enough, so if you’re showing a popup the viewers can immediately close it if they don’t need it.

Let’s say you own a movie’s web page, where people watch films online. What could be even more useful than showing the movie trailer in a popup? Construct a Video popup, make it clear, add it on a button, like “Watch the trailer” and provide users an opportunity to check the trailer before starting the movie.

Use Quality Images

High quality images are invariably adorning for the view and they really add some weight to the stuff you’re representing. So, if you really want to have a fancy look on your site, you just have to include high-quality images on your site.

We have to admit that low-grade images are turning the look less attractive and are decreasing the seriousness effect of the site.

Pay greater heed to the colors and the resolution of the images on your site. They have to be delightful to the eye and should allure the viewers.

The same refers to the popups on your site. They are the pieces of the stuff on your site, and they must as well be quality constructed to have their input in increasing the conversion on your site.

So, if you’re planning to involve popups on your site, you must acknowledge that the images in the popup are no less vital. Implement high quality images in your popup to be pleasant for your site guests and promise a conversion upgrade.

Even if you’re using a Contact form popup type to become reachable for your users, you should contemplate adding alluring, quality images to make it even attractive and hike the odds of reaching out to your viewers.

Clear CTA Buttons

Clarity in everything is always evaluated. Do your best to make your web page content, your offerings, your design of every component on your site as clear as possible. Your web page is supposed to be easy to understand for all the viewers. Encounter every single detail to make the site maximally straightforward for all the viewer categories on your site.

It may sound rude, but you should structure your site so that even the dumbest viewer can understand the point. Put in all your efforts and make research to be as understandable for your viewers as possible.

The same relates to popups on your site. If you’re using any popups that contain call-to-action buttons, ensure your button texts are also clear.

Besides the overall capacity of your popup, which must also be clear, you must pay greater attention to the clarity of your call to action buttons.

Double-check that the text is easy to read and that it’s on point. So if a user sees the button, he/she understands at once what’s it for. I mean, there are many cases where you see a button and can’t really understand what will happen if you click. This is misleading and very bad for your site conversion. So, if you’re offering something to your users, make sure they understand what the buttons will bring to them on click.

The converting rate the essential point of any web page. The goodness of your web page is defined by the conversion ratings. You can have a beautifully designed web page, but if you don’t encounter some essential points to make it SEO friendly and responsive for your users, your whole work will be in vain.

That is why you must know the methods that will turn your web page extra converting and intelligently structured to bring you more profit. Verify that you are ready to make the finest first blush for your site newcomers; this might be vital for your conversion.

Pay greater attention to the intimacy with your devotees. Research and investigate the inclinations and tastes of your site visitors to propose to them things they will like.

Don’t forget about the responsiveness of your site on different devices. Do not limit yourself to the perfect view and functionality on desktops. Make sure the site looks and functions on mobile devices and desktops.

Quality comes first in any field, in any project. Provide quality in everything you do. The images you use on your site should be so good to allure your viewers and engage for actions lucrative for you.

If you have call to action buttons on your site (in the popups), check the clarity of them. Make sure if the texts on the CTA buttons are clear to understand and work in their aim.

In other words, if you want to stop the decrease in the conversion of your site, you ought to simply be serious when taking steps in structuring the site. Investigate, do research and do your best to provide the best quality for your users. This way your conversions will rapidly rise up and you’ll have many extra proceeds with your site visitors.