The importance of understanding search engine optimization or SEO provides many website owners a good foundation in laying a solid groundwork for a stronger web presence. You’ve probably read on every digital marketing blog that SEO is important, but haven’t really dove deeply into the details. What makes learning SEO basics very important?

In this post, you’ll learn the important benefits of understanding the basics of search engine optimization or SEO. By doing so, you’ll be guided on the implementation of essential SEO concepts and principles to make your website more SEO optimized and functional.

Get Organic Traffic to Your Website

Search engine optimization or SEO is under the broad umbrella of digital marketing strategies, which involve all efforts to make content visible on search engines. Keyword research, backlinks, and proper placement of strategic keywords make the bulk of every SEO campaign.

Two ways of getting more visitors to your blog include paid traffic and organic traffic. Obviously, paid traffic involves spending money directly on online advertisements, like pay-per-click or PPC and Facebook Ads. Every time a buyer clicks an ad, the advertiser will pay the publisher in PPC, which is a form of internet marketing.

On the other hand, organic traffic or unpaid traffic refers to the natural way of attracting visitors to your website through your articles, press releases, infographics, images, videos, and even audio web content. While you still spend money on SEO, the expense is not directly like the ad or paid type. You don’t have to spend a hefty amount on recurring expenses, but rather for long-term effects. Besides, if you know much about SEO, you might not spend anything at all.

It means that you’ll only have to spend money if you need to implement updates or hire an SEO specialist, like Hook Agency, to do the job perfectly. A professional SEO specialist can help you achieve your SEO goals, like increase your ranking on search engine results pages faster than when you’re doing SEO on your own.

Get a Deeper Understanding How Google and Other Search Engines Work

One of the main reasons why SEO is most sought-after is an increased ranking in SEO. But how do search engines work and relate to SEO? Consider this: your website is like your car, and the road is the search engine. There are many cars on the road, but the first one to reach the ultimate destination is the one with the fastest speed and the one who took the best route to get there.

With this analogy, you have to implement the best SEO strategies to rank high in search engines or be on top of search engine results pages or SERPs. Along the road, you have to follow traffic rules, stop when passengers cross the streets, and drive safely. With SEO, you have to make sure that you follow SEO algorithms, which are regularly updated or continuously change.

While roads are equipped with CCTV cameras to capture incidents of traffic violations or roadside accidents, search engines, like Google, have search engine technologies set in place to determine websites that are spam or doing bad SEO practices. For instance, Googlebot crawls and indexes web pages. Crawling and indexing are commonly misunderstood. A Googlebot crawls a web page to look at the content or code on web pages and analyzes them. On the other hand, indexing refers to the process wherein a Googlebot analyzes if a web page is eligible to appear in the search results of Google.

SEO is a Great Long-Term Investment

Unlike what a lot of unreliable SEO companies offer, SEO is not something that can give you immediate results. A starting blog can see results in six months to a year. SEO strategies must be carried out slowly and steadily, but surely.

It’s a long-term game, and you have to play hard and square. Patience is a good quality when waiting for SEO results because it is a long-term and ongoing process. It’s like you’re in stock trading: hold on to SEO for a long time until it makes a good profit.

SEO Makes a Great Career

By understanding SEO, you can start and build a new career. Work at home as a freelance SEO expert, or work for a digital marketing company. As long as the internet exists, SEO experts are in-demand. You can make money of up to $150 an hour and work within the comfort of your home.

SEO is a multibillion-dollar industry. In 2016, Borrell Associates had a forecast that businesses in the US would spend about $72 billion in SEO services alone, and $80 billion by 2020. That’s why there are a lot of good reasons to choose SEO as a new career. SEO is a high-paying industry, and you’ll never run out of a job if you are knowledgeable and skilled in it.

Great Way to Market Your Business

Search engine optimization is an excellent way to market your business. Without knowing SEO, it’s impossible to run a successful online business. SEO can work hand in hand with content marketing, social media marketing, and other types of digital marketing. If you want to get more visitors and convert them to quality leads, you have to start learning or understanding SEO to achieve this goal.

Build A Good Online Reputation

By making your website search engine-optimized, you’ll rank your site in search results. You’ll do not only good profit overtime but also build a good online reputation or brand image. Readers will think that you are an expert by seeing your website ranking for many keywords, making you an authority and increasing your trust rate.


Search engine optimization or SEO is beneficial to website owners, business owners, aspiring SEO specialists or experts, search engines, and customers. Good SEO practices benefit consumers because of informative, helpful, and engaging content provided without necessarily spending money. Also, the ongoing efforts of Google and search engines to update SEO regularly provides a fair and just marketing ground for anybody who wants to create a stronger web presence. 


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