Joomla was first launched in 2000 and has emerged as the second most popular content management system after WordPress. After recent introduction of Joomla 3 it is important that you get to know about the service. Joomla 3 has been a useful and innovative discovery as it is responsive both for the visitors and administrators. With an adoption of LESS pre-processor and Bootstrap framework Joomla 3 is ideal for front-end designers. The installation process is extremely swift and simple. You will be inspired by several sample websites from which you can choose. Joomla 3 will give a fresh look to your site. There are several reasons why it is a better choice than WordPress.

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Making use of Joomla

RAD FrameWorkWith the help of Joomla you can easily create multilingual sites as during the installation process you can include several languages. You can choose across 60 languages and experiment when designing a site. The Joomla multilingual sites are easy to set-up, simple to understand and extremely easy to manage. A new rapid application development (RAD) framework built on Joomla’s core code is being increasingly used by developers. When you write extensions for Joomla, RAD Framework will require lesser codes. You can easily ensure the backward and forward compatibility of the code.

Important features

Joomla will help you to keep a copy of your article after you save a change. A versions button will appear on the top of the article screen. You can easily compare all the saved versions by clicking on the versions button. Each time you save your article a new version will be easily accessible with the pop-up window. It is extremely easy to browse this feature as Joomla has a clear color scheme which changes. Text which newly added is highlighted in green while text which is removed is in red. Joomla will store both the content and settings of your article. Even if you change the publication date of an article Joomla will remember the setting.

Designing a website

The first step in designing a website with Joomla is to gather the facts. You will have to ascertain the number of pages which you need and whether you need a logo. You will have to find out whether your target is local or global. Find out whether your content is ready and the color scheme which you want for your website. Make sure that the Joomla web designs undergo revisions so that each page is designed with perfection.

Advantages of using Joomla

With the help of the content management system Joomla you can create websites which are easily viewable through the internet. With the help of Joomla websites have been created for banks, financial institutions, large corporations, small businesses and online e-commerce websites. Joomla has been built by keeping several things in mind. It has been specially designed for the end-user the client. It has been specially designed for functionality and growth of a site. Joomla is extremely easy to use and can be used for Search Engine Optimization.

WordPress vs Joomla

wp vs joomla

If you want to start a blog or a content driven site WordPress is a good choice. However if you want to create a static or corporate site you should make sure of Joomla. Joomla templates are more versatile than the WordPress templates. For minimalistic design WordPress is recommended while Joomla offers freedom and versatility. You can opt for a content management system which suits your requirements and helps you to design an effective and successful website. It has been found that for SEO purposes WordPress is better than Joomla. However Joomla is a more popular choice than WordPress because of the factors which have been mentioned above.


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