Google Ads v/s Facebook Ads: which one is worth investing in?

Facebook Ads and Google Ads (formerly Adwords) are two of the most powerful advertising platforms in today’s world that can help any business reach a higher level without much effort. Both platforms share some similarities but have evolved independently to provide users with amazing benefits.

Each solution has its strength and application which is why you need to plan effective advertising strategies to harness the power of paid search or paid social media. It is also important to understand how to make the best use of Google Ads or Facebook Ads to attain maximum ROI and higher business growth.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are both pay-per-click advertising platforms that help organizations build brand awareness and enhance sales. Google Ads use certain keywords that appear as top results in searches, which are usually connected to things that people are looking for that they want to know now.

People with businesses that have keywords related to certain products, like lawyers or casinos, will usually go for a search on Google instead of Facebook. If a certain user is looking for online casinos in India, he'll search it on Google since he's interested in the subject and wants to find and learn more about the subject or compare the different results that the subject returns on the search engines.

On the other hand, Facebook ads are displayed on social feeds and can be targeted for demographics and behaviors. This means Facebook ads are targeting people who aren't currently looking for a certain service but might interested in one.

However, companies need to design high-quality ad campaigns for either of the platforms; otherwise, spending money on them will be of no use.

Facebook Ads: How they work?

Facebook is a well-known and widespread social media platform that has 2.3 billion users worldwide and businesses can advertise their products or services on FB through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads.

The ads are easy to create through Facebook Ad Manager and they are formulated to target audiences based on interests, behavior, demographics, and Facebook engagement. Businesses have the liberty to select the placement of the ad, its budget, and run-time of the ad.

The main difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads is that businesses can target a certain type of audience through targeting options like age, gender, income, and interests. Facebook ads are aligned to encourage products or services which makes the advertising quite effective even if the audience is not on the lookout for the product.

If planned strategically, Facebook Ads can lure the users towards your website through brand awareness and generate sales.

Google is the topmost search engine that allows businesses to advertise on its network through PPC ads. These ads occasionally appear as the top results on the search page in the format of organic search results and most of the time at Google’s Ad Distribution networks.

These ads are based on the keywords used by the user and during the search paid ads appear on the top as gradual results. Advertisers can create the Google ads easily by signing up for Google ads account and then adding the keyword targeting information and text-only ad copy.

While in Facebook ads audience intent was not used, in Google ads, audience intent is the most important factor. Users are actively on the search for a particular product or service or answer to a specific question and if you use the right keywords and list that product or service online using Google ads, then it will increase brand awareness and engage the audience.

Google ads are triggered by keywords and searches so you need to make sure that your page ranks on the top results of the Google search. From local keywords like Delhi SEO services to keywords with higher audiences like Indian online casino etc., everything can be targeted using Google Ads.

How to use Facebook ads and Google ads?

Businesses can gain a great deal by using Google or Facebook ads as they are both known to upsurge the sales and brand awareness through audience engagement. While Facebook ads are the best if you are looking to build brand awareness of the products and services you offer, which people may or may not engage in.

Google ads are best to increase sales as people actively search for the products they require.

Using Facebook Ads:  

Facebook Ads are best for the companies that wish to enhance the brand awareness among the audience. Since Facebook provides a wide range of audience targeting options, advertisers can instantly introduce themselves to the right audience through images, videos or text ads.

Using Google Ads:

Google ads work best for well-known products or services that the audience is actively looking and searching for, like electricians, beauticians, etc. These ads catch the audience during the phase of buying so the ad needs to be precise and must highlight the advantages of the products or services you offer.

Which one is easy to use?

Facebook ads manager has an easy-to-use interface and users find it easy to use in the early stages. However, advanced functionality is a bit challenging in FB ads. Facebook offers several ad types, ad placements and advanced options for audience targeting as compared to Google Ad Manager. Facebook ads give you customer service by finding answers at the help center.

Google ad manager is struggling to use initially, but once you learn it, the platform is quite easy to manage. It is easier to use in later stages as there are not many types of ad options and you will get complete metrics and analytics along with individual keyword performance. Customer service is of high quality as compared to Facebook through phone support.

Final verdict

If your business or brand is well-known and requires increasing sales, then Google ads will work in a better manner for you, but if you wish to increase brand awareness and introduce new products or services to a fresh audience then Facebook ads will be a better option.