Search engine optimization or SEO is getting recognition for promoting quality content and great practices. Your present website might look very cute, hip and fresh; however, if you don’t practice updated SEO standards, you might risk having little or no traffic at all. It would be a waste to invest all those resources in creating the best-looking website if your site doesn’t even reach the first page of a search engine.

There are many SEO factors that are involved in ranking websites. The best SEO compliance is a total of all SEO practices like link building, website optimization and others.

Here are some tips on how an SEO-friendly website can be created:

Use Relevant Keywords

If you want to be found on the internet, you have to determine what keywords or phrases you can be found for. Imagine being a person looking for a service or product just like yours, and if you’re going to use a search engine to look for such product or service, what phrase or keywords would best describe your service or offer. There could be hundreds of keywords or phrases, so you need to learn which ones are commonly used.

Keyphrase or keywords research is vital in this category. It’s quite a task to do and may take some time and skills, so you may need professional service from agencies such as Agency 101 to get the best results.

Powerful Digital Marketing Tricks to Help Boost Your SEO

Due to the stiff competition of ranking higher in search engine results pages, you may want to invest in SEO tools to help you out. Several SEO tools will help you, depending on what your need is.

Create A Mobile Responsive Site

People are getting more and more active and on-the-go so you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your online presence. A great website design is responsive on both computer and mobile device. Billions of people are using mobile smartphones that’s why you need to invest in a mobile responsive website.

Mention The Keywords

If you have discovered the best keywords for your niche, it’s time to mention those keywords in the contents you write in your website. Don’t expect that your keyword will work without ever mentioning it in your contents. Make sure that you don’t overmention them so you don’t get flagged for keyword stuffing.

Optimize Title Tags

Another way to use the keywords effectively is by adding them to the title tag. It’s that set of words that come out when you hover your mouse on the tab of your browser. This is why keywords are essential because they tell the search engines how to find you on the web.

Optimize The Images Too

The images in your contents are not there just to show a point but they should also help your website earn a higher rank. Make sure that the image sizes are optimized to minimal load time. Even on your photos, you should include a description or alt tag when you upload it on your website, again, include the keywords.

Make Your URLs Simple

Don’t complicate things for your audience. Make your URL structure simple and straightforward, which is something that can easily be remembered. A person should know what your website is about by looking at the URL and not having to click on the link to find out. If a URL is too wordy, it gets too confusing and difficult to understand and may just be neglected.

Write Original and Quality Content

Contents should be unique, original and exciting. Don’t attempt to copy content from another site since it won’t help your website, and it may even result to penalties. Remove any contents that are duplicates from other sources. Write your own contents and make your audience appreciate your information, not say that they have read it before somewhere else. If you’ve heard the phrase “content is king” before, believe it. It’s true.

Become a better content writer with these Content Writing tips

Writing is magic and the ones who write better are magicians. In online business, content is written by professionals known as content writers. These content writers are are the one who engage you into stuffs like call to action, news clips, press releases and even the blogs.

 Be Up To Date

Websites fail to get noticed when the contents are outdated. Having a website is not just about having one. It takes maintenance and constant updating – that could mean weekly uploads of brand new contents. Your website should be consistent with the information you provide, stick to your niche and don’ mislead your audience.

Get Social

If you haven’t done it yet, then you better do it now. You should start incorporating your social media accounts on your website and vice versa. Use them to spread your contents as a marketing strategy to push more visits to your site. Post engaging topics that people will find interesting and informative enough to like and share. And, if people get interested, they will look for the source of such a fantastic post.

Check Your Speed

Your website should not take too long to load; otherwise, people will just hit the back button and move on to the next website. People go to great lengths paying for high-speed internet and have no patience waiting for a crawling website.  The following may be the culprit if your website is slow to load:

  • Free website server
  • Too large or too many pictures or graphics
  • Too many plugins & external scripts
  • Outdated CMS


Remember, search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t an instant formula to get your website on top of the search results. You have to work hard for it, and it may take months even years to get you where you want. It all depends on the work you put in it and the contents you make. Building authority and trust don’t happen overnight.

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